How to know when an Aries man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when an Aries man is done with you? 8 Signs!


An Aries man expects his lover to be as intense and passionate about him as he is. His approach to relationships is quite aggressive. He is impulsive and is looking for a woman who grounds him and fills his life with a sense of calmness, which he desperately needs. Is your Aries man going cold and getting distant? How to tell if your Aries man is over you? What are the signs he has lost interest? How does he behave when he falls out of love? How do you know if he wants to break up?

Here are 8 signs that you will notice in his attitude and behavior when an Aries man is done with you.

1. Stops communicating

When an Aries man is provoked, he gets back to his original role of a fighter willing to give it his all to prove himself right. He is direct in his communication and won’t go round the bush in putting forward his views. He is honest and his straightforwardness may be too burdensome to handle in case he is dealing with a delicate lover. When the Aries man is done with you, he might just give you a total silent treatment to drive home his point of mistrust in the relationship. Lack of communication fails to build trust and morale in the partner. When he is frustrated, he might just buy time to evaluate his feelings and in the process defeat your patience to handle his lack of emotional reciprocity.

2. Lashes out insensitively

If you have managed to play with his heart, the Aries man will be quite unforgiving in his words, if not his actions. It will definitely be ugly where he fails to handle his rage. The men born under the Aries Zodiac sign are prone to acting impulsively. Hence, in order to express his lack of interest in you, he will resort to hurling swear words triggering you to justify your actions. While they are known to be passionate lovers. They wouldn’t hesitate to burn down the castle in no time. Some accuse them of being selfish but the Aries men are only determined to have things happening their way. They have immense faith in themselves and hence they trust in their ability to miraculously save the day. Surely, it is a mistake to assume that they can ever be taken advantage of.

3. Imposes his whims on you

The Aries male is dominating in his relationships. He likes to command and receive appreciation for his accomplished tasks. Unless he has satisfactorily taken ownership of everything around him, he may live an unfulfilled life. Such is the desire to be in charge that his relationships may suffer the brunt of his whims. When the Aries man does not feel an emotional connection with his partner, he would assume a greater self-imposing character expressing no concerns to take cognisance of his partner’s needs or desires. He acts bossy and shows no trace of romance in his gestures towards you. While he is otherwise a die-hard romantic when he finds the perfect partner, the disinterested Aries man behaves pretty much like a tyrant to make you acknowledge his superiority.

4. Makes you feel invisible

If you are feeling invisible in the relationship, it is a clear sign that your Aries man has given up on you. You feel lonely as he is never around you, making excuses to be in the company of his friends or at work for longer hours. The Aries man loves to have sex even though it may not be rooted in emotions or his passion. If you find his sexual habits changing or him maintaining a strict distance from you, it may be a clear signal that he no longer sees a future with you. He loves the idea of conquering and no matter how crude that sounds, he loves a woman’s body. On a material note, he is the first to notice the physical appearance of a woman before he thinks of indulging emotionally with her. So, if no effort to look appealing melts his heart, he has already slipped away.

5. Reminds you of your faults

The Martian native may not hesitate to crush someone he dislikes using all possible avenues that he could think of. For his love of arguments, he will bombard you with a difficult set of questions in order to clarify his doubts about your innocence. In case you have cheated on him, he may not even spare the person you are currently engaged with. He may forgive you but that takes a long time especially when his ego has been crushed mercilessly. He hates being kept in the dark and expects honesty in the relationship. With his tough exterior, he is the kind of guy that hides his vulnerability. He may not therefore let you go unless he has had a strong exchange of words blaming you for his misery.

6. Already in a new relationship

Even amidst some pain, it will be foolish to forget that the Aries man is a true flirt. His positivity and charisma doesn’t fail to invite appreciation from the opposite sex. He has a high sex appeal and a strong libido. Once he loses all concerns for your emotions, he will leave no stone unturned to explore and exploit all his options to numb his pain and also to make you jealous. So, if you find him interested in someone else or spending a major portion of his day in the company of a ‘new’ woman in his life, he has definitely lost his passion for you.

7. Stopped caring about you

Aries men are very caring about their partners. They would do anything to keep their family and loved ones protected and satisfied. They are determined to provide stability and security to someone they care about. If your Aries man is mulling over a breakup, he may show it by being indifferent to you. He doesn’t care about what you do or where you go then he deliberately wants to avoid thinking about you. Under normal circumstances, Aries men get jealous when their partner spends more time with others than them. If he assumes the role of being a passive spectator in the relationship, his attention has diverted somewhere else.

8. Avoids discussing a future with you

Aries men are devoted lovers. They will usually think of a family with someone who they are madly in love with. Though quick-tempered, they are a force to reckon with. They make their own decisions and once they are firm they would move mountains to make you a part of their life. Thus, they are reliable even in the most challenging times. When an Aries lover shies away from discussing his life with you, keeps you at a distance while being very secretive about his personal life, he is in no mood to make you a partner in his long-term goals. That must be quite alarming.


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