How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman? My secret tips!


Are you in love with a Sagittarius woman? Has her fun loving nature and charming personality won your heart? You cannot be much blamed, Sagittarius women are quite the life of the party kind of creatures. If you are having a tough time impressing her and trying to seduce her, here are some secret tips to help you attract her and find a special place in her heart.

What are the personality traits of a Sagittarius woman?

The social butterflies, the extremely likable and talkative women in the crowd belong to this zodiac sign.

They are energetic and are full of life. They live every bit of it. Adventure activities are their favorite pastimes. Spontaneity and confidence are their assets. Her personality is attractive and she possesses a unique magnetic charm.

She has the soul of a vagabond and the nature of a wanderlust. A Sagittarius female often loves to travel to new locations, meet new people, see new places, and know more about them.

She is also passionate about the things she does and the people she loves. She cannot sit back and enjoy things, she likes to cut to the chase. She has a bold attitude towards life. But she lacks patience. She does not slow down and it is difficult to explain concepts of time and patience to her.

A Sagittarius woman is also extremely sensitive towards the needs of the people who are close to her. When she loves someone, she loves them with all her heart.

How to seduce a Sagittarius woman?

Women born under this zodiac sign find humor irresistible. A golden rule to make her fall for you is to match her humor. Sagittarius women are also intelligent and a witty banter is what they fall for. If you are flirting with her over text, try to make it witty. She will surely take the lead forth with her inner wisdom.

A Sagittarius woman is a thrill seeker as well and she would not mind an outright flirt. You don’t have to be timid while trying to approach her, just make it clear that you are interested in her. Sagittarius women are quite the flirt themselves. She would not mind a playful sexual banter over text. But don’t try to threaten her by being possessive that would kill the spark of the conversation.

Signs a Sagittarius woman is interested in you

Sagittarius are quick to fall in love and you can pretty easily figure out that have fallen for someone, from their words as well as gestures.

rn2. Sagittarius women have a reputation for being flirtatious. But a Sagittarius woman won’t flirt with just anyone, she will play a part in the flirt game only if she likes you. 4. If she invites you to parties, getaways or day out trips, she surely likes you. Sagittarius women are not shy and are extremely spontaneous.

  1. She is an expressive person and might hug you or kiss you, to express her liking for you.
  2. If a woman of this zodiac sign likes you, she will clearly never ignore you. She will listen to you intently and pay attention to what you say. She might even come to know about your needs or your problems, since she is very observant of the people she loves.
  3. If a Sagittarius woman will be open and chatty when she is around you, she surely adores you and feels good in your company.
  4. If a Sagittarius woman is interested in you she will try her very best to appeal to you. She will turn on the charm and will try to be the kind of woman you cannot resist.
  5. If she initiates the idea of travelling with you, she surely has a thing for you. It is her way of expressing her trust in you.
  6. She will include you in her personal life and introduce you to her social circle, only when she is sure of her liking for you.

Things you should know before dating a Sagittarius woman

Here are a few things you need to know if you are dating a Sagittarius female.

She is naturally sociable and fun and looks for a man who matches her calibre of mingling up with people. A Sagittarius woman expects her partner to be equally adventure seeking, as she is. She admires knowledge on matters of politics, philosophy and higher arts. Hence do not even think of faking intelligence in front of her.

You will require a lot of energy if you are wooing a Sagittarian woman since she is keeps herself extremely busy and would not go for an easy proposal. She is quite the chaser and seeks thrill in almost everything in life. If you want to impress her don’t ask her out on a plain dinner date. Rather a fun activity followed by trying out food at a new joint is more of her ideal date.

She likes surprises. Take notice of her gestures, if she seems to be bored, take her out for a ride, suggest watching a new movie or try something different. You will win her heart by surprising her!


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