10 Things an Aquarius Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things an Aquarius Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


To know the likes and dislikes of an Aquarius woman, it is important to understand her personality and psychology first. What does an Aquarius woman want in a man? What qualities does she like? What personality traits will make her fall in love? What is her ideal partner? The women born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are brilliant, stubborn, rebellious, aloof, passionate, charming, and quirky. An Aquarius female can sometimes lack empathy but can also be extremely lovely and charming! If you are lucky enough to get a chance to be with an Aquarius woman, you shouldn’t waste this chance by doing what most people do!

Let me reveal you what astrology can tell us about the personality of this Zodiac sign. Here are 10 characteristics and personality traits an Aquarius woman likes and dislikes in a man!

What an Aquarius woman likes?

1. One of the very important traits of the Aquarius woman is her communication skills. She likes to have an easy but good communication. If a man opens freely to her, she will be attracted by him.

2. An Aquarius female appreciates passionate people. She is a passionate about things she believes in. She is attracted to someone who is as passionate as her, especially in love.

3. Aquarius are known for they their kindness. They are always ready to help anyone by doing whatever it takes. So, it is very clear that, you need to have a kind heart and show her your true self and your true personality. If you willingly participate in her kind acts, she will like you.

4. Aquarius women are honest and true hearted. Due to this quality they do have many friends. She will never leave her friends for anything. She likes people who respect individuals from each background.

5. Intelligent engagement is something an Aquarius woman always looks for. So, you shouldn’t fake anything in front of her. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, highly educated or a drop out. If you have logical communication with her, she will fall for you.

6. These women are mostly known as rule breakers as they don’t like to be told what they should do or what they shouldn’t. If you are dealing with an Aquarius woman, keep in mind that she is bound to show her rebellious nature. She will always wish to have a man who will always stand by her side when they flow opposite to the current.

7. She will love to have her own space and will always give you yours. If you want to make her yours, you shouldn’t restrict her and give her as much freedom and space she needs.

8. An Aquarius woman is impressed by generosity in a man. If you wish to win her, you need to support a cause which is much close to her heart. She likes people who do the generous work, or at least support such work.

9. Trying new things is something an Aquarius woman likes. She is never afraid of the consequences. She likes to take the risks related to both, her personal and professional life.

10. Honesty is the best policy for a woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign. She will share everything with you and expects you to behave the same. If not all, at least about her. She doesn’t like if you hide things or talk behind her back.

An Aquarius woman likes very trivial things. She doesn’t expect any person to be a saint but at least honest and transparent with her. Her dislikes are as simple as her like. Let’s have a look.

What an Aquarius woman dislikes

1. As Aquarius natives are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they don’t like when people judge them for their opinions and actions. An Aquarius woman will hate you if you do that to her.

2. She doesn’t like to be restricted or ordered to do something. If someone tries to behold her privacy or freedom, she will teach that person a lesson. Above that, she will never have any relation with that person. So, never try to cut her wings.

3. Cruelty is something an Aquarius woman hates. If you are cruel to animals or humans, you will never get a place in her life. Never!

4. An Aquarius woman doesn’t like misery. She doesn’t care about money. It is not like she is into shopping or something. But if she wants something, she will do anything to get that thing.

5. If you want to impress an Aquarius woman, put your ego aside because she hates people who carry their ego in the name of self-respect. Her opinion is as clear as crystal that ego ruins relationships. So, let your ego go or let her go. You can only have one of these two.

6. No emotional drama pleases her. Whatever you want to say, say it directly. Be honest and transparent. Her major dislike lies in the backbitching, betrayals, etc. Be straightforward with her, she will forgive you.

7. Rules are not something she cares about. Of course, she will follow common rules but imposing something unreal or unusual is not acceptable to her. As mentioned earlier, she is a rebel and she will go against what you restrict her.

8. Never try to change the mind of an Aquarius woman. She has her opinions and principles. If she makes up her mind about something, that’s the line which she doesn’t allow to cross. So, she dislikes it if you try to force your opinions over her.

9. An Aquarius woman dislikes doing things in old way. She adopts new things and ways easily as she is flexible in this matter. She believes in being creative and imaginative when it comes to solve problems or do anything.

10. An Aquarius woman does not like procrastinating. She likes to plan and prepare everything and achieve her goals. If you are the kind of man who does not follow through with what you have promised, she won't like you for sure.

It is very simple to impress and attract an Aquarius woman if you are the person who is honest and good hearted. She is looking for these personality traits and characteristics more than anything else in her life. Know what she likes and dislikes and if you can keep up with it, she will be yours.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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