How to Attract a Leo Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)

How to Attract a Leo Man! (+ my Secret Tips!)


No wonder you were drawn to the Leo man. The way he enters the room with his charisma. With the pride of a true lion, he takes control of the whole room. The girls only have eyes for him and it doesn't seem easy to find his place in the king's court. So how do you seize the opportunity to impress him? Make his eyes shine? Seduce him? With the lion, you have to know how to be strategic and play his game.

Follow the advice below to find out how to attract a Leo man and make him obsessed with you.

The personality of a Leo man

To better answer this question, you first need to understand what kind of man you're dealing with. This is something we can understand very well using the analogy of Leo, the very symbol of this zodiac sign. There's a pride in the Leo man that's matched only by Aries' childlike need for attention.

They love to be the center of attention. A Leo doesn't shy away from compliments either. Leo men are vain to a fault. But not to the point of being laughed at. They're looking for someone who not only compliments their style, personality and qualities, but who can also give them the slip. Beneath his superficial exterior, this man is actually looking for true love. Always.

What does a Leo man look for in a woman?

Rule n°1 is to be the best version of yourself. Leo doesn't even recognize number two. So you need to make sure you're dressed your best, whatever that may be. Your eyebrows must be impeccable, your manners extremely polished, your personality outstanding.

The first impression made on a Leo will last a lifetime. Never try to attract a Leo man with self-pity or compassion. They have a very accurate idea of how much drama or hardship people have been through. If he thinks you've seen too much, he'll walk away with the pride of a king.

Don't give in to him. And don't tell him, either. Although he'll consider it a personal victory, it won't make you interesting. Be a woman who's not easily seduced or conquered. Even if you're the one trying to attract him, seduce him, please him, don't show it. Pretend that he'll have to chase you and that it won't be an easy game, that he'll have to rise to the occasion.

Likewise, don't tell him how much he means to you. He knows his worth. What you need to know is your own value and not depend on him for reassurance. He's looking for a queen to rule the world with him. He wouldn't settle for a simple baroness. Unless she's an angel sent from heaven.

How to make a Leo man fall in love with you?

When it comes to making a first impression, you've got to rise to the occasion right from the start. And play your cards right. As I said, the Leo man loves attention.

Let him know your affection for him. But do it subtly, for example by giving him just a little more attention than the others. But keep your distance and don't become the subservient woman he won't be attracted to.

Never criticize him in public, especially in front of those closest to him. Even when you do criticize him in private, do so gently.

Always look impeccable. Whether you're at home or out and about, a Leo man will deeply respect an elegant, well-groomed woman. He'll be attracted to you if you're independent and have your own life. But he needs you to take an interest in his too. Ask him about his work, his hobbies, his interests. Keep abreast of everything that's going on in his life. Never forget that subtlety is the key to everything with Leo men.

How does a Leo man behave when he is in love?

The first indication that a Leo man is interested in you is that he'll prefer your company to anything else. If you notice his gaze or attention in a group of his friends or in a crowded room, it means he's interested. You'll meet his gaze from time to time. If some people don't pay much attention to what you say, he will. He'll want to make you feel special.

If he suggests things you can do together, that's another sign. It means he wants to spend more time with you. Preferably alone. Men born under the astrological sign of Leo rarely vent and don't seek comfort.

But in some difficult moments, even the Leo man can show his weaknesses. If he pours out his heart to you, it's because he needs you to comfort him. It means he feels very close to you. It's his way of getting close to you. If it's not just about being pampered, but something serious, then he's chosen you.

How to keep him interested?

It's not that Leo men are fickle. But this man can quickly lose interest in someone whose charm has faded or broken. To keep him hooked, leave him to it.

The Leo man is convinced that his way is the right way. Opposing him outright is detrimental to your relationship with him. If you want to change his mind, make him believe it was his idea. He doesn't want to be talked down to, but he does like to be complimented.

Compliment all the little things, like the place he chooses for a get-together or the shelf he fixed himself. He needs to feel appreciated. He likes to be unique. This in turn will make him appreciate the person who appreciates him.

Support his unusual thought process, even if it drives you crazy. He'll see sense in his plans, and he may be the only one. It doesn't matter. He wants the spotlight. So let him have the attention whenever he can. But if you give him all the spotlight, he'll start looking elsewhere.

Never speak ill of the people around him. A Leo man's identity is derived from the people he keeps company with. Harsh criticism of them is seen as a personal attack on him.

Signs that the Leo man is not interested

Alas! It's also true that he might not be interested in you after all. It's important for you to know if this is the case. So how do you know if he's interested and has feelings for you?

If he makes a point of correcting you during conversations, pointing out your faults or finding excuses to argue with you, then he's not interested in you as you are. This man knows he's right, so he'll never put up with a bad opinion from someone he's not trying to charm.

Some Leo men won't hesitate to say so directly. The most docile of them will leave hints.

But if your Leo hasn't caught his prey, the next one's probably not far off and he'll seize the opportunity. Perseverance is the key.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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