Aquarius and Pisces Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Pisces Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


Despite basic differences in their elements, Aquarius and Pisces have a lot in common. Highly imaginative and creative thinking are mutual traits that define them. So, friendship between Aquarius and Pisces can be quite a powerful one. Can Aquarius and Pisces be good friends or even best friends? How is their friendship quotient? What do they like and dislike about each other's behaviors and personalities? Can they be soulmates?

Here is all you need to know about the companionship and friendship compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces according to astrology:

Are Aquarius and Pisces good friends?

Aquarius and Pisces can become quite good friends as they mutually value human freedom, liberal thoughts and the well being of mankind. The sense of idealism keeps them afloat, excited to look forward to each other's company and experience a satisfying connection. As dreamers their romantic ideals can be far from reality but they cherish these similarities and hold each other with firm support. While these signs may seem dangerously opposite to each other at times, they are mature signs of the zodiac who can communicate and get along very well.

As long as both these signs are respectful of each other's spaces and show no disregard or lack of respect for their unique escapist tendencies, these friends are good to go. Both these signs are spontaneous and seeking changes to keep their lives exciting and worth living. An adventurous streak adds the fun element to their friendship which only has the potential to grow stronger with time.

They think differently but they have a unique way of mitigating their issues as they look at the bigger picture and mold their behavior accordingly. As the last two signs of the zodiac, they are mature and can handle conflicts with ease. Together they are powerful as their creative ideas can bring in solutions to problems that others don't dare think of. Despite the hiccups, they will be real companions for life, especially great business partners in artistic ventures.

What does Pisces like about Aquarius?

Aquarius is a sign of true friendships. They are great pals who help others proactively. Aquarius individuals are innovative thinkers. They have the ability to bring to the table out-of-the-box ideas which are game changers. They are highly independent and can take charge of their destiny. With a rebellious streak, Aquarius ushers in new changes around them fearlessly. Aquarius can often become a good reality checker for the Pisces friend who harbors wishy washy beliefs.

Aquarius natives are intellectuals who rationalize anything and everything, bringing in a dose of concrete ideas and grounding the Pisces native. Aquarius likes experimenting, following their heart and careless about how people perceive them. The boldness of Aquarius and their courage to speak their mind makes them a real friend to Pisces. Aquarius is someone who helps them see sans the rose tinted glasses. Aquarius is mature and serious, willing to put in the effort even if that means going against everyone to assert what they feel.

What does Aquarius like about Pisces?

Pisces is a truly dedicated and loyal sign who will stand by their Aquarius friend for life. They are graceful, delicate and compassionate individuals selflessly giving away at the cost of their own comfort or happiness. This level of generosity makes them such amazing friends and partners that Aquarius will be too fond of them. Pisces is a mystical sign, indulgent in their own thoughts and beliefs about an ideal world. They may drown in their emotions with their sensitivity and tendency to take this personally.

Pisces is a creative sign, uninhibited in their spiritual pursuits and rash in physical indulgence. Aquarius finds in Pisces a true friend who understands their rebellious nature and stands tall with them all the way. As both these signs share a water element, they have a peculiar way of understanding each other even though Aquarius may seem aloof on the outside. With their loving and compassionate nature Pisces can understand Aquarius and also them to express themselves in the best possible way.

Pisces and Aquarius differences

What the friendship between Pisces and Aquarius truly lacks is patience. Aquarius has extreme volatile tendencies which may scare away the Pisces native who loves their comfort and peace. Pisces may take a long time trusting Aquarius as an emotional connection may not immediately take place. Aquarius is a social sign, forever looking for wild ideas, growth and friendships. This may cause Pisces to believe that they are ambitious without plans.

Pisces may seem too whimsical and dreamy to Aquarius who likes to surround himself with passionate and zesty souls. If Aquarius acts pushy and demanding, Pisces will struggle to form a connection. As a sensitive soul, Pisces can take things personally and hold grudges for a long time. Aquarius may be closed off, refusing to budge if Pisces lies and tries to manipulate them with their half truths. The introverted nature of Pisces may clash with the Aquarian extroverted characteristic trait.

It's a Pisces habit to be needy and expect a lot from their friends and family. The clinginess of a Pisces could seem suffocating to an Aquarius who loves their freedom. Aquarius hates being answerable or explaining themselves over and over again. Once angered, Aquarius could close off and never open up while Pisces will move away and distance themselves to protect their peace and preserve their emotions. Without an honest effort to keep the spark alive, these friends may drift apart if misunderstandings brew owing to their highly independent streaks.


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