What to Do When an Aquarius Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When an Aquarius Woman Ignores You?


Call them the daredevils of the zodiac, the Aquarius woman will move mountains for love. They are seriously devoted to their lovers. If the Aquarius woman gets upset, mad or angry, or starts ignoring you, she'll withdraw from you. So, how does the Aquarius woman behave when she is over you and wants to break up with you? How should you apologize to Aquarius women? How to make an Aquarius woman miss you? Do Aquarius women return back to their exes?

Here are a few pointers that could help you understand her psychology and personality when she is angry or mad at you. Here is what to do when an Aquarius woman ignores you and gives you the silent treatment.

My Aquarius woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

The women born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are mature individuals who handle their pain responsibly. When she is angered or mishandled, she wouldn't hesitate to move out of your life. As an air sign, Aquarius women are hasty decision makers who hate to be tied down or their efforts stifled. They do not care what the world thinks of them as they are convinced of their righteousness.

Aquarius women will be fiercely faithful when they are committed. However, she can not afford to compromise with her freedom and space. This means that no matter how long she has been involved with someone she loves, she'll maintain a distance to protect her spirit. When the Aquarius female is fed up of being misunderstood or taken for granted, she would cut off ties and start paying no attention to your needs or expectations of her.

How to deal with an Aquarius woman when she becomes distant?

Leave her alone. When the Aquarius woman is ignoring you, she is probably unable to keep pace with you. She is bored or uninspired by you. So you need to leave her alone for sometime without overwhelming her with your emotions or trying to manipulate her with dishonest words.

Be patient with her. She may probably consider being friends with you if you can make amends and prove worthy of her companionship. You may need to work from ground zero with the Aquarius woman as she tends to lose her focus quickly in partnerships. Let her connect with you at her own pace so that she doesn't further feel choked with you.

Maintain your dignity. The Aquarius woman likes the grandeur, warmth, proactive qualities in a man. She needs a fiery spirit and a fast paced mind that can keep up with her intellect. So, no matter how desperate you seem, keep your cool and never compromise on your principles just to make her momentarily happy. She'll appreciate it if you stand your ground and apologise only if you genuinely feel so.

My Aquarius woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

Wait for her to text back. Let her take her autonomy back if she feels she lost control of her life in the relationship. It's important for the Aquarius woman to continually drive forth her cherished goals to be truly satisfied in a relationship. So, give her some space to handle her pain and let go of any tendency to impose your will on her. Dropping innumerable texts or calling repeatedly would make you seem defensive and perhaps kill her interest further.

Meet her in person. A lot can be misunderstood in the virtual world. It would be great if she agrees to see you and clarify. The Aquarius woman loves men who can dare to travel a great distance just to be with them. They are happy with a partner who could claim their love no matter how difficult times seem. Even if there emerges a problem, don't give up on your Aquarius woman. Avoid making fake promises though!

Let her go. All said and done, she isn't a woman you could ever tame if that was the plan. It's a cage no matter if it's made of gold. Far from material desires she was born to rebel and bring in positive changes in the world around her. If you fail to respect the Aquarius woman's individuality and corner her to boost your ego, she will never return. So, don't force her to stay if she is done with you. Such connections never last in the long run.

How do you know when an Aquarius woman is done with you?

She'll be detached and pretend like you don't exist in her life. She would prefer keeping you at a distance so that the tension does not pull down her motivation to chase her ambitious dreams.

She'll find someone better for herself. She is confident of her social skills being an air sign. No matter how cold she may seem initially once she loosens up, she is a delightful company. Once the Aquarius women have turned away from someone, they'll forget about them.

She'll get busy with her life. She has plenty of social activities planned because she needs intellectual stimulation for her growth. She has a close knit group of friends she trusts. So, when she is done with you, she'll crave their company to avoid spending quality hours with you.

She would avoid your company. She would skim through facts and analyze deeply whether you deserve a chance again. If not, she may not entertain you at all. She would hesitate initiating conversations with you in case she perceived you as illogical. She hates drama and wants to stay out of situations that are demanding of her emotional presence. She may dodge the topic of working out the problem and let time be the healer.

She'll never want to be intimate with you. Sex is thrilling with the Aquarius individual who confirms to no rules in the bedroom. She wants to experiment with her lover and try a variety of positions without inhibitions. She doesn't mind PDA when she feels safe around you. When the Aquarius women avoid touching you or shows no excitement to have mind-blowing sex, she will have lost feeling attracted to you.


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