Aquarius and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


What makes Aquarius and Virgo get along as friends? Is a friendship between Aquarius and Virgo possible? Can they become best friends? What do they like and dislike about each other's behaviors and personalities? Here are a few things you need to know about their friendship quotient and their compatibility in astrology.

Are Aquarius and Virgo good friends?

This is a friendship that could run hot or cold in no time. Very analytical Zodiac signs, trust them to get the best facts on the table when they look deep into a matter. These are rational signs that have a very practical approach to life. Their intellectual compatibility is great which gives them a strong foundation to build up on. They have the potential to be the best of friends even before they know it.

Aquarius being the revolutionists, they have strong political views, most of which are agreed to by Virgo. Both support human rights, making room for excellent support to each other during challenging times. They are striving to excel at everything they do. Conversations between them will beat monotony because there is so much happening around the world that they truly care about and have opinions to share. They want to be of service to the world and undo the wrongs done to the weak. True humanitarians, they will connect in no time with their passion for making a difference in the world.

They are very honest with each other and prefer keeping their interaction free from shadiness. Bring up a topic and in all probability, these two would engage in long, seamless conversations for hours. Both are fixated in their opinions, each unwilling to accept a counter opinion without satisfactory reasoning. So, when they team up to bring about change, rest assured it will reach its desired destination. What makes them great partners is the ability of airy Aquarius to think big and that of Virgo to skin through the details making sure all t’s are struck and all i’s are dotted, leaving no room for silly blunders.

What does Virgo like about Aquarius?

Aquarius is calmer and less critical than Virgo. When Virgo gets entangled in their overthinking, Aquarius offers some respite with their light heartedness. There are times when Virgos can be too hard on themselves. The perfectionists are hard to satisfy but Aquarius will be patient with Virgo in a solid friendship. Aquarius values their friends even before their lovers. They defend their friends and offer great advice when needed.

The water sign sees the world through the eyes of compassion. Hence, the Virgo friend will always find a shoulder to lean on and patient ears to vent all their critical judgements of the world. They are sensitive to people’s emotions but rarely reveal their own. This finds some balance with the Virgo who also struggles to express themselves emotionally. Somehow they do find a common language to communicate.

Aquarians are punctual and they love to follow through their promises. They wouldn’t betray their friends no matter the cost of loyalty. They are incredible secret keepers so it is easier to unburden oneself to them. The water bearer is gifted in balancing their emotions and coldness. This helps them look at a problem objectively without bias.

What does Aquarius like about Virgo?

Virgo is a mutable sign and its capacity to make compromises is higher than that of the Aquarius. Despite being a child of the earth, Virgos are brilliantly capable of making adjustments in their life for the sake of order. Such inclination towards accommodating differences is likeable to Aquarius. Virgos are disciplined and their ability to get work done with little or no signs of procrastination finds an admirer in the Aquarius. The latter does suffer from the inability to make their dreams manifest which is where the Virgo friend rushes in and helps them practice what they preach.

The meticulous Virgo exercises great care in all their endeavors, making sure that the chances of developing blindspots are eliminated. The workaholic tendencies of Virgo leaves nothing at the hands of destiny. Virgos have a natural predisposition to see the best in people. They like to believe that there is much good in this world to confide in despite having to face a harsher reality. Under situations that require exceptionally skilled talent and micromanagement, Virgos step in and save the day for Aquarius.

They love to help and rescue those in distress. They are quite happy with the smallest expression of gratitude, keeping things simple and true. They are the doers of the zodiac and hate staying idle. Keeping themselves busy, they derive pleasure in honing their knowledge and skills every single day without fail. Virgos love their friends unconditionally. Perfect introverts, although they struggle to make friends, friendship grounded in trust will resist the test of time.

Virgo and Aquarius differences

What forms a major area of discord between these signs is their lack of trust. To the Virgo, Aquarius is a dreamer whose aspirations don’t meet the ground reality. To them, Aquarius doesn’t walk the talk. The latter lacks discipline as much as the former does. Their volatility scares Virgo causing some uneasiness to develop in the bond. Aquarius can remain quite detached and this makes a Virgo question their involvement and seriousness about their companionship.

The Aquarius will remain under the impression that Virgo is unnecessarily critical to the extent of being cynical. Virgo may be quick to pick faults and express it openly which is a hard pill to swallow for the Aquarius. Infact, they could never reach a point of knowing each other too well. The constant habit of trying to control the littlest details of everything fails to garner the admiration of the Aquarius.

The energy around the earthy Virgo may also be quite stagnating as they prefer routine and any form of change irritates them. They desire predictability. This contrasts with the Aquarius love for variety and movement.

Being an air sign, Aquarians connect quite easily to people from all walks of life. This very sociable tendency is unsettling for the Virgo who dubs it as fake and fickle. Virgo may accuse Aquarius to be uncommitted and impatient. It is a bit of a compromise for both since Virgo loves indoors and the Aquarius prefers outdoor social gatherings.


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