10 personality traits & characteristics of the Aries woman in love

10 personality traits & characteristics of the Aries woman in love


No one loves like the people born under the Aries Zodiac sign. There is an innocence in these rams that brings a unique flavor to their love affairs. An innocence which cannot be replicated by any other zodiac sign. This uniqueness is even more pronounced in the personality of the Aries women. That impulsive, risk-taking, egocentric, stubborn-minded energy, will suddenly become a doe eyed, docile, princess-like, lady. Leaving everyone around her wondering what exactly happened to her. Well, these are just some of the signs of an Aries woman in love. Being an Aries woman myself, I can tell you that it is not a show we put on. Love has an almost life-changing effect on us lady-Rams.

You want to know more about the personality traits and characteristics of an Aries woman in love? Here is your comprehensive guide to the secrets of her heart!

How do you know if an Aries woman loves you?

It isn’t very hard to figure out that an Aries woman is in love. Especially if you have known her for some time now. The sudden change in behavior is too stark to miss. If you are the person she is in love with, she wouldn’t hesitate in letting you know. There’s a 70% chance that she will just come up to you and say it. However, even if you fall in the 30% category, she will make sure you know of her feelings in one way or the other. Yet, if you are having difficulty understanding her feelings, here are the Aries female personality traits and characteristics when she is in love.

1. She becomes more understanding and emotional than normal

Not saying that Aries women aren’t understanding. But I can’t deny that we like to get our way, most of the time. an Aries woman in love overcomes this stubbornness to some extent. She lets her beau have their way too using the mysterious art of compromise. However, the flip side is that she starts expecting more too. Aries women in love tend to be more motional than regular. Truth be told, this increased emotional sensitivity messes with their own head too. I can’t even count all the times I have spent sleepless night worried about getting too emotional.

2. Her kindness increases manifolds

Remember that the Aries zodiac sign is represented by an infant. The people around them whom the infants love get showered with all their toys and kisses. Just like that, the Aries woman is extra kind towards the person they are in love with. She would shower him with love and affection which will seem uncommon for her. Not only towards her love interest. But in their presence, she will be kinder towards everyone.

3. An Aries female in love forgives and forgets easily

Now this is something that I love about my zodiac sign. We are people who can’t hold a grudge for very long. The problem is that we forget as soon as it happens. This doesn’t show as often as it should because our egos get in the way of forgiving. Even when we don’t remember what we were angry about in the first place. But when in love, ego is the last thing for us to care about. Most of the things, and especially in the beginning, the Aries woman will just overlook. The people around her will surely think she must be under a spell.

4. Sharing and lots of caring are key personality traits of this woman

The seemingly selfish Aries woman has so much love and care inside of her. the only problem is that she shares it only with the people closest to her. Naturally, when it comes to the man she loves, she goes all out. She will be extra caring and loving towards him. She will treat him like her own child. Taking care of all his needs. Whenever he’s sick, she will make sure to do everything to provide him comfort. She will share everything she has with him too. Which too isn’t a privilege the Aries girl offers to everyone.

5. She will give it her all

The Aries woman cannot half-ass love. If she’s in it, she’s in it for the long haul. Which means that she will give the person her all. All her time, love and affection. No one can ever accuse an Aries woman in love of not being there enough. Or not doing enough to make sure that the relationship was a success.

6. Along with all of this comes the jealousy

You ask any Aries f they are jealous and they will bite your head off. I will too, if you ever meet me in person. But the truth is that we get jealous very easily. When it comes to the person we love, we expect an insane level of loyalty from them. To the extent that it is impossible to give. Well, only the best makes it past the Aries dating criteria. Which is why most of us remain single for the longest time.

7. Everything is crystal clear, with zero secrets

Aries believe in the no nonsense policy when it comes to their love interests. She will make sure that you know exactly what she wants. And that she’s angry and what she’s angry about. Or that she’s hurt. You wouldn’t have to waste too much time figuring out what she wants. She will tell you all of it without any double meaning or traps. You just need to be smart enough to know.

8. She will be vulnerable in front of her lover

To the world she is this strong woman who has not known tears. It is hard for people to believe that anything can hurt her. but when she’s around the person she loves, she will reveal her most secret side. The vulnerable Aries. It might be hard to believe, but some of the most insecure people on this planet are Aries. A lot of them aren’t even aware of this side of theirs. But her lover will be the person whose shoulder she cries on when she finds out that someone doesn’t like her. or when she doesn’t get the promotion or recognition, she worked so hard for.

9. She will make her love interest a part of her life

For an Aries female, love isn’t just public display of affection and romantic gestures. It is a way of life. Which means that the person becomes a part of her life. And who she is. She will ask her partner’s advice on all matters. Involve him in important things in her life. He will be the first person to hear about everything. And the last person she talks to before everything important. This doesn’t mean that she will be stuck to him like glue. They will still lead their lives as individuals.

10. She will be a little paranoid because of all that’s happening

Like I said earlier, the Aries female herself is unable to cope with these changes in her personality. Which means that every now and then when she realises, she has changed, it will reflect in her behavior. She will be paranoid. Scared of giving her man more than she was getting in return. Or if it is what she thinks it is and not a one-sided affair. All of these signs of paranoia will have to be dealt with a lot of care. But if she has chosen the right man for herself, he will know exactly what to do.


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