When an Aries Man wants to Marry You!

When an Aries Man wants to Marry You!


The fire sign Aries is perhaps the boldest in the Zodiac. He is highly determined, focused and competitive.This sign is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet that prepares its native to fight through difficulties with courage and valor. How to make an Aries man fall in love with you and propose to you for marriage? How do you know if he really wants to marry you? What are the personality traits of the Aries husband? Read along to find the answers to all your questions!

How is the Aries man as a husband?

The Aries man is energetic and excited about life. He loves the company of family and friends and He is the life of a party he is in. Though his aura is magnetic, drawing ladies wherever he is; if he has found the love of his life, he is fiercely loyal. Arguments might be quite common with this man because he has strong opinions, ones that could actually trigger anyone in the room. He is demanding in bed. With a high libido like that, make sure you are flexing the right muscles to blow up some fireworks. He is definitely supportive of his spouse, working hard to make ends meet and responsible towards the household. His inner child frequently shows up, keeping the relationship far from monotony.

How to know when an Aries man wants to marry you?

He demands all your attention

The Aries man has a fierce persona. He likes to be seen and desires all your attention if he is in love with you. A bit of a show off you could say, he wants the acknowledgement for who he is to you. When sparks fly, he is very passionately involved. He knows exactly what he wants and this assertiveness makes him demanding of your time and efforts. If your Aries man has invested in the relationship in the hope that it will succeed, he will stubbornly pursue it like his life depends on it. There are usually no mixed signals when the Aries man gives his heart away.

You see his emotional side

The irresistible persona of your Aries guy might attract attention but he surely wears a mask in his social life and conceals his true emotions, opening up only around someone who wouldn't judge. The dynamism and vitality is for the whole world to see but his true feelings lurk in the backdrop so that he can avoid getting hurt. He would not hold away his vulnerable side from you if he sees you as someone he could spend the rest of his life with. If you are lucky to marry him, you’ll be a part of his good and his bad.

He is deeply caring

The ram is very protective of his herd. He wants to give his person the best. He assumes the role of a leader when in charge of a team task. His physicality is so welcoming and attractive that it makes him all the more sexy. He would engage in PDA, showing you his love in a room full of people. When an Aries man goes out of his way to make sure you have a comfortable life (even though he may be flooded with options), you have a special place in his heart. Though the Aries male can be easily bored, a consistently genuine interest in you and expecting you to reciprocate his emotions are reflective of his desire to get wedded to you.

He inspires you

The man burning with such fiery energy can barely contain his intention to lead. He dreams big and immerses himself in order to bring them to actualization. If he wants you to believe in your dreams too and focus on your self- growth, he wants to see you flourish in life. He is a dedicated lover who also knows how to communicate what he feels. He doesn’t nag or complain about the smaller details but hopes of a beautiful future with you. He will be outright honest about where he wishes the relationship to be headed.

How to get an Aries man to marry you and to propose?

Love him just the way he is. The Aries man may be a bit too much, being the child of the zodiac who demands and throws fits. If you are patient enough and give in to things without holding your ego and pride, it is easier to avoid a clash of intentions and win his heart. Be excited to try a new routine for the Aries man who likes variety in life.

You need to be sporty with this man to make a great couple. He loves to have sex and there may not be much emotions involved. It is a physical task that he loves to engage in, perform and move to another set of tasks lined up in his schedule. Be equally receptive of what he needs, stay enthused about experimenting and leave your inhibitions to the backburner if you long to see a tangible future with the Aries man. However, make sure you keep the chase going or you have been together enough to be assured of a sustainable love. This would help you test if he really cares about being wedded to you.

How to know when an Aries man is ready for marriage?

The Aries man isn’t looking for marriage right away when he gets into a relationship initially. If you guys have been through the storm and your Aries guy is still there, not willing to let go, he is ready to marry you. He stands by you at your darkest. He is a fighter inside who does not fail you when you need. He steps up no matter how challenging it could be. He is a bit competitive and stubborn to have things done his way. So, if he claims you proud, loves you with all his heart and has attained the stability he wants to take care of his family’s needs, he could be willing to settle down soon.

Who should an Aries man marry?

The Aries man is very compatible with air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fire meets Air. Air fans the flame of the fire, they draw life from each other. These signs instantly connect to the Aries man with their charm, wit and communication skills. It is a brilliant match of like minded people who believe in themselves and have an optimistic view of life. They take risks, do not fear to fail and are excited to sharpen their skills and learn from their mistakes. Sexual compatibility comes from an intense anticipation built through intellectual stimulation and is hard to die away because there is so much more that they discover in each other’s company that a mundane routine is hard to set in.

Should I fear infidelity?

The Aries man is not the most likely to cheat on a woman he loves. He does draw attention for women do fall for him but rest assured, he is as passionate about his partner as any other zodiac is when they find the one. They do act impulsively when in a casual relationship but being the blunt man that he is, there are lesser chances of the Aries man doing things behind your back.


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