How to Make an Aquarius Man Jealous?

How to Make an Aquarius Man Jealous?


It is tough to understand an Aquarius man. You won’t be the first one to wonder if he’s from another planet. They show a lot of emotions but not all of them truly represent how they feel. This is a man who would ignore you if he loves you. And have the most laughs with you if he hates you. So, it is not a surprise that you might misunderstand his feelings sometimes. Which would naturally make you wonder; does he ever get jealous? What effect does jealousy have on him? Will he ever respond the way you want him to? And a lot more.

Fortunately for you, astrology is here to help understand the psychology and personality of this man. So here is all you need to know how to make an Aquarius man jealous!

Are Aquarius men jealous and possessive?

Can you make a man born under the Aquarius zodiac sign jealous? You are not the first one to ask this question. And you certainly won’t be the last. In fact, even I’m not sure if I’ll be able to answer this properly for you. But let me try.

Aquarius men aren’t exactly the jealous type but their actions might make you think they are. It might seem like he’s jealous. But there is certainly another explanation for his behavior. To be able to make sense of it, you will have to understand his personality.

He has persistent trust issues but they don’t translate into jealousy. It takes a long time before an Aquarius man starts trusting someone. If he sees you doing something untrustworthy, he will react to it. But that won’t mean he’s jealous, he just doesn’t trust you anymore.

Your own jealousy might have triggered a change in his behavior. The Aquarius man is as loyal as they come. That is if he’s fully committed to you. But either way, he doesn’t respond well to clingy and possessive women. If you act on your jealousy, he will get weird.

If he trusts you, he won’t get jealous. So, there really is no need to go out of your way to make him feel that way. He most certainly doesn’t enjoy it.

Also, he sees trying to make him jealous as an act of deception. How will he ever trust someone trying to deceive him? You might want to reconsider going down this road.

What makes the Aquarius man jealous?

We have already established that he cannot be made jealous. Not in the ways known to mankind at least. So, how do you get his attention when you need to. Start by changing your motivations. Instead of trying to make him jealous, try ways to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you. How to make an Aquarius man miss you? Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Pretend like he’s not important. Now he does act like he doesn't care about receiving attention. But he craves it dearly. So, when you act like he doesn't matter, it will surely raise alarm. He will try to figure out what went wrong. In the process, he will pay a lot of attention to you too. Reverse psychology works remarkably with this man.
  2. Don’t give everything away. To keep him intrigued you have to keep a lot behind the veil of mystery. If he has found out everything there is to know about you, he will move on. Even in long-term relationships, the Aquarius man might lose interest in a woman he knows too well. So, develop new mysteries. Don't lie to him. He will see through that. But if there is a new gossip you know he will be interested in, don't give everything away at once. Let him hang on to your words.
  3. Use psychological techniques. Getting an Aquarius man to chase you also involves appealing to his subconscious mind. You have to leave an impression on his conscious and subconscious mind. Here are a few ways in which you can do that. Squirt your perfume around his bedroom (when he’s not looking, of course). Your scent will remind him of you. And he will associate you with the comfort and safety of home. This goes a long way in making him trust you.
  4. Always stand out. If you engage in cliched behavior he will run away as far as he can. Make him realize that you are the most unique woman he will ever find. After all, that is what he is changing. Someone different who can understand his weird, unique personality. Do things differently. Be spontaneous. Make him feel like he is the happiest when you are around.
  5. NEVER DISPLAY YOUR JEALOUSY. There’s nothing that will put off an Aquarius man like a jealous woman. He values his independence too much to let clingy emotions get in the way. So, even if you are jealous of something, try talking it out with him. Make him understand how you feel. It might seem like he doesn’t understand but he does. And he will do right by you.

How the Aquarius man shows jealousy?

Now the Aquarius doesn’t get jealous. But if you try to make him jealous using the usual flirting around tricks, he will be upset. You might not be able to tell if he’s jealous of upset. So, here are some signs to help you understand what he’s really feeling.

He will act weirder than usual. You know his normal weird. But this will be different. And you will be able to suspect things. He’ll either be too jolly for no reason. Or too aloof. Either way, you will know something’s up.

You will feel he gets distant or he’s walking away from you. When an Aquarius male is spurned, his only response is to sever all ties. This won't happen in an instant, but you will be able to tell that he is drifting apart. This will be a high time for you to make amends.

He will be irritated but won’t confront you. When an Aquarius guy gives up on someone, he gives up good. Trying to confront you about it will seem pointless to him. So, while he will show his disappointment by being visibly hostile, there will be no direct confrontation.

And finally, he will start flirting around. Now that he has given up on your relationship, he will start looking for other avenues. From this point on, a comeback will be difficult.

Making an Aquarius man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

I will put this as simply as I can. No! making him jealous won’t help you get him back. So, how to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup? It won’t be easy and it will be a long process. But if you are ready to put in the hard work, let’s begin.

Make him feel like he’s in control of the situation. Talk to him about things that matter to your relationship. But don’t let the situation get chaotic. He runs away from chaos and drama.

Stay in the present. Talking about the past or the future makes him queasy. This is true for all matter related to the Aquarius man.

Don’t throw yourself at him. He will never respect or fall in love with someone who doesn’t respect herself. Maintain your dignity and be persistent.


Maria Alifa

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