When an Aquarius Man Wants to Marry You!

When an Aquarius Man Wants to Marry You!


It is really rare for an Aquarius man to decide to settle down. And with his personality, you never know how he got to that point. But an Aquarius man wanting to marry you is rarer than a Blue Moon. Which makes it an occasion to celebrate and exercise caution. Caution, since you are entering unchartered territories. You won’t see a lot of people around you with expertise in this area. That is where I come in to rescue you with a few precious advice.

Not sure what to expect from a marriage to an Aquarius man? Don’t know if he’s interested in getting married? Here’s all you need to know when an Aquarius man wants to marry you and some very useful insights into the psychology and personality of the man born under this zodiac sign!

Signs an Aquarius Man is Falling for You

It is both easy and very difficult to not understand what’s on the Aquarius man’s mind. Pay too much attention and you will never figure out. Take a seat back and observe and the picture will unfold. Here’s a man who values his personal time more than anything.

If he’s willingly giving up his personal time for you, he's falling in love with you. Do you often see him volunteering to help you out? Picking you up from the airport? Or is the first one to say yes to a plan? That's him letting go of the time he could've spent doing things he loves. For you. Your relationship is growing more romantic by the day. It’s not just something you have been feeling. It is happening. The Aquarius guy grows even more romantic as he falls in love. He will surprise you with gifts. Bring you flowers. And do all sorts of weird things that seem so romantic.

He will spill the beans on how he feels. Unless he is an Aquarius male who has a habit of lying, he will tell you how he feels. The Aquarius guy doesn’t feel like keeping his emotions in does any good. And he is right. He might not be direct about it. But he will convey to you how he feels. If you are patient with him, he will commit to you. An Aquarius man in love isn’t afraid of commitment. But make him jump into it and he will jump out as quickly. Just let him grow into it on his own.

Aquarius Man in Marriage

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be compatible with this man. Sure, compatibility is important for all relationships. But in others, both the spouses evolve over time. But with the Aquarius male, the possibility of learning and evolving is very little. But don’t let this hold you back.

He will be a wonderful husband. He can make you laugh. He will be there when you cry. You will never have to worry about your life being boring. He will always try to bring joy to your life. What he lacks in a passion he makes up for in loyalty. The Aquarius male is the noblest of all zodiac signs. He would much rather break up than cheat on you. But then, he expects the same kind of commitment from you. He is too detached to reciprocate your passion. But you won't notice the difference. Just realise that a compromise in this line gives you a lot to gain overall.

He does come across as a little detached and aloof. Aquarius men, universally, have a problem with expressing themselves. It’s not that they don’t feel. It’s just that they don’t know how to show. I know, that we expect all men to be a little emotionally impaired. But with him, it’s a whole other game. Don’t hold this against him.

He will be a very involved father. The Aquarius husband will not be a helicopter parent. He loves to participate in everything involved in raising his child. You will always have a helping hand with the Aquarius husband. He won’t let you take on all the chores of the house alone. He will help out as much as he can. And be sure to appreciate him for that. He doesn’t ask for it, but he sure likes it.

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Marry You?

Have you been waiting for a long time now? Does it seem like the Aquarius man won’t propose marriage any time soon? I’m here for you my friend. Here are some tricks you can use to get him to marry you.

You will have to give him all his freedom. Anyone who holds the Aquarius guy back is not in his good books. He might suffer it for a while but then he will retaliate. I know it’s hard for some women to do this. But trust in him, he won’t misuse his freedom. Always be ready to be super involved with everything in his life. Aquarius men like women who are with them all the way. Don’t push yourself into his life. But whenever he wants you by his side, be there. For example, always be there when he wants to have long conversations. Don’t bail out on him.

Talk of the future. Now there is a difference between discussing the future and pushing him to do something about it. Just have a casual conversation with him. Get to know his plans. If he doesn't have any just talk about your own and slips in your desire to be married. Get his views on it but don't force him to think about it if he hasn't already. NEVER PRESSURISE HIM TO DO ANYTHING. The doom of your relationship is forcing your expectations on him. Let him know what you want but let that be it. Don't push him to do something, he will break up. He will.

Don’t relax after he proposes or agrees to get married. You will still have to keep reminding him what a gem you are. Wooing an Aquarius male is a full-time gig. You cannot just give it up when you’ve got what you wanted.

Signs an Aquarius Man Wants to Marry You

So, how do you know if he’s going to propose? No matter what your answer is you have to play this right. One wrong move and you can lose the guy. Here are a few signs that will let you know that your Aquarius man is serious about the relationship.

You’re already each other’s best friends. Being best friends with their spouses is very important for the Aquarius guy. If your relationship is more than just romantic, know that he’s serious. And he will surely be interested in marrying his best friend/girlfriend.

He has introduced you to his family. No matter what his relationship is like with his family, the Aquarius man will never take a woman he isn’t serious about to his parents. That is just something which means the world to him and will save it only for the most special woman. He lets you in and opens up. Even to the people he loves the most, the Aquarius guy is a mystery. He rarely lets anyone in on his heart and mind. But the woman he loves gets an exclusive inside tour. It’s just that he finds a way to communicate with you. It might not be very effective all the time, but it will be better than usual.

He wants to meet your family. Family involvement in his marriage is very important to him. So, he will express interest in meeting them too. And sooner than you can imagine, he will propose to you.


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