How to Attract a Pisces Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Pisces Woman? My secret tips!


Has a Pisces woman lately caused a change of heart in you? Have you fallen for their enticing personality or overwhelming sweetness? A Pisces woman is a very romantic individual and an ardent believer of true love. Winning her heart is not an easy task, but astrology has some secret tips and advice that will help you impress, seduce and attract a Pisces woman!

What are the personality traits of a Pisces woman?

The Pisces is the last of the 12 zodiac signs, and is one of the most interesting ones. A Pisces Woman is feminine and loves changing looks. She dedicates quite her time and attention to display. A female Pisces is often mysterious and has her own secrets. You might consider it a little challenging to win her over, but she isn’t as enigmatic as she appears on the surface. The Pisces woman is delicate in the matters of heart. She is sensitive and is affected by the miseries of the world. Social issues affect her much.

Pisces women are changeable at times. Apart from all this, they are keen observers too. They have an eye for detail and like observing people and their activities. A Pisces female is no ordinary woman, she is a carefully selected mix of exquisite qualities. Enthusiastic about what she considers as her talent, she loves thoughtful presents.

What does a Pisces woman look for in a man?

A Pisces female has a general liking for confident men. She looks with awe towards a man who is strong and not insecure. A Pisces woman looks out for a man who matches her ideals of romance. Displays of affection from you, are what she will surely appreciate.

She is also attracted and charmed by men who are caring, kind and compassionate. If you are humble and you dedicate your time and efforts to some or the other social cause, you have already earned a portion of her heart.

Pisces woman wants her partner to understand her and the fact that at times she needs her personal space. Sometimes, she needs to be left to her company. She is a dreamer by nature and highly imaginative. Although she wants her partner to be stable, she also expects him to relate with her dreams. A Pisces woman is easy-going and likes men who are easy going as well. She cannot resist humour and laughter is an important key to find a way to her heart.

Gestures that a pisces female finds attractive

She is not very chirpy or talkative and you have to do the talking. Initiate the conversation. If you want to have a stimulating talk with a Pisces woman, talk to her about feelings or intimate topics, or other things that are based on emotions, as she has quite an emotional bent of mind. A little intelligence mixed with humour is a sure way to attract her.

Flirting is not her deal. Her ideals of romance are all about dates, dinners, wooing, and courtship. You really need to show her that you have feelings for her, that you love her, through words as well as actions. Take her to a theatrical performance, prepare a meal, plan a weekend with her and make her feel that she is important in your life.

She is sure to fall for gallant gestures. If you behave like a gentleman with her, you will definitely impress her! She will believe she has found her knight in shining armour. If you defend her and stand up for her cause, she will love this gesture of yours.

How to seduce a Pisces woman?

A Pisces woman is all about Hollywood style romance. Her notions of what is romantic are deeply inspired from films and are incomplete without fairy-tale elements. She finds thoughtful dinner setups, chocolates and flowers, irresistible.

As a creative and imaginative woman, you need to understand her inner world to be really close to her and have a chance to get her fall in love with you. Understanding her creative passions is half way through understanding her personality. For a Pisces woman, love making is intrinsic to romance, but only once she really trusts you and finds you compatible in love with her.

Signs that a Pisces woman is interested in you

Here are some signs that will tell you if a Pisces woman likes you:

rn- If a Pisces is interested in you, she will compliment you, smile at you effortlessly and bring you thoughtful presents. Like women of most other zodiac signs, Aquarius, and Libra especially, Pisces women too cannot keep their love or liking undercover for too long. They are sure to express it.

  • She will want to interact with you and talk about deep personal issues without any inhibitions.
  • If she secretly has a crush on you, she will find all your jokes humorous and will not fake a mere laugh.
  • If she likes you more than a friend, she tends to behave silly around you, and becomes demure.
  • A Pisces woman will worry about you and ask for your whereabouts if you are sounding tense or troubled, if she has found an attachment to you.
  • It is quite visible in the eyes of a Pisces woman when she likes a man. She will gaze at you sweetly, and might stare at you.
  • She will conjure up reasons to spend time with you, and will ask you out on a dinner or invite you for a cup of coffee.
  • If a Pisces woman exhibits that she cares for your opinions, she surely does. She will respect your decisions in life and listen to your reasoning in an understanding way.
  • If she is willing to make sacrifices for you, then she is surely in love with you. A Pisces woman might go to the extent of changing her schedule or adjusting it to make time for your important day or a date with you.


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