How to Make an Aries Man Jealous?

How to Make an Aries Man Jealous?


It's a well-known astrological fact that Aries becomes jealous very easily. And he's very possessive of the woman he loves. Didn't you know? Has he ever been like that with you? Were you really paying attention? Of course, he doesn't show that he's jealous. He wouldn't give anyone the satisfaction. But if you pay close attention, you'll be able to perceive his jealousy.

Have you gone through a break-up and want your Aries man back? Or do you just want him to give you a little more attention? Whatever the reason, here's how to make an Aries man jealous.

Are Aries men jealous and possessive?

Yes, they are! You're probably wondering why he's so jealous? He seems so confident and sure of himself in everything he says and does. How could anyone make him jealous?

Behind this confident exterior lies an insecure man. Aries men are quick to feel insecure. Especially if the people around them, the ones they love, don't appreciate them enough. Or even worse, if they like someone else more than themselves.

The Aries man is very possessive of the woman he loves. So the fact that she's interested in someone else will make him very jealous. Even if you're not really interested in him, this can quickly get on his nerves, because what counts more than the facts is his perception of the relationship.

If his needs aren't being met, that's another reason for him to be jealous. Because an Aries male's first instinct is to be cheated on. In fact, that's how all Aries males react to most things that go wrong in their relationship.

His competitive spirit is both a blessing and a curse. He'll focus on himself to be better than all the other men around him. But if he feels that he's being relegated to second place, by anyone, it's very hard on his ego.

What makes the Aries man jealous?

In fact, it's very easy. The secret is to find the right balance. If you cross the line, he'll be the first to leave. And probably never come back. You've already read my tips for attracting an Aries man, now here's how to make him jealous:

  • Show interest in other men. Celebrity, friend, colleague, any man will do. The very fact that you can talk about another man by showing a little interest makes him very jealous. All women who date Aries men know how careful they have to be not to show any signs of interest in another man. Don't overdo it or he'll get the impression you don't love him anymore.
  • Rejecting dominance in a relationship. Aries is very particular about its conception of the dominant figure in the love relationship. And women usually accept things as they are. But if you want to make him jealous, object to his authority. His mind will certainly whirl at the idea of being put on display. Remember how he feels when he feels like he's taking a back seat?
  • Doing something he doesn't know how to do, only better. You may be his girlfriend, but he'll still be jealous if you're better than him at something. If you offer to help him in the area in question and present it in a positive light, he'll accept it and won't mind. But if you offer him advice - only to give him a hand, of course, not being as expert as you in the field - he'll go crazy with jealousy.
  • Put him at the end of your priority list. Aries men need to be on everyone's priority list. When it comes to the woman they love, they need to be at the very top of the list. Take that away from him and you'll have a man who starts to wonder who took his place. Or what he's done wrong to deserve this treatment. He can get very good at introspection in these moments.
  • Choose other company over his. "How? Don't you want to spend time with me anymore?" These questions will gnaw at him. And he'll be so jealous of the people you choose instead that he'll react by questioning you, "What do they have that I don't?"
  • Talk to him in a nonchalant way. The icing on the cake is when you don't even talk to him energetically. The men born under the Aries Zodiac sign are very careful about the tone in which they talk to people. And the tone others use when talking to them. If you don't sound enthusiastic to hear his voice, it will discourage him.

How does the Aries man show his jealousy?

What are the signs that an Aries man is jealous? How does he behave? At what point do you know if your plan has worked?

Here's how: he'll snub you. Whatever you throw at him, he'll throw back. If you don't look happy talking to him, he won't show any more joy. He wants you to know how it feels. There will be other consequences.

He's full of emotions right now. Jealousy leads to anger, which in turn leads to pain. All this makes him cranky. He won't tell you he's jealous, so his outlet will be to fight.

He'll have sleepless nights. It really hurts an Aries man or woman when their loved one no longer cares for them. So much so that it starts to affect their daily functioning. If he tosses and turns in bed for nights on end, know that he's got something on his mind. He'll share it with you.

If you make the Aries male jealous, you're no longer worthy of his trust. Which means he'll keep you out of his life. He'll be happier with others. He'll give you the impression that life is much better without you. He too will spend more time with his friends than with you. He'll laugh louder with them. While crying on the inside.

Making a Virgo man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

Even if it doesn't make him come back, it'll certainly get his attention. If you can then charm and seduce him back, you can win him back. But this will only work if he really loves you and has deep feelings for you. So how do you win back your Aries man after a break-up or separation?

Start by reinventing yourself. Try to surprise him. Show him aspects of your personality he's never seen before. This change will catch his attention like a shiny object. He'll forget what happened, more interested in getting to know this new person.

If he contacts you, take time to respond. The more desperate you seem to be about getting back together, the less interested he'll be. Make him wait. Make him pine. Test his impatience. Keep the conversation light when you talk. Don't talk about the emotions that have dominated you since the breakup. Don't talk about negative things, or dramas in your lives.

Pretend he doesn't matter anymore. The worst thing you can do to him is to act as if nothing had happened. As if his actions had no consequences. Do you know what hurts Aries natives the most? It's the feeling that they don't really matter.


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