Aquarius Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Aquarius Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


The free-spirited Aquarius woman will blow your mind with her fiery intellect and attractive personality. You've got to seduce her mind before you touch her body because she needs an equally smart and confident person to sexually engage with. How is an Aquarius woman sexually? How to seduce her, attract her in bed and please her? Who is an Aquarius woman sexually compatible with? How to drive an Aquarius woman crazy?

Here is what you could turn on an Aquarius woman and make her hot!

Aquarius woman sexuality traits

Aquarius women are risk takers in life. The Aquarius female is ready to embrace all that excites her and triggers her intellect to fall for someone madly. While she certainly has the discipline to navigate through rationality, she could struggle understanding her emotions and also relating to someone whose feelings form the bedrock of any sexually intimate connection.

She does have an active sex life given her courage and passion to explore the new and the unknown. However, most of her intimate relationships have a foundation of intellectual communication where seduction takes place through verbal exchanges first before she can surrender her body for a satisfying sex life.

Mental compatibility is really important to her. She loves engaging in physical pleasures but mental compatibility is what she would always be looking for in a man to hook up with, whether in a one-night stand, friends with benefits or a stable relationship for life. The woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign is confident and knows what she expects or needs from her man which makes her a sexy and confident individual to a man.

What does the Aquarius woman like in bed?

She comes with surprises in the bedroom, reaching out for positions that most would find scary or weird. So, love and sex with the Aquarius woman is unconventional and never ordinary. Expect the most creative ideas to ooze out of that sexy brain, regardless of whether it's executed with perfection or not.

Also, she is the one to go to if you have a host of fantasies to try and experience. She'll comfort you with her brilliant sense of humor and keep you wild. She is quick to pick on your body language. So, if you have an open-mind, she picks on the cues and follows you and blends in a dominant or submissive way.

Aquarius woman and Taurus man in bed

Despite the stark differences in how they see life, this is a couple that can truly benefit from being open about the endless possibilities in their sex life. The Venus ruled Taurus man is a deeply sexual sign and the Aquarius woman, with its eccentric ideas, brings a fresh vibe each time they engage in intimate acts. If the Taurus man holds back his tendency of control and dominance, trust develops and they stay hooked longer.

Aquarius woman and Virgo man in bed

A sexual relationship between the Aquarius woman and the Virgo man could end up being frustrating and dissatisfying if they struggle to understand and adjust. The Virgo man is slow to initiate sex in the first place and the spontaneous Aquarius woman needs the energy and vibrancy which may be hard to come by at their convenient paces.

Aquarius woman and Capricorn man in bed

As long as the Aquarius woman can tame her “recklessness”, being ruled by the same planet as Capricorn, this is a relationship that can blossom into a healthy one given the similarities that they share. The Capricorn man is a planner with a high libido in the bedroom which the Aquarius woman will be able to appreciate as they build on a good sex life with a strong friendship.

Aquarius woman and Leo man in bed

This is perhaps the best physically intimate relationship that they could come across given their creativity and drive to accept change. There is passion, heat and irresistible attraction when the Leo man and Aquarius woman surrender and chase each other without inhibitions. Once they start appreciating each other and create a stronger foundation of trust, they are a force to reckon with.

Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man in bed

The physical compatibility between the Aquarius woman and the Sagittarius man is liberating, fun and thoroughly enjoyable as they both realize the beauty of letting go of control and struggle. Despite their distractions and changeable behaviors, there is a strange attraction that holds them to each other and experience a satisfying sexual relationship for the longest possible time.

Aquarius woman and Gemini man in bed

Such is the sexual tension between the Aquarius woman and the Gemini man that they could make love just through intensely sexual conversations. Intellect feeds their bond and this is how they thrive through an amazingly passionate sex life. They could still work on their emotional sides to develop a truly meaningful partnership but when they get naked, there is nothing else that they could care about but each other only.

Aquarius woman and Aquarius man in bed

While this is a relationship of individuals with similar outlooks, as long as their sex life comes with “no strings attached”, they'll manage to have a hot and passionate physical relationship. A detached outlook could possibly make them question the sustenance of their intimacy, especially when their deeper needs surface and they start feeling insecure in each other's company.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man in bed

The Aquarius woman and the Scorpio man will be able to have an intensely passionate sexual bond. With the Scorpio man's possessiveness, depth of emotions and physical intensity, the Aquarius woman could find someone who grounds her but conflicts could always emerge the moment she realizes that she is losing her sense of freedom in his dominance and aggression.


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