How to Know if an Aquarius Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if an Aquarius Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Aquarius men are eccentric. Their ways are different from the rest being unpredictable and hard to keep pace with. So, more often than not it's hard to tell how they would behave. Are Aquarius men cheaters or liars? How do they behave in love and in relationships? Is it hard for them to commit to a relationship? Why do Aquarius men break up so often? How to know if an Aquarius man is playing you or using you?

Here is what astrology tells us about his psychology and whether an Aquarius man is a player or not in relationships:

1. When an Aquarius man disappears after intimacy, he is playing you

There is a dark side of the Aquarius man that they hide so well. Aquarius men usually know what they want in life even if they may seem pretty reckless on the outside. If they ghost you after sex or leave you out in the cold without an explanation, he isn't too keen on pursuing you. He disappeared after a good time with you because he didn't feel an emotional connection to be in your life or include you in his as a partner.

2. When an Aquarius man only wants to be friends with benefits, he is manipulating you

Aquarius men are usually not attached to anyone. They are rational and try being logical even in matters of the heart. Unless they know something gets them closer to their tall ambitions or motivates them to do better in life, they would keep it as simple as it can. So, when he comes up with a proposal to make you a friend with no strings attached, he is convinced that you're not the one he needs for a lifetime and beyond.

3. Aquarius man is leading you on when he is lying to you

The Aquarius male is pretty great at making excuses and fleeing. As an air sign, he is too quick to think and make smart moves that work in his favor. When the Aquarius guy you are dealing with hides important information about himself or keeps you a secret, he has no intentions to be honest or stay loyal to you.

4. When an Aquarius man is using you, he'll keep secrets from you

The Aquarius man loves his freedom. He can't trade his independence for anything in life. If he has started to use you, he'll make sure he does it smoothly. Quite a genius with the best and sharpest plans, he has an unconventional take on everything in life and the same goes for his romantic connections. So, if he hides his feelings, his stories or his whereabouts, Aquarius men will brush crucial questions under the carpet.

5. Aquarius man is playing mind games when he acts unavailable

The men born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are focused about grand plans they have for their careers. They make sudden, random plans and when they play they make sure they execute it well. He could manipulate you to believe that his ways are right. When he feels like he is getting too close to someone he doesn't intend to be with, he will vanish into thin air. He'll only meet you when he needs something in exchange or a favor and exit once he has got what he needed. This is a sign your Aquarius man isn't into you.

6. When a Aquarius man is acting selfish, he is casual about you

An Aquarius man cares about his family and friends. He is usually inexpressive but he does confide in those who have proven their loyalty. If an Aquarius man is not in love with you, he couldn't care less about your emotions. He would do things that benefit him the most without worrying about its impact on you. He will behave casually like you aren't an important part of his life, like he could cut you off in no time.

7. If a Aquarius man doesn't express his emotions, it's a clear sign he is not serious about you

While Aquarius men are certainly not the most expressive among the zodiac signs, they will take a bullet for their most beloved. He will show you that they care. They would want to know about your likes and dislikes, your views or your life goals. If they don't take an interest, they aren't feeling a connection with you. He is closed off when you are around and doesn't open up in front of you.

8. When Aquarius man doesn't text or call he is not interested in you

Aquarius men are tech savvy. They are frequently using their phones to communicate with people in their lives. When an Aquarius man likes you and is attracted to you, he would stay in touch with you, sending you sweet messages or letting you know about his plans for the day. When he chooses to leave you out in the cold or does not share the details of his day, chances are he is too closed off to open up to you.

9. When an Aquarius man hasn't introduced you to his family, he will not commit to you

One important pointer whether an Aquarius man takes you seriously or not is the fact that he would invite you on a get together with his friends or plan lunch or dinner to bring his closest people together even amidst a busy schedule. If he makes no effort in this direction he wants you to stay out of his circle, keeping you cut off from the bunch of people who mean the most to him. This translates to a lack of interest or willingness to commit to you.

10. If an Aquarius man doesn't talk about a future with you, it means he is not attracted to you

Aquarius men are futuristic. They usually have a telescopic view of how they would like their future to look like. If the Aquarius man barely speaks to you about his plans to settle down or hasn't ever categorically told you about who you are to him, he is still confused or isn't convinced about letting you into his intimate space. You don't belong in his future and hence would clearly not talk about it at all with you.

Are Aquarius men players?

Aquarius men can be players if they do not have the wish to be romantically attached to someone. Since they are career oriented people, they often tend to take their profession too seriously to focus their attention on pursuing someone. In that case, they would prefer satisfying their physical needs with no strings attached whatsoever. They could clearly communicate that fact to you or play with your mind to get what they need.

How to know if an Aquarius man is lying?

When an Aquarius man is lying they will not confront you. They'll diss all efforts of yours to bypass the difficult conversations. This is because they are hiding some grave facts from you. Also, the moment things get difficult, they would vanish without a trace. They'll leave you out in the cold without an answer. Eye contact is something they would avoid when they lie. While Aquarius men are quite adept at manipulation as they do have a fine way with words. They could gaslight you to believe that they aren't, but chances are if they don't show care and love and ignore you, they are lying to you.

Do Aquarius guys hide their feelings?

Since Aquarius men have difficulty expressing what they feel, they usually would prefer hiding it. They often feel misunderstood for not being able to do things the normal way. They are eccentric, sometimes rebellious without a cause even if they mean well and want to change the world. So, Aquarius men tend to keep themselves uptight in a cocoon for the fear that they may not end up getting what they need or feel from others. They are often the lone walkers and like to keep to themselves unless they are sure about the other person.

What are the signs that an Aquarius man is testing you?

The Aquarius man is extraordinarily smart. They have unique ways to figure out if they really want to be with someone or if someone deserves their company. They are picky and it's hard for them to trust blindly. So, they would test your intellectual compatibility first even if they are physically attracted to you. They would try to understand your world outlook. Yes, Aquarius men do care about how you view the world around you and not just your own. So, when they pick you as a mate they would need some common interests to keep things spicy and lively in the relationship. They would either chat with you for long hours superficially to check your awareness.


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