How to Make an Aquarius Woman Jealous?

How to Make an Aquarius Woman Jealous?


Aquarius, the air sign woman, isn't known for her jealousy. She is open-minded, liberal, progressive, and values her friends. For this kind of woman, being unique is of utmost importance. Aquarius women are generally speaking not jealous. This may make you wonder if she ever gets jealous for any reasons. So what effect does jealousy have on her then? Will she ever react as you expect? Or are you trying to attract an Aquarius woman or get her back after a breakup by making her jealous? Astrology has a lot of secrets to reveal about this woman...

Here we are with all that you need to know to make an Aquarius woman jealous.

Are Aquarius women jealous and possessive?

In this matter, the Aquarius woman is very similar to the Aquarius man. Jealousy is something they both don’t understand about. If so, she finds her partner is flirting with someone else she will ignore and will occupy her mind with something else. She doesn’t even like being surrounded by the people who are jealous and possessive.

No other woman under any Zodiac sign can love the way Aquarius women do. She has an exceptional way of making courtships work. She will never be possessive or jealous as she thoroughly partners before getting into the relationship. If she is with you, it is because she has found you trustworthy, and if you broke her trust then it will become very difficult for you to get her back. And if someone cheats her, then she will simply leave that person.

When you are with an Aquarius woman, it is of much importance that you communicate. Tell her everything that is going in your mind. She will listen to everything you say and will try to come up with the best possible solution for it. But if you try to make her feel jealous then she may stop paying attention to your efforts or may simply end the relationship.

What makes the Aquarius woman jealous?

As already said, Aquarius women are not jealous, and it is very difficult to make her jealous in any way. So, if you just wish to get her attention then you must go for making her obsessed instead of making her jealous. Now you must be thinking how to make an Aquarius woman feel obsessed. Here are a few tips for you.

Be Unique. An Aquarius female loves newness. If you wish to get her attention, then you need to stand out of the crowd and attract her with your uniqueness. You must try to do something new and attractive or something which she likes the most. And if she finds you different than always then she may be obsessed and somehow jealous. She may think that other women may get attracted to you which may trigger jealousy in a little amount.

Give her some free time. Being in a relationship it is obvious that you may wish to spend most of your time around her. But as the woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign likes freedom, you must give her some free time for herself. It is also possible that being alone for more time may make her miss you.

Ignore her. An Aquarius woman loves very differently. Though she doesn’t get jealous, she needs attention. So, ignoring her can spark a little jealousy.

How the Aquarius woman shows jealousy?

We know the Aquarius woman doesn’t get jealous. But if you try to make her jealous, it may end up turning her upset and angry. It may be possible that you won’t find that if she is upset or not. So, here are some signs that will help you understand if she is really upset.

Will try to make you jealous. If your Aquarius woman is upset with you then she will try to make you feel jealous. She will try flirting with someone else or may show that she has found someone who is equally important to her as you are. It is also possible that she will ignore you.

She will behave weird. If not given proper attention, she can behave really weird. Weird here means, cancelling plans at the last moment or not wishing you on your special days, etc. Basically, she will seek revenge in a cold way.

May become distant. Yes. Even though she loves unconditionally, she will only bear things till certain limits. Once that limit is reached, she will act distant.

Making an Aquarius woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

An Aquarius woman doesn't hold a grudge, but this doesn’t mean she never cared for you or loved you. Even after a breakup, she may still continue to be a good friend of you. As she is more focused on the facts and less on the feelings, so the reason for the breakup may be very sensible. You need to take care that you are not being too pushy to her. There are so few chances that after a breakup she will again come back to the relationship and staying with her may make one of the few chances.

When in a love relationship, she is very fun and a true inspiration, but after you will get to see a totally different person. It is possible that she will shift her focus on other things to occupy her mind. She will still have the feelings and will not be able to express it to anyone. She needs emotional support and you can be there for her even after a breakup. This must be again s chance to get her back to your life again.

It is rightly said that humans are complex. These were some astrological explanations of the behavior of an Aquarius woman. She doesn’t feel jealous easily, but she also won’t sit back.


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