Aquarius and Capricorn Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Capricorn Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


Saturn ruled Aquarius (air element) and Capricorn (earth element) could be overwhelmed with each other when they strike a conversation the first time. However, the foundation of their bond is likely to get better with the acceptance of their uniqueness, an influence that will last a lifetime if they will. So, can the Aquarius and Capricorn friendship survive? Can Aquarius and Capricorn be best friends and lifelong companions? What challenges will Capricorns and Aquarius face in their friendship?

Here is what you need to know about the friendship quotient and compatibility between the Capricorn and the Aquarius natives!

Are Aquarius and Capricorn good friends?

This is a friendship that has good potential to succeed as they are ruled by the same planet, Saturn. No matter how conflicted things evolve into, they'll find a way through open communication and patience to sort their problems right away without escalation. Although they could strive to achieve their goals through separate means or select different methods to find solutions to their troubles, they'll always get back knowing that there shall remain an unspoken understanding which is hard to put a finger on. Both are determined to achieve great ambitions. They could never sit still as the need to revolutionize and drive change is inherent in both the signs.

While Aquarius is a true rebel, Capricorns would never do things in haste. Aquarians just don't care about the world as long as they can establish a new order and make lives better. There is respect for each other's space in this friendship and an agreement to value the depth of their bond. With an awareness of differences that runs deep, they'll feel a strong drive to keep each other at a distance, trusting that they could depend on each other for life. This creates a way for a lifelong companionship.

What does Aquarius like about Capricorn?

Aquarius likes the drive of the Capricorn natives. As an energetic personality, the men and women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are the achievers of the zodiac in astrology. They won't stop unless they have faced their challenges with an iron hand and accomplished the tasks assigned to them or those they take up for self-fulfillment. Capricorn natives are serious about life and their material well being. They want to perform and make a mark in the world with their success stories. They want to inspire a whole generation of people to stay strong and never lose heart even in the midst of the wildest of storms.

The men and women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are blunt and sarcastic. They are practical, intelligent and can often defeat their enemies just by their firm attitude and immensely idealistic mental makeup. Their coldness and hard working nature makes them dedicated to their jobs. They are providers so they'll ensure their closed ones are taken care of and this includes the happiness and contentment of their friends as well.

What does Capricorn like about Aquarius?

Capricorns will admire the selfless attitude of the Aquarius natives when they embark on a mission to change the world around them or come up with a humanistic idea for the benefit of all. They'll soon win over the trust of the Capricorn with their passionate drive and mission in life without much concern about recognition of their efforts. They are motivated to go beyond material pursuits. As a zodiac succeeding the Capricorn sign, they usually initiate something where the Capricorns rest. Despite the fact that their perspectives differ, the maturity of both these signs allows them to understand and be patient with each other.

If the Capricorn individual is willing to look beyond their horizon and allow Aquarians to help them expand, they'll reap concrete benefits of the brilliant ideas of the Aquarian. Once the friendship of Aquarius is won, they'll be super dedicated and prove their commitment no matter how busy their lives get. Aquarius enables Capricorns to rise to higher occasions and fuels them with thoughts and beliefs with their openness and desire to do things differently, sometimes smashing the traditional patterns and ushering a new way of life.

Aquarius and Capricorn differences

Aquarius and Capricorn have stark opposite approaches to experiencing life. This is due to the difference of their elements. While Aquarius could randomly engage with someone without attachments, Capricorn would get closer to a person after having analysed them carefully. Capricorns are stern, straightforward and sarcastic which could invite trouble or cause tensions. Aquarius men and women could seem a bit undependable or flaky to the Capricorn who conducts themselves in an orderly fashion and expects rule-bound behavior. The spontaneity of Aquarians could drive a Capricorn crazy if they have never made the effort to set their priorities clearly.

They could struggle relating to emotional needs. They could never really empathize or even communicate what affects them deep within. At times, this could even frustrate them as they bottle up their emotions for too long and will leave without remorse. Capricorns could seem irritated with the desperation of the Aquarian often to stand out in the crowd as seeking attention for the sake of it. Aquarius males and females often talk much without being really concerned about material fruition of their ambitions. While Capricorn values concrete results and reality over imagination. While Capricorns are all about fame, success and recognition, Aquarius couldn't care less about the repercussions of their actions. They are far from material pleasures and seek otherworldly experiences through their imagination and faith. As they value their karma and depend on their own mettle to bring their ideas to fruition, Capricorns could be less tolerant of subjectivity.

Despite their polarities, they will often discover the similarities in their purpose with time. This will give them hope to continue their friendship as they motivate each other with newer perspectives and energy. They'll get along eventually as they learn about their independent streak and they need to feel liberated without the control of others. Their commitments to each other would never be casual. So, Capricorns could help Aquarians to realize their dreams while Aquarius natives could teach Capricorns to be hopeful and continue their strides to succeed.


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