10 Things an Aries man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things an Aries man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


Aries men are full of life and a fiery dedication to protect their loved ones. They could kill for love. They want a woman who motivates and encourages them to achieve their dreams. What is the ideal woman for an Aries man? What are the qualities an Aries man looks for in a woman? What does he want in a relationship? What personality traits will make him fall in love?

Here is what you should know about the Aries man's likes and dislikes in a woman!

1. He wants a passionate lover in the bedroom

The Aries man wants an exciting bedroom experience with a partner who brings out the Martian in him. It's his war zone and he would want to win every single time he makes love to you. He is an achiever so if you fuel his drive and let him lead, he'll stun you with his incredible performance. Get naughty with him, speak dirty to him and tell him how desirable you feel around him. Be ready for the heat to rise up whenever he is around you. He needs a freaky woman who is a passionate partner. He'll love you like a fearless warrior.

2. He wants to feel respected by the woman he likes

He is passionate about a woman who looks at him awestruck. He wants to feel rare. He wants to feel the respect of his partner and her firmness of mind to run away into Neverland with him if there exists one. He is a confident man and is aware of his strengths as well as his weaknesses. He wants his personal cheerleader. He'll want his lover to appreciate him and stand tall with him. If a woman neglects him or acts too pricey, he may feel emasculated and hence, his interest might fizz out.

3. He dislikes a bad attitude

A woman with a stinky attitude will immediately turn him off. He hates it when he comes across someone terribly controlling with a cringe-worthy demeanor. If you are unnecessarily sarcastic or trying to prove that you could outsmart the Aries man, he'll be angered. He'll lose his cool if you provoke him with your selfishness or overconfidence. Understand that he has a high self esteem. So, if he is taken undue advantage of, he'll totally dislike it.

4. He likes spontaneity

The Aries man is looking for adventure and thrill. He is ready for a battle at a moment's notice. He wants to try out different experiences and enrich his life being on the move. It's hard to keep pace with his intellect and ability to take swift initiative. He is quick and therefore, he needs a woman who travels at his speed. He'll adore someone vivacious, smart, driven and ambitious. He'll hate doing the same things everyday, so if a woman can infuse creativity in mundane aspects of his life, she'll be his favorite.

5. He will love an open-minded woman

If you try and impose traditions or outdated thoughts on Aries and expect him to be rule-abiding, he may not quite like the idea. His fiery spirit makes him incredibly independent and therefore, he likes to chart his own path. He wants a woman who thinks fast and can bring homes ideas he has never thought of before. Someone who is humble and grounded despite her achievements, someone who wants to help him soar new heights and is open to experimentation instead of being confined to parochial beliefs will be his ideal match.

6. He'll hate being dominated

The Ram is a fighter and trailblazer. You could never convince him to demote himself to the position of someone ordinary. He is energetic and aggressive. He wants to be in charge, protecting his people. If a woman has the habit of speaking in a commanding tone or expects him to be there at her beck and call, he may never oblige. He is confident about his knowledge and would only do what he pleases at his own time and pace.

7. He wants a woman who blows his mind

The Aries man will fall in love with a woman who blows his mind with her beauty and intellect. Yes, the man born under the Aries Zodiac sign wants the best so it would be a lie to say that only the brains could woo him. Sexual attraction is important to him so he'll always be in search of someone who melts him in the first meeting. He is magnetic and has a huge number of devoted followers, especially the female gender. So, to hold his attention, a woman would be expected to take care of herself and work on her image.

8. He does not like mind games

He wants the truth. He'll hate being manipulated and being confused without a clear signal from his woman. He is egoistic so you'll need to walk on a tightrope while you continue any relationship with him. Never try to pull the wool over his eyes for his rage would be uncontrollable if he learns about any misconduct. He'll love you harder when he finds a dedicated lover who has eyes for him only.

9. He would like someone who is exclusive

He'll only settle for the best, nothing else. He is prepared for the perfect one or continues with his casual flings. He isn't scared to admit what he does and how he does it. So, show him that you are a diamond. That you are rare and not available for everyone is important for him to learn about. He wants to conquer over the unachievable. He wants to seek happiness in the fact that the woman he loves is one of a kind. Unless he is convinced that you are different from the crowd, he'll keep you at a distance.

10. He'll appreciate a genuine person

It all boils down to the fact that an Aries male would always value someone who is true to herself and to him. He is experienced in matters of the heart so he is aware of what he requires for a life together with someone. He needs his woman's support and her kindness. He needs her compassion and unconditional love. He wants to feel special and be taken care of no matter how strong he seems. He wants to be vulnerable around someone who'll hear him patiently. He wants to build trust in his relationship and keep distractions away.


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