How to Attract an Aquarius Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)

How to Attract an Aquarius Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)


You've tried everything, but nothing works: you still can't get his attention. Or at least not enough to make him fall in love with you. But there are a few tricks that work every time with Aquarius men. You're in luck, because I'm about to reveal a few secrets I've never shared before that will help you attract your Aquarius man and conquer his heart. You'll make him fall in love with you without him being able to defend himself.

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What's an Aquarius man's personality?

An Aquarius man is a mystery solver. His curiosity rivals that of a child, and that's what you need to use to your advantage. This is a man who has strange ways of showing his love. So, if you're looking for a perfect love story where the man of your dreams falls in love with you and decides to get married, he's not the man for you. However, rather than trying to pull your life out of a fairy tale, you can write a new one with this man. A fairy tale where the beautiful maiden had to wait years before marrying the valiant knight.

But why?

Because marriage isn't the conquest he's willing to sacrifice his life for. There's so much love in this man that he wants to share with the world. So much that he wouldn't easily commit to just one woman simply because it would prevent him from sharing his love with others. If there's one thing you can say about him, it's that he'll never make your life boring. You may not go on an adventure, but the experience with this man is a lifelong quest.

It takes a truly patient and dedicated woman to finally fall in love with him. Are you ready for this race between the tortoise and the rabbit? Watch out, he's bound to win...

How to impress an Aquarius man

The first challenge in attracting the attention of an Aquarius man is to arrange a one-to-one meeting. No matter where you meet him, he'll always be surrounded by people. If you don't stand out, he won't be interested. So either keep on the lookout for him when he's alone, or do something to stand out and arouse his curiosity. If you appeal to his curiosity, that's the first battle won.

Aquarians are consistent men. If they form an opinion about something, they stick to it and judge everything else by the same criteria. So the first quality you'll display is your ethic of respect. He'll be impressed by this similarity, even if he doesn't agree with your principles.

He may seem like a liberal on the surface, but he's a prude at heart. So choose something distinguished to wear to make a good impression. He won't be attracted by the amount of diamonds you have on you. Wear something that sets you apart. Originality is his favorite thing. So, when he's tired of seeing the same thing everywhere, give him that breath of fresh air.

What doesn't an Aquarian man like in a woman?

There's not much an Aquarian man doesn't like in people. After all, he's a man who even talks about his enemy as a friend. But if you're trying to interest and seduce him, keep these things in mind. He doesn't like women who are clingy and needy. Responsibility, in any form, when imposed on an Aquarian man will make him tremble. He reveres independence and independent people. So, naturally, someone who makes him responsible for his emotional drama won't get his attention.

Appealing to his curiosity is quintessential. He wouldn't be attracted to a woman who reads like an open book or presents no mystery. Know the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. If there's one thing he hates, it's aggression. He loves a positive influence and, therefore, would never stay with someone who resorts to aggression just to get what he wants.

Never deny him his freedom or put him in a situation he'd rather avoid. He'll hate you if you force him to do or say things he doesn't want to. According to him, this is also a form of aggression.

How to please an Aquarius man

Aquarius men rarely appreciate what comes easily to them. So, if you want to flirt with him, don't overdo it. It will only make him less interested. If you want him to be interested in you, show him sides of you that not everyone can see. Simple surprise will keep him interested.

You'll also have to play hard to get. Nothing that isn't a challenge will appeal to him. It's like telling a child not to do something so he'll do it. But while you're doing all this, don't forget to be her friend. That's the foundation of a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man. He'll never fall in love with a complete stranger.

Take things simply, as they come. Aquarians like people who don't take themselves too seriously.

What's the Aquarius man like in bed?

If he's ready to sleep with you, there's no doubt he's fallen in love. But like everything else, the Aquarius man likes the odd thing in bed. He's a curious man, so it's only natural that he likes new experiences. Aquarians hate traditional lovemaking and so, to make love well with an Aquarian man, you need to be ready to do it anytime, anywhere. Often, the bedroom inspires his boredom. Surprise him, nothing will turn him on more.

It won't always be easy to maintain a sexual relationship with him. Often, you'll get the impression that he's more into experience than love. His curiosity wins out, and yes, he may not have fallen in love as quickly as you'd hoped. But once you've got him, he's in it for good. If he wasn't in a committed relationship with you, he might have several sexual partners.

He likes to explore your body. He likes surprises in his sex life. He's a big fan of 50 Shades of Grey.

How to make an Aquarius man fall in love?

If you're in it for the long haul, here are a few things to help you achieve your goal and make him fall in love with you. Creativity is something an Aquarian man appreciates and looks for in a woman. Naturally, an Aquarian man will fall in love with a creative woman who can bring freshness to his life.

The reason he takes so long is that he cherishes his freedom. Make sure you give him his freedom and he'll give you yours. Appreciate the fact that his life has a part that doesn't involve you, and that he can manage both better if they stay separate. Being with you should be an adventure. Surprise him as often as possible. The world seems very mundane to the Aquarian man and he's attracted by new things in love as well as in other areas of his life.

Have confidence in yourself. He'd love to be your support, but he wants you to need him as little as possible. So try to mind your own business. He won't be watching you all the time, that's how the Aquarius man in love behaves. Don't be frivolous with him: an Aquarian man will always appreciate an intelligent woman.


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