How to know when an Aquarius man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when an Aquarius man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Keen observers, the water-bearer Aquarius man is a generous lover or your worst enemy depending on how you treat him in a relationship. They love the idea of peace, freedom and harmony in all aspects of life. If your Aquarius man is hurt, his behavior could be oddly confusing. What are the signs an Aquarius man has fallen out of love? How does an Aquarius man react when he is hurt? What does it mean when your Aquarius man avoids you? How do Aquarius handle breakups?

Here are 8 signs your Aquarius man does not love you anymore.

1. He remains aloof

It is quite frustrating to deal with the aloofness of the Aquarius male when he is passive aggressive. The detachment is stark and disturbing to those who aren’t used to his dark side. If your Aquarius man wants to opt out of the relationship, his superficial self is on full display. You may be blocked and your calls unanswered, a deliberate intent to make you feel like you never mattered. They are well aware of how mean or toxic their words could be and hence ghosting is the best remedy or option for them to maintain peace around themselves.

2. He chooses harsh words

Aquarius men have the courage to call a spade a spade. They expect the highest forms of loyalty from their partners. It is an uncompromisable quality when they are in a relationship. It is difficult for the Aquarius man to hold himself back verbally if anything crosses his threshold of tolerance. There is no limitation to what he could spit out if you are in the direct line of fire. Whether he means it or not, he needs to vent out all that is hurting him or else it's a major struggle to keep himself together with his world falling apart. Expect utter silence or unpleasant language to be hurled your way when he exits the relationship.

3. He will reason out with you

With a sharp analytical bent of mind, the Aquarius guy needs to have tangible proofs before he makes a decision. It is an internal turmoil to bring himself to face you in case his emotions have been toyed with. He is usually non-confrontational but depending on his mood-swings, he may not stay shut and instead seek answers from you. Expect extremities of behaviour from an Aquarius man without a warning. He could go from fiery hot to extremely cold behaviour at the drop of a hat. It is better to avoid any heated argument with your Aquarius partner for satisfying him with a reasonable answer to justify an unpardonable act is usually impossible.

4. He avoids intimacy

Aquarius men love good mental stimulation before they place their hands on a woman’s body. He loves the seduction of the mind before he allows physical intimacy. However, he does have a big sexual appetite that hates routine. He wants to experiment and allows room for creativity in the bedroom. If your Aquarius man is withdrawn from you sexually, he may not find you attractive anymore. It is not just about a body but more about the mind that needs to feel the chemistry. You might try doing all the work to convince him to make love to you but he would bluntly refuse to come close when he has given up on you.

5. He avoids your company

Aquarius men are great friends to people. He puts his friends first even when other priorities catch up in life. He would do anything to take care of their happiness and make sure they are supported. When he falls in love, it is his friends who would know about it first. If you are important to him, he would want his partner to tag along and be a part of his people. He wants to spend time with his lover for regardless of the stage of their relationship, she will always be a friend first. That is how deep and meaningful friendships are to an Aquarius mate. In case he has been consistently making excuses to avoid meeting you, it might indicate his lack of interest in continuing the relationship any further.

6. You lose his respect

You might face immense difficulty to win over the trust of an Aquarius man once it is lost. He usually takes time and pays attention to what he observes before he gives away his heart to someone. However, if his heart has been tampered with, there is no point seeking forgiveness. It is usually a done deal. Aquarius lovers set high standards in love and their emotions run so deep like water that it is impossible to match up. He is pretty much an individual content in his own company and if he had chosen you as his mate, you were special. It is a major shock for the Aquarius man to deal with betrayal and respect lost is never earned with this man.

7. He starts taking interest elsewhere

An important fact about air signs like Aquarius is their highest levels of commitment when they fall in love. They operate in the extremes, choosing to invest completely or not at all. If your Aquarius man starts pursuing other women and shows no remorse in it, he is done with you without a doubt. Any relationship to an Aquarius man stems from a solid friendship. Well endowed with the skill to communicate and connect with people instantly, he usually has a bunch of women throwing themselves at him. He could easily give them a shoulder to cry on or floor them with his brilliant sense of humour. Hence, when the Aquarius man has eyes for other women, he has certainly detached himself emotionally from you.

8. He sets himself free

Aquarius men don’t like to be confined in a space. Expect no contact whatsoever if he has made up his mind to call it quits. They love to be independent, moving at their own free will. The moment he is boxed, he rebels and makes every effort to find a way out. Make your Aquarius man feel a lack of reciprocity in the relationship, he would waste no time in seeking closure. He loves and respects himself far too much to deal with toxicity. He is curious about everything that surrounds him and unless he finds the perfect mate who gives him the requisite space to explore and learn, it would suffocate him to death.


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