How to Attract a Capricorn Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman? My secret tips!


Firmly resolved to make it big in life, the Capricorn woman is truly driven and determined. She doesn’t believe in settling for the average. So, seducing and making her fall in love demand more than just an attractive look. So, how to impress and woo a Capricorn woman? How to get her to chase you? What does a Capricorn woman like and dislike in a man? What can astrology reveal us about the woman born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign?

Here are a few secret tips to attract a Capricorn woman and make her fall in love with you!

What are the personality traits of a Capricorn woman?

Hard Working. The Saturn-ruled Capricorn woman likes to be in control of her life. She is very ambitious and unless her goal is reached, she will never really feel complete. She is all about a stable job or an income source that secures her for tough times ahead. Quite reserved in her demeanor, she is the business woman who has diligently climbed her way to the top of the ladder.

Emotionally distant. This woman is emotionally closed off. Opening herself to someone is uneasy for her. Best example of the alpha female, she is blessed with leadership skills that attract envy. Highly driven, she would never accept a stumbling block on her way to success. So invested in accomplishing the impossible, her ambitiousness displays a sense of a stand offish or an indifferent attitude.

Disciplined. Success demands discipline. The woman born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign will keep away any form of distraction if discipline guarantees her victory. She wants to see herself win at all costs. There is no flakiness or lack of concentration in this woman when she is focused on her purpose. This makes her quite controlling in her nature, showing no speck of surrender or submission.

Smart. This is a woman who learns through sheer labor and determination. She has burnt midnight lamps just to achieve mastery in what she knows and practises. Very competitive, she will overcome every obstacle to emerge a champion. There is no place for excuses and she believes that perseverance can help you design your own destiny.

What traits does a Capricorn woman look for in a man?

Be humble. Humility is a quality that is quite appealing to this earthy Capricorn female. She is an ambitious female who in most cases is financially independent. So, if you plan to woo her with your riches, it isn’t enough. She needs a simple, modest human who shares similar thoughts about a long-term partnership. A conceited partner isn’t as appealing to the Capricorn woman as someone rooted in traditions and principles.

Career-driven. A man with no desire to soar high isn’t her true match. She needs to take pride in him and his accomplishments. The perfect relationship for a Capricorn female is with one that speaks of success and radical action. Unless a man has his plans outlined and he is motivated towards performing all that outstanding results demand, the Capricorn female will not feel the urge to take the companionship any further distance.

Dedication. It is quite evident from her basic traits that she is no woman to play the fool with. She needs a serious lover, someone who is dependable and loyal. She needs your passionate involvement in making the relationship work. A lover who pours his heart out to her and cares about her well being is her ideal mate. Protect her honor, fuel her growth and prove to be an equal partner. She believes in monogamy and when she falls for someone, she must have already thought of settling down with him.

How to impress and woo a Capricorn woman?

Promise her a secure life. Unless there is solid security in the commitment, the Capricorn woman will be hard to convince in the seriousness of your proposal. Love doesn’t just happen to this woman impulsively for she calculates the pros and cons before she delves right in. Often known to be too hard on her potential partners till she finds her ideal mate, one will win her heart only when she is confident about a steady journey ahead.

Stay loyal. There is no possible justification of irresponsible behavior with a Capricorn woman. She needs someone who is reliable and won’t gamble with her heart. Anything that the Capricorn woman undertakes is serious business and matters of the heart aren’t to be toyed with in the opinion of a Capricorn female. Promise her unwavering consistency and faithfulness, you will leave a delightful imprint on her.

Be an equal partner. Be genuine in the entire course of your involvement with her. Spoil her and also let her spoil you. Treat her as an equal regardless of the difference of opinions you have. Without a balanced approach, you will hurt her sentiments and bring the downfall of the relationship. Make sure you hear her deeply and are sensitive to her feelings. Trying to impose yourself on her while you stifle her thoughts and beliefs doesn’t work too well with the opinionated Capricorn female.

How to tell if a Capricorn woman is interested in you?

She is vulnerable. Unless a Capricorn woman is absolutely smitten in love, she will never open up to you. She never wants to appear weak to her partner so she might always hold back a little of herself no matter how open-ended the conversation is. She is guarded emotionally but if she happens to bare it all and gives you a picture of her darkest fears, asks for your help and works creatively to sustain the bond that you share; she is truly interested in you.

She makes time for you. In case your Capricorn woman is a businesswoman or has a job that she is highly passionate about, you may not even get to see her much. She is a tough counterpart, prepared to weather any storm and definite that she is ready for the unforeseen circumstances. When she’s falling for you, you’ll notice her livelier, fun and light-hearted than ever. She will start prioritising you, making time for interactions and occasional getaways. She will care about your likes and dislikes and stand by you when you need her the most.


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Maria Alifa


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