Aquarius and Taurus Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Taurus Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


The airy Aquarius and earthy Taurus will have to work around their stark opposing tendencies in order to secure a lifelong friendship. This is a bond that needs time to blossom. As they age, they would appreciate the beauty of their differences and probably make peace with it. Can Taurus and Aquarius become best friends? How is the friendship compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus? Why is Aquarius so attracted to Taurus?

Here is how Aquarius and Taurus get along as friends:

Are Aquarius and Taurus good friends?

Aquarius and Taurus natives have potential to secure a lasting friendship. What makes Aquarius and Taurus friendship strong is their desire to make it big in life. They are capable of bringing in ideas to the table that will see the light of the day. While Aquarians display their creative bent of mind, Taureans can pull through the most difficult circumstances just by their sheer grit and strength of perseverance. They eventually develop an understanding of each other’s differences and find a common ground thinking of the long-term prospects.

They can safely depend on each other’s strengths. They will soon learn in their endeavors together that their values are poles apart or their interests run in the opposite direction. However, given their maturity, they learn to keep the friendship alive. They are immensely trusting of their personal abilities and once anchored in their convictions, they would not budge. Being fixed signs, they are utterly stubborn and will struggle together till the goal is reached. They are able to channel their energies in a streamlined manner. Hence, their bond stands out for its practicality and productiveness.

When Aquarius and Taurus natives unite forces in accomplishing a task, it is destined to shine. While Aquarius men and women may appear cold and dry, Taurus natives are relatively more vibrant and make friends easily. Both are determined to work hard but the Taurus need their space for merry making. They understand the value of money and could be equally judgemental when in the company of others as they see people through their lens of success. Material possessions are important to them even though the methods of acquiring the same may differ as per their unique individual traits.

This is an equation that would work wonderfully well in professional setups if the goal is bigger than minor tiffs. What can keep them close is their willingness to understand a simple fact that variety is the spice of life. As long as they can respect their boundaries and don’t impose their expectations, this is a friendship that has the potential to move mountains.

What does Aquarius like about Taurus?

To an Aquarian, a Taurus friend is like a fresh burst of energy and vitality. Taurus believes in art and sophisticated conduct. Their resourcefulness makes them great pals during adversities. The Taurean’s youthfulness, generosity, optimism and determination wins over an Aquarian’s trust. While earthy signs can be self-critical, they have a high self-esteem. They believe in their capabilities to preserve and win over challenges. The action-oriented outlook of the Taurean makes them assets to their friends.

Sometimes, Aquarians might see in Taurus a side that they secretly crave. Namely the time for leisure and desire for luxury amidst a packed schedule. Taurus is a lover of beauty and pleasure. They need to pause, rethink and then move again. They look for the aesthetic appeal in everything around them. They are in-built with the feminine energy of Venus which craves for comfort in whatever they do. Taurus can win over Aquarius with its patience and decisiveness. The Aquarius will always be able to admire Taurus’ firmness and invincible mindset.

What does Taurus like about Aquarius?

Aquarius is a humanistic Zodiac sign in astrology. It is oriented towards the future and out-of-the-box thinking to rebel against and revolutionize the world. They may seem a bit too fired up even before their plans have made substantial progress. They want to venture out and explore. They want to be of service to people and love their independence over any relationship they share in the material world.

Aquarius is least attached to its possessions. They would give up everything they have if it could lead to the greatest benefit to the greatest number. They will win the attention of others with their creativity, unusual hobbies and the potential to tread roads that most won’t. They strive to live outside their comfort zones. Aquarius males and females are very helpful individuals. They would go to great lengths to ensure their friends are taken care of.

Aquarius and Taurus differences

Aquarius has tall ambitions. Their desires are so beyond most people’s comprehension that it almost seems unbelievable, impractical and farce to the Taurus man or woman. Taurus is logical, they need to see it to believe it. The Aquarius native hates to be tied down by traditional rules and conventions. They believe in change and would really work hard to bring in social progress. They have faith in the evolution of humanity while Taurus is scared of non-conformity to the tried and tested.

The men and woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign love to keep things simple between friends so that there is no room for major expectations to build up. The Aquarius’ need for space is ever-expanding while the Taurus man or woman wants stability, reliability and certainty. Taurus wants to play it safe. Aquarius natives like to live their lives on the edge. They could often escape without a notice which could irritate the routine lover Taurus. They love the thrill of the unknown and the unachievable while Taurus natives would never bother losing their mind over anything that does not allow a sensory experience in the present.

Taurus will seem boxed and lacking in vision to the Aquarius. Aquarians hate the parochial mindset of the men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign that seeks control and possession of free souls. Taurus would find it hard to keep pace with Aquarius' speed and intellect. Aquarius may lose out on Taurus’ friendship because of their inability to understand their deep-seated emotional needs.

To Taurus, Aquarius are a bit over the top while the Taurus seems lazy and lacking in imagination to the Aquarius. Being an air sign, Aquarius may be torn amidst a million different ideas to actually commit to something substantially while the Taurus may expect their friends to avoid being aloof and all over the place. Hence, they may encounter some issues while communicating with each other fearing the possibility of being misunderstood.

There is a lack of understanding of each other's personality and behavior. If the Taurus fails to keep a check on emotions and ends up projecting its weakness on the Aquarian, while the Aquarius disregards the simple needs of dependency and indulgences of Taurus, the friendship might face a dead-end.


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