What Happens When You Hurt an Aries Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt an Aries Woman?


Wow! You messed with the Ram, huh? Well, make no mistake. She might not be a bull, but you will get the horns. I read the aptest quote about Aries woman's anger in Linda Goodman's sun signs. “When the Aries woman has been really hurt, she turns from fire to ice. Her fire burns hot and dies quickly. Her ice can be eternal.” If you really care for her, you will do well to remember this. But if you have already messed up, here are some tips and advice that can help you understand how to fix your mistake.

Here is what happens when you hurt an Aries woman.

How does an Aries woman act when she is hurt?

How Aries act when hurt? I wish you never get to see that. But do you know what’s worse than witnessing her hurt? Being her, when she’s hurt. People often don’t realize this but Aries women are extremely sensitive. They try to be tough and not let anything hurt them.

She does a really bad job of hiding her feelings when she is hurt. In her mind, there’s a constant battle between letting it go and expressing her rage. She wants to hurt you by not giving a damn about your actions. But she wants to make you suffer. And the result of this battle is really ugly.

She will pass snide and sarcastic comments any chance she gets. Remember, she wants to get back at you. And the problem is that she can get really childish and immature with her revenge. The Aries female can take a lesson or two from the Scorpio when it comes to revenge.

It will take her a long time to let go. Maybe not as long as a Scorpio woman. If you have embarrassed her, then it won’t be easy for her to forgive you. Unless you humiliate yourself more than you humiliated her.

However, if your crime isn’t that serious, she will forgive. That’s the most beautiful thing about this Zodiac sign. They cannot hold on to a grudge for too long. They are too distracted to focus on one thing for too long. But there are only so many things and so many times that an Aries can forgive. Don’t push her to the point of no return.

Do Aries hold grudges?

It takes a while to understand how an Aries responds to getting hurt. And what their stand on grudges is. Let’s try an develop an understanding though.

There are two types of Aries responses to getting hurt: fiery type and icy type. The fire type anger flares up and consumes the Aries for some time. It pours out of their body through their actions and words. But eventually, it calms down. Much like a volcano. The ice type response is when an Aries has hurt to a point from where they cannot return. This is when they don’t react. The person responsible for causing that hurt is dead to the Aries female. She will never mend fences with that person again.

The Aries girl will hold a grudge for a short time only. This is when her anger is fire. But the woman born under the Aries Zodiac sign forgives easily. And forgets easily too. So, eventually, she will move on.

The forgiveness process will be sped up if she receives a genuine, heartfelt apology. She cannot hold a grudge against someone who realizes their mistake. And if she was in the wrong, she will forget the whole thing.

But when her anger is ice, it is like that of Antarctica. Melted only by something as violent, unnatural and destructive as global warming. At this point, it isn't a grudge she is holding. It is a period of her life that she wants no memory or association.

How do you apologize to an Aries woman?

What do you do when an Aries woman is upset and mad at you? You apologize! As fast as humanly possible.

You are living in a fantasy if you think apologizing to her will be easy. Remember that when a volcano becomes active its lava has to pour out. Sure, she forgives easily, but she will give you an earful before she does.

You have to give her the time to let her rage out. And it will not be easy to tolerate either. You will want to just give up and let her brood. But if you really care about her, you know that life without her is a lot worse than putting up with her anger now.

She will make you work for her forgiveness. I told you she acts immature when she’s angry, right? This is a part of that. She won’t forgive you right away. The Aries woman wants to ensure that you don’t hurt her again. And so, it is important for her that you remember the lesson.

On your part, you need to be patient and really listen to her. Through all those tantrums you will hear real concerns. Concerns that you should pay attention too. Don’t fight with her or let your anger get the best of you. One of you needs to be mature in this situation.

If you have a contradicting opinion, present it tactfully. Acknowledge that she’s right in her opinion. And then make her see things from your perspective. She might not get it right away, but if you play this right, she will eventually.

Make it clear that you are genuinely apologetic about hurting her feelings. That is all that she really needs to be assured of. Everything else, she will forget.

Do Aries move on quickly?

This Zodiac sign doesn't have the time to stop and process. If they give a decision for more than 2 minutes, they die. Not literally, but you get the picture.

Aries females move on as quickly as they fall in love. Especially if there is no ambiguity about the end. When they have decided that there is no turning back, there is only one way to go. Ahead!

The only thing that will hold them back is the availability of a better alternative. It took me a year to move on, once. The only problem was that I couldn’t find a better man. I didn’t even think twice when I met the right guy. I’m not proud of how I process love. But well, the stars are to blame for this.

If you are waiting for her to come back to you, you might as well find someone else. Because the moment she finds someone who makes her happy, she’ll forget you ever existed. You will only be a joke she tells when poking fun at her dating history. It’s not that she’s heartless or lacks emotions.

She wouldn’t waste her time on someone who doesn’t care for her. At least not as much as she cares for that person. If you put your ego before her, know that she has a bigger ego than yours. The Aries woman loves with great passion. Passion, the likes of which you will never feel again. If you take it lightly, she will not stick around for you to play with her heart.


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