What is the Most Compatible Zodiac Sign for Aries?

What is the Most Compatible Zodiac Sign for Aries?


What is the best relationship match for an Aries? Are you an Aries looking for a guide on your compatibility with other Zodiac signs? Or are you in a relationship with an Aries, wanting to understand how the native is compatible with your astrological sign? Here is a comprehensive list of the eleven Zodiac signs of astrology and how they score in their compatibility with the Aries native:

Aries and Taurus

Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus by Venus. This is ample information about how the masculine and the feminine energy combine to make sparks fly. The sexual attraction that these Zodiac signs share is strong and satisfying if both of them make the effort to understand their differences of emotions. Taurus is pretty much fixed and doesn’t compromise on its idea of love and sex. Aries is the go-getter. Both are honest with each other and rarely flaky in their decisions. The Taurus will rarely budge no matter how frustrating it is for the Aries partner to continue convincing. While the Aries displays its emotions out loud, Taurus prefers a subtle approach of expression.

Aries and Gemini

The creativity and energy of the Aries native is a wonderful combination that spices up their sex life. The excitement and affinity towards each other will be filled with activities that make them enjoy each other’s company like no other. This is a combination where fire and air come together. Trust can become a major issue between them where Aries can get jealous and possessive easily while Gemini maintains a flaky and indecisive character through their engagement. It is important that the Aries learns to balance their ego and the Gemini works on their indecisive attitude to bring more stability and respect in the union.

Aries and Cancer

The Cancer native is emotional and sensitive while the Aries is stronger, far from gentle in their approach to sex. This pushy attitude of the Aries can become a bone of contention for this couple because the Cancerian is slow to trust and give all of themselves. To make the relationship work, the Aries will have to slow down, become softer and understand the emotional needs while the Cancer needs to be able to keep up with Aries’ vigor and vitality. The communication styles of both differ in a way where both give up or struggle forever to keep the interest alive.

Aries and Leo

This is a relationship filled with warmth and love. They are both aggressive and passionate towards each other, solving their differences in a way that others might find crazy. The Leo native has a magnetic personality which can trigger trust issues in the Aries who can get territorial about what belongs to them. On the downside, if both let ther fiery egos clash, it could cause their sex life to slump down. The Leo will appreciate everything that the Aries does to make them happy and once the anger subsides, the differences resolve magically between the two.

Aries and Virgo

This is a couple that fares pretty bad when it comes to sex. It reaches a point of frustration for the Aries when the Virgo doesn’t reciprocate or has a stagnating sexual energy that doesn’t match up with the fiery passion of the Aries native. They are quite at ease while honestly communicating their values. The Aries partner is quite extroverted, often comes across as rude and overbearing to the Virgo. A strong emotional connection is hard to come by with the critical Virgo who takes time to form a deeper bond. While Aries seeks glory, the Virgo partner would rather go through the littlest details, make intelligent moves and bask in their success silently.

Aries and Scorpio

The sexual compatibility is perhaps the best there is. What they truly need to work on is their emotional compatibility as the Aries doesn’t really need a deeper emotional bond to express his passions and explore his darkest desires with his Scorpio partner. They are highly territorial about each other. Any competition will be dealt with an iron hand. This relationship will be very delicate, trust will hang on a tightrope. Once established, this is bound to be a power couple. What the Scorpio considers problematic with regard to the Aries partner is his shallowness while Scorpio’s immersion in the darkest realms of the universe will be boring for the Aries partner.

Aries and Sagittarius

Both of these Zodiac signs share the fire elements. There is an underlying understanding of each other’s differences that gives this relationship the fun elements to laugh thing out. Basically, the Sagittarius partner can ease out the rigidity and sexual tension, adding the much needed relaxation that the Aries native needs. The Sagittarian and the Aries need honor and honesty in the relationship. Problems could crop up when the Sagittarius partner takes the Aries casually and looks for fulfillment elsewhere. Also, the Aries could have a hard time trusting the extroverted character of the Sagittarian as they have a tendency of being possessive too quick.

Aries and Capricorn

The Aries and Capricorn combination could be a difficult one considering their values are different and both don't compromise on situations. They are very honest about their feelings and hence chances of feeling betrayed by either party is almost nil. It will end up being a battle of egos that clash on almost every issue for the Capricorn partner always looks at the practicality of things, holding reason and objectivity in the highest regard. The fiery, driven and passionate energy of the Aries partner will come off as unnecessary and irresponsible that can trigger the wrong buttons and turn off the Capricorn partner.

Aries and Aquarius

The Aquarian energy gives stability to the flame of the Aries. The serious Aries native finds the Aquarian quite easy- going, experimental, expanding their horizons. This is a relationship of mutual interest as both motivate each other in their unique ways. However, the initial excitement could wane if no serious efforts are made in the long run. Even if they have conflicting moments, their fondness for each other could bring them on a middle ground to ease things out and make peace.

Aries and Pisces

The duo find it hard to understand their sexual needs. Pisces knows what it wants when it comes to sex and will not accept anything less than what they deserve. The Aries fails in the art of making loves to a Pisces who craves for tenderness, compassion and emotions in sex.  The contagious, passionate and fiery energy of the Aries native is hard to resist which makes the shy and timid Piscean quite suspicious. This hinders their trust building process, making it hard for both to reach a stable ground in the relationship.


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