How to Attract a Cancer Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)

How to Attract a Cancer Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)


If there's one thing all women agree on, it's that we want a sensitive man. Unless you're breaking that rule, then you may have found the man of your dreams in this Cancer. But is he what you were hoping for?

Driven by lunar movements, men of this astrological sign have a variety of personalities. One day, he'll be as bright as a full moon, then as dark as darkness another. If you want to understand Cancer men better, to detect their feelings of love, then read my advice on how to attract a Cancer man and make him obsessed with you.

The Cancer man in love

It's scary to be in love with a Cancer man. One day, you tell yourself he's the one for you. The next, you can hardly recognize the man you were madly in love with. Being in love with a Cancer is both a blessing and a curse: with extreme love comes extreme jealousy and possessiveness. No other zodiac sign understands love like Cancers.

So, why did you fall in love with this man? The reason is that you met him on one of his good days (was it a full moon?). Bad days with a Cancer man are just the opposite, and the secret of his heart is to find a balance between the two. Will you be able to love him even when he doesn't show up as you thought you knew him? If you want a rose, you'll have to accept the thorns too.

How to seduce a Cancer man when you first meet him?

The first thing you need to know about this man is that he's very organized. Being organized also means being neat and tidy in this case. So, if you think he'll be attracted to you if you're in a disheveled state from too much alcohol, you've already lost your chance. Make sure you're not scattered when you meet him. You need to master the basics.

Dress smartly to impress him, but don't wear anything that might embarrass him and you at the same time. He doesn't want you dressed in a conservative style. He doesn't want you to be too loud. Be chic, be elegant, be classy and he'll focus his attention on you, even in the middle of a crowd or in a group.

If you want a lucky charm, astrology advises you to wear silver jewelry with him. Show him you care. He may not show it, but a Cancer man is very sensitive to these things. If you show him interest, he'll be happy as a clam. As a result, he'll return the favor.

What attracts a Cancer man to a woman?

Remember, you'll have to make the first move with this one. All the preparation we've described above was just to get him to notice you. If you find the courage to talk to him, make sure you don't let your demons out. Cancer is a man of values. Your vices won't bother him if you're a friend. But that's when he'll limit you to being a friend. If you want to take it to the next level, be careful what you talk about.

Cancer men are extremely close to their mothers, and invoking the Mom card can be an effective strategy. If he discovers that you are too, it will only draw him closer to you. Simply saying "Do you know what my mother says?" or "My mother always tells me" with a positive follow-up will immediately win you the good graces of your Cancer.

Most importantly, give him his space and his time. If you force him to do anything, he'll hide in his shell. Make sure you emphasize your caring and benevolent side. That's why he's so close to his mother. Because he knows she's the most caring and attentive woman in the world.

How do you deal with a Cancer man?

Have you started meeting more often? Then it's time to step up your game to seduce him. Simply talking about your mother won't be enough. Start by understanding his personality and mood swings. Being a lunar sign, the Cancer man has a vast array of moods that you'll have to put up with. Be very careful how you behave or react to him. Even if he's in a capricious or unreasonable mood, don't let him know.

Support him in his plans, expectations and dreams. Being the emotional and sensitive man that he is, it's not surprising that even the most constructive criticism can depress him. If you want to convey something negative, do it as diplomatically as possible. You also wonder what he really cares about. In fact, he cares about a lot of things. Cancer men listen to the problems of all their friends, but they don't open up to anyone about their own problems. The final and most important step in seducing and pleasing him is to win his trust.

How to please a Cancer man?

The first piece of advice is to keep things simple. He doesn't want you to tell stories or keep having the same conversations over and over like a broken record. Next, appeal to his emotional side. Send him sincere compliments after a date or after something he's done for you. Show him your feelings and love in a sincere, unconventional way: it'll work in your favor.

Cancer men tend to read between the lines, even when there's no room to do so. Make sure you state the intention of your message clearly when you write to him. Any detail left out will break his spirit. Don't try to be mysterious or leave anything open to interpretation. Keep up to date with all the information about his family. If he's told you that his mother's birthday is next week, be sure to send your best wishes. It's important that you take an interest in his family.

How to make a Cancer man addicted to you?

Your Cancer male is interested in you. The obvious next step is to win his heart and make him obsessed with you.

The first step is to be very attentive and caring towards him. It's not that he wants to be mothered (although he may think he does), but it's the number one quality for which he'll chase after a woman.

Secondly, you have to be on very good terms with his mother. He worships his mother and you may never be able to replace that. The best thing to do is to get his mother's favor, which will then work in your favor. It's a seal of finesse on you that he can't let go. Bring out your feminine side.

No, the cancer man isn't one for sexual stereotypes, but he does like a woman who knows everything. He respects a woman who can do everything with perfection. Invite him to your home for dinner. Cook a sumptuous meal, organize a beautiful evening and make sure everything is perfect.

But the most important thing is that he opens up to you. He doesn't do that very often. So, if he finds in you the person he can trust, it's because he's interested and has feelings for you. That's what attracts him deep down and what he's looking for in a woman.

How to make a Cancer man fall in love?

When all is said and done, all that's left is love. Do you want to turn this relationship into love? Then keep these things in mind. Be his aphrodisiac in bed. Love and sex are the same thing for the cancer man. So let him be spoiled in bed. Be feminine and submissive. Say the right words. If sex is great, you've taken the first step towards love.

Be independent. He doesn't mind if you're emotionally dependent on him. But if you depend on him materially, then he won't be able to love you. Have your own identity. Cancer men aren't looking for a woman to go with them wherever they go. He appreciates women who have their own lives. So plan for the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to be a woman who only knows how to say yes to everything. He wants a woman who can stand on her own two feet. Learn to say NO. You may feel like you're pushing him away, but in fact, this attracts and excites him. That's how you can keep him.

Finally, be honest with him. It doesn't matter if the truth isn't always good to tell. He hates it when people play games with him. If you have all these qualities, this man will love you until his last breath. It will be an exceptional relationship that not just anyone can have.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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