How to Apologize to a Sagittarius Man?

How to Apologize to a Sagittarius Man?


Is your Sagittarius guy acting distant or is miffed at you? Are you worried about getting him back in your life or making him miss you like crazy? In order to do so, you will need to express sincere apology and work on behavioral changes to accommodate his desires in the relationship. So, what according to the stars could make a Sagittarius man reconcile with you? How should you seek forgiveness from the Sagittarius man and calm down his anger?

Here is what you could do to win the heart of a Sagittarius man and work out the relationship together:

Sagittarius men hold grudges

When a Sagittarius man is mad at you, he would want to move out of your life as soon as he can. If you trigger him, he'll respond swiftly without leaving a trace behind. When Sagittarius is done with you, he may ghost you. He'll be irresponsible and unresponsive to all your initiatives to revive the relationship if he never was attached to you in the first place.

How to make a Sagittarius man forgive you?

Sagittarius is a powerful sign that would never fall weak before challenges in his love life. He likes to be loved for his intellect and knowledge though his strong physique makes him extremely appealing sexually as well. Sagittarius will lose interest easily when lied to or his emotions are handled carelessly. Also, if he feels suffocated in your presence, he'll prefer ending up alone than see himself boxed trying to meet your unreasonable expectations.

Stop acting needy

The Sagittarius man does not need someone who lacks an adventure streak or courage to hunt down their wildest dreams. He wants a strong woman who can also contribute to his life with her knowledge and understanding. Engage yourself in a new hobby and acquire new skills rather than sulking all day and crying over split milk. You appear doubly attractive to him if he knows that you have not stagnated and are resolute in transforming yourself and learning endlessly.

Be totally honest

As the Sagittarius man is ruled by Jupiter, he has a high sense of idealism and morals. He is a seeker of the truth and higher learning pursuits are a driving force of his life. Dishonesty is utterly disliked by the Sagittarius man. Stop fooling around or lying to him. Practice being transparent with him and no matter how tempting cheating could be, it is best to open up your heart to him and ask for forgiveness.

Respect his space

Repeatedly calling or texting him with long messages won't make him forgive you easily if you have wronged him. Clarify the misunderstandings and wait for him to respond or come back to you. When the Sagittarius man is hurt, he will hide his feelings just to project a calm behavior even though he might just wish to escape to a far off land and find something exciting elsewhere.

Let him be on a break

No matter how insecure you feel when the Sagittarius man pushes love away, be patient with him. Any dominating tendencies would further force him to move out of your life. If he expects you to give him some space or asks for a break, it could be a good idea to support him in his decision so that you catch pace with him at a convenient pace.

Keep it simple

While you have to be consistent in making efforts to win the heart of the Sagittarius man again, imposing your expectations on him will only backfire. He has an optimistic personality. So, let him know that you are willing to follow his lead and not be too pushy in making him work as you please. It is only your open-mindedness that could give him enough incentive to give you a fair chance again.

Stop manipulating him

It is not too hard for Sagittarius to let go once they are done with an unhealthy relationship. They love their freedom and privacy. These fiery signs want to expand and push beyond their horizons to make it big in life. It would be a good idea to let him make his own choices rather than deceiving or making him give in to your emotional traps. He is high-spirited and needs to feel in charge of his life otherwise all else would be satisfying to the Sagittarius man.


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