How to know when an Aquarius woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when an Aquarius woman is done with you? 10 Signs


A woman with a host of creative ideas, the love of an Aquarius woman is an experience of a lifetime. She is vivacious, kind, talented and a true rebel. All is fair in love and war. That’s exactly how the Aquarius woman rolls when she is on a romantic adventure. How do you know if the Aquarius woman is not interested in you anymore? How do Aquarius women deal with breakups? How does she behave when she falls out of love? What would an Aquarius woman do when she wants to move on?

If your Aquarius woman feels disrespected or simply bored, here are 10 signs she’ll give off when she is done with you.

1. She starts lying

Air signs have a great way of working with words. They’ll turn around a whole sentence to justify their viewpoint. Aquarian women are no different. As much as they could floor you with their talent of communication, when angered or frustrated, their curt statements could bleed ears. If you notice your Aquarius woman playing with facts, avoiding eye contact and subtly trying to hide her feelings from you, she finds no incentive in being honest in the relationship anymore.

2. She stops spending time with you

She’ll look for an excuse to be away from you. When the Aquarius woman finds you a boyfriend or husband material, she’ll take bullets for you. She would want to spend time with you and understand your love language. She has a close-knit circle of friends whom she trusts with all her heart. When she is no longer interested in you, she’ll find ways to be around her friends and perhaps tell them that she doesn’t find you attractive anymore.

3. She has blocked you

Aquarius women can be very cold and detached from those they don’t trust. Rather than going around with a heavy baggage of helplessness or guilt, she prefers to break up. If she has had a bad past, she is carrying the weight of emotional burden that drains her. If she hates your company, she’ll block you forever. She may just avoid your texts and calls. She won’t waste her time dragging something that does not make her happy. Even if she communicates, she may speak a few words just for the sake of the good times she has had with you before.

4. She lacks excitement

Her mind is hyper-active. She is always thinking about changing the lives of those who need her support for the better. Her humanistic traits attach her to a cause that’s beyond any rational understanding. She wants to spread happiness and live a life that’s worthy. If you have stifled her true nature or failed to respect her boundaries, she has lost her faith in you. It’s almost like being around a dead corpse when the Aquarius woman doesn’t love you anymore. While her physical self may be present, her mind is looking for the narrowest escape.

5. She demands more space

There is nothing that a woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign loves more than her freedom. She’ll fight for it if you make any effort to dominate or choke her. When your Aquarius woman demands alone time in an unusually assertive manner, she is struggling with you. She may travel solo or just seek some time away from you. She needs time to evaluate the relationship and if this makes her life any better than her expectations.

6. She doesn’t talk about a future

Aquarius women can’t be tied down. They do not wish to settle for the average. They’ll keep experimenting with their options till they come across someone who is worth sacrificing their priorities for. If she has been avoiding all talks about marriage or a long-term commitment, she has no plans to be around you for a long time. She has no qualms about staying single if you fail to impress her or do not make her enthusiastic about the relationship.

7. She doesn’t initiate sex

The Aquarius woman is one of the most daring of the zodiac signs. Very blunt and bold, she will be ready to have sex whenever and wherever. She is uninhibited and when she finds the right partner, you’ll experience her wild child traits every single time. If the Aquarius woman is done with you, she won’t be aroused. She’ll ignore all your sexual gestures and leave you out in the cold. She will have lost all the thrill of having sex with you when she has moved on forever.

8. She is eyeing other men

She is flirty and very charming. She loves change and the fun of chasing something new. If she really wants someone, she’ll try and woo him in every possible way known to her. She is easily won over by other men when she has decided to give up on a relationship. She’ll fail to be attentive to your words and actions if you do not stir up her passions. If you notice someone making inroads into her life already, it is a clear signal that your Aquarius woman does not desire you anymore.

9. She makes no gestures to appreciate you

There is always an element of surprise in all that the Aquarius female does. She hates following someone’s lead or doing it the ‘safe’ way. She wants to make life a memorable experience and live it to the fullest. Her rebellious character impresses itself even in the littlest of what she does for the man she loves. She feels no real drive to make you feel special and appreciated if she wants you out of her life. So, when the Aquarius woman appears quite out of her unique element, it should raise some suspicion.

10. She avoids you in public

The Aquarius woman is an open-minded personality. She is not afraid to express her opinions and desires. So, if she has been consistently avoiding meeting you in public or is hesitant to make plans of seeing you outside her comfort zone, she is basically saving her image. She is convinced that you don’t fit her bill and hence, it is better to keep you a secret or just cut you off her life. Something about you is disturbing to her and therefore, she has no plans of carrying the relationship forward.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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