10 Positive and Negative Traits of Aquarius (Male & Female)

10 Positive and Negative Traits of Aquarius (Male & Female)


There is no perfect zodiac sign, unfortunately... Every sun sign shares positive and negative qualities that make them unique. The water bearer Aquarius too is born with a set of weaknesses and strengths. What are the characteristics and personality traits of the Aquarius sign in astrology? What makes the Aquarius sign admirable? What behavior of the Aquarius sign can be off-putting for the rest?

Here are 10 positive and negative personality traits of the Aquarius male and female that you need to know!

1. The Aquarius are problem solvers

Aquarius natives are smart. They are analytical in their approach to difficult scenarios and hence, become effective problem solvers. This makes them a good leader and people who work with them trust their ability to neutralize an uncomfortable situation. An Aquarius man or a woman is a people’s person, ever ready to help them with all the resources at their disposal. They have a high sense of duty towards those they hold in high regard and won’t hesitate to fight challenges to save others.

2. Very adaptive to situations

Those with a strong element of air in their personality like the Aquarius sign can easily adapt and blend. They go with the flow, not fearing what may come their way. They are experimentative, allowing themselves to freely move and discover what they don’t know. This means that Aquarius natives do not abhor change. In fact, they believe that change brings newness and if it ushers something worthwhile for the greater good, it should be welcomed. Hence, they are constantly evolving and growing, exploring uncharted territories.

3. Intellectual conversationalists

The people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are fond of conversations that provide them some form of mental stimulation. Unless they find the mind of a person attractive or beautiful, they wouldn’t be interested in their company. They usually get bored too soon unless one is equally creative and intellectual to hold their attention for a long time. They are gifted with the ability to see through the heaviest of fog and come up with solutions that benefit all. When one is around an Aquarius, there is so much to learn because they inspire and awe everyone who basks in their company.

4. The Aquarius natives are true humanists

The sense of service that this sign is blessed with highlights their idealistic belief system. Speak about rebellious people and you will definitely have an Aquarius in your list. They are here to challenge the dominant status quo. They have a remarkable ability to pull out the oppressed from their savage plight and speak up in favor of a world that truly belongs to all and not just a few. Their originality of thought and actions makes them stand out from the crowd and their untiring enthusiasm is forever looking at ways to make our surroundings a better place.

5. Value freedom above everything else

The Aquarius sign believes in the freedom of mind, body and spirit. They hail the independence of thoughts, words and actions. If one tries to cage them or be a stumbling block in their progress towards their goals, it would drive them to the point of a breakdown. This sign endlessly seeks knowledge, always striving to improve their ideals and values. They are conscientious workers who believe the natural law of freedom for individuals in order for them to attain their highest goals or become the biggest version of themselves.

6. Very loyal and committed

When in love, the sense of responsibility in the Aquarius male or female is at an all time high. They are very loyal and expect that same kind of commitment to be reciprocated by their partners. They do expect their lovers to understand and be their pillar of strength (even though they are independent hustlers). A disappointed Aquarius, whether man or woman, is hard to be manipulated. With the excellent quality to shrug off a bad past and move on quickly, one should make sure that they don’t end up deceiving or hurting their Aquarius partner.

7. Have difficulty in tolerating dissent

The self-motivating beliefs that the Aquariis sign possesses are quite water-tight. They rarely like being challenged. This kind of a fixated outlook can easily annoy people around them. When they take offense, they often draw themselves inwards, refusing to deal with their sensitivity in a more objective way. Such an attitude could be perceived as frustrating and toxic for the ones they vent their anger on. Their energy can be filled with chaos. They tend to bring about massive changes which could act counter to the other zodiac signs which expect their opinions to be heard and paid due respect.

8. Can remain aloof for a long time

The Aquarius sign always has an urgent need to be on their own. Their aloofness usually sours their relationship with their near and dear ones.Their ability to stay detached from those who they consider as friends can backfire at a time when they need support. The Aquarius male and female can operate on the extremes: like being a social butterfly and also alienating people in order to protect their energy. The Zodiac sign fears being attached to anything as this could hinder with their streak of independence.

9. A negative side: their stubbornness

Once the Aquarian native has made a decision, they would rarely divert from it. Given their high intellectual capacity, they usually do their homework well before they dive into a problem or an opportunity. They believe in their ability to stand alone. They don’t lead the life of a victim. So, the validation of others or their approval isn’t something they are waiting on to take a step forward in their lives. They prefer to make choices or put forward opinions that shocks other people. It will always be them vs. everyone else in the world for they like to be their own heroes or rescuers.

10. Both Aquarius men and women have trust issues

While the Aquarius sign can interact with people from all backgrounds (striking the most engaging conversations), they still are picky when it comes to their closest circle. One has to distinguish themselves from the masses in order to garner their faith and trust. Even when they have expressed their love interest in someone, the Aquarian can also back off when there are restrictions on their freedom. Hence, any relationship with an Aquarius, male or female, needs to start on the note of friendship, (preferably a platonic one) and then be escalated to the next level. This also needs to follow a pace in which they are comfortable without being rushed.


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