How to Attract a Libra Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Libra Woman? My secret tips!


Oscillating to maintain a perfect balance in life, the Libra woman loves being “in love”. Represented by the scales, she is open and forever in search of her charming prince. Has a Libra woman stolen your heart? What kind of person is she? How do you know when a Libra woman likes you? How to seduce a Libra woman? What turns her on? What can astrology reveal us about her behavior and psychology?

Here are a few secret tips to attract a Libra woman and make her fall in love with you!

What are the personality traits of a Libra woman?

Balanced. The Zodiac sign of Libra prioritizes balance and justice above all else. Being an air sign, there is an incredible understanding of the merger of the heart and the soul in a typical Libra woman. The Libra female has an acute sense of right and wrong and makes necessary strides in achieving harmony in all walks of life. Diplomatic at best, whatever it takes to ensure that fairness prevails, she would give in her complete self.

Smart. The air sign has an affinity for everything that energises the mind. The logical bent allows them to skim through personal biases and ensure that justice reigns supreme. She is quite alert, curious and certainly aware of her surroundings. Their ability to critically judge a case and reason out problems projects a strong and attractive personality.

Creative. Ruled by the planet of beauty and art, Venus, the Libra woman displays are creativity in these areas. They have sophisticated taste in food, music and fashion. They are drawn towards making everything around them aesthetically alluring. You can trust them to outshine most people in their wisdom of all that’s visually appealing.

Emotionally detached. The women born under the Libra Zodiac sign can switch their moods in no time. They could be sweet and talkative and can also quickly become cold and distant in no time. They are highly capable of hiding their emotions and whenever they sense discord, they will pull away to restore their alignment with themselves.

What traits does a Libra woman look for in a man?

Passion in bed. Libra women are mesmerising in bed. The depth of their know-how of human anatomy is utterly brilliant and with experience, they are perhaps the best performers in bed. They need some fire between the sheets, an intense outburst of emotions that refuses to die down. So, be active and turn on the kink.

Intellect. She wants someone who can challenge her mind. She wants someone who can show her everything beyond just the physical body. Unless she meets a man of substance, she won’t settle. An independent character, she needs a partner who proves to be her biggest inspiration. She looks for the expanse of his mind and being a problem solver herself, she wants a man who is equally kind and generous enough to put the needs of others before his.

Independence. The Libra woman needs her space. She loves being on her own whenever she feels the need to pamper herself in her rituals and hobbies. Neediness will drive her away. Any form of externally imposed rules and tendency to control will never work well with a Libra female who needs to be free in order to exercise their right to choose.

How to impress and woo a Libra woman?

Master the art of lovemaking. The Libra woman is sexually experimentative and when she is blind in love, you will notice her seductive self at its best. Make love to her like she is all that you want and need. Unless she feels desired and in safe hands, she may not surrender. Ensure her comfort, shower her with compliments, speak to her about everything that makes her happy. She will make all effort to give you the best orgasms.

Display openness. She is willing to learn everything to satisfy you. A stagnant mindset is an absolute mood-killer. She is curious about what is your idea of sexual ecstasy. She wouldn’t hold herself back from telling you what she wants you to do. It is an equal give and take for her in the bedroom. Unless you reciprocate, she may feel off-balance and uninterested in giving all your fantasies a try.

Focus on your appearance. The Libra woman will not miss someone who makes the effort to look good. The Venusian ruled sign of the zodiac needs someone visually appealing. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of discounting the importance of presenting your best self before a Libra woman. She is not quite forgiving of fashion faux pas. Gifted with a critical eye, she desires the absolute best person in the crowd to be her man.

Pamper her. She loves being adored by her lover. It is imperative for a man to explicitly display his affection towards her in his gestures. Treat her with sensitivity for she is quite empathic when she truly cares about someone she loves. She may never say but she needs a man to care deeply because she might be tempted to sacrifice her happiness at the cost of making him happy.

How to tell if a Libra woman is interested in you?

She compromises on her social life. The Libra woman is a social butterfly. She needs to be in the company of people to be truly in her spirit. Never take her for granted because this electrifying persona will turn heads wherever she goes with her charm and wit. Once she makes the sacrifice to give her public life a break and put a stop to all her engagements to spend more time with you, it is a clear sign of her interest in you.

She inspires you to win. Once she is serious about the bond she shares with you, the Libra woman will take your growth as a personal cause she cares about. She is an independent woman who is looking for her soulmate to settle with. So, if you see her nudge you to focus on yourself and achieve something worthwhile, she cares about seeing you accomplish big things in life.

She loves to please you. When a Libra woman is hooked to someone, she wants to ensure that he is content. She can manage conflict efficiently so anything that disturbs you will be tactfully handled. As much as she is capable of being independent, she can be submissive too just to make you happy. Her indecisiveness makes her give in to your demands and if she likes you enough, you can readily take the front seat of her life.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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