10 Best Birthday Gifts for a Leo Man

10 Best Birthday Gifts for a Leo Man


The Leo man never settles for the average. So, only the best gift is what could make the Leo male truly happy. They love the stage, the drama and fun and not to forget, they are party animals too. Choose something that displays royalty, for the Leo man will like something that caters to their rich taste. Anything gourmet, creative, bright colored, out-of-the-box, quirky, with perfect utility will be the ideal gift for your Leo man.

Here is the list of the 10 best presents, creative and unique birthday gifts for the Leo man that will fill him with joy!

1. Destinations of a Lifetime: Travel Book


Leos love to travel. However, they may not always tour for leisure. This travel destination book lets him plan his holidays to the most spectacular destinations of the world! It is a perfect coffee table book with vivid pictures of exotic locales and detailed description about each location. A great travel guide, he will surely love the look and feel of the book. Truly apt to inspire him to travel the whole world someday! (see the product)

2. Wireless Charging Stand


Being on constant move, and his phone battery draining quickly, this wireless charging stand is a must have birthday gift for the Leo man. If your Leo male happens to be a bit fussy, he needs not worry about taking off his phone case to charge. This smart charger does the job directly through the protective case! The stand can be placed right next to his bedside or work station, it also allows versatile viewing in landscape and portrait mode for web browsing and facial recognition. (see the product)

3. Superman 5 Films DVD Collection


There is a child in a Leo man, somewhere deep down which may not always be on the show. If he happens to be a Marvel fan, amaze him with this movie collection of Batman. Perfect for binge watching plans, this will drive him down the memory lane back to his childhood (especially if he was a fan). Add a note to this saying something like “To, The Superman I have forever known!” A personal note appreciating him deeply will be a thoughtful gesture. (see the product)

4. David Bowie Notebook


Is your Leo man a musician? Or did you ever hear him humming a song by David Bowie? If you did take note of his hobbies or interest, the Leo man will appreciate your observation. He likes it when people make him feel important and valued. Leos are a creative bunch of people. A bit of a luxury notebook for everyday use, something he could use as a planner where he can write his goals and ideas. (see the product)

5. Philips Hybrid Electric Trimmer


Nudge him to take care of that mane! That stubble or beard of the man born under the Leo Zodiac sign absolutely suits his persona. For the best shaving experience, whether it is for his birthday, for Christmas or even for Valentine's day, offer him this chargeable trimmer if he still happens to use the traditional shaver. This one-blade electric trimmer is flexible, efficient and comfortable on the skin and lets him choose his stubble length precisely. With stellar ratings on the site, this gift won’t let you down! And he will think of you whenever he uses it! (see the product)

6. Neon Room Poster


Leos look forward to their comfort spaces after a long day. They like to indulge as well. Looking for something uber cool for your Leo man? This Seoul Neon poster is a perfect room wall filler. Street photography at its best from around the world, the colors are sunlight and fade resistant, a great gift for Leo men of all ages. The look and feel of this poster is superior, much in sync with the Leo male’s taste for quality. (see the product)

7. Temperature Control Smart Mug


So busy or unmindful that his liquids go cold? The Leo man is sure to thank you for this perfect object of utility. It lets him heat his tea or coffee at his convenience once paired with the app on his smartphone. The best part, it heats at the customized temperature! A unique smart tech mug is a great addition to his collection of gadgets, especially if he is a geek or tech savvy. (see the product)

8. The Skinnytaste Cookbook


Leos are in love with the idea of food. If your Leo man hits the gym everyday, cooking delicious food may be quite a task with the stringent diet chart to follow! This New York Times Bestseller gives you a whole gamut of ideas on dishes that are “light on calories, big on flavor”. The award-winning blogger turned author of Skinnytaste teaches the healthiest recipes from all-natural and easy-to-find ingredients. Cooking made easy, you’ll make his heart smile! (see the product)

9. Gift Card


Plentiful gift ideas around but choosing something for Leo can be difficult given his refined taste. Get your Leo man a gift card on his birthday. If you are wondering about what to present to someone who has everything, this is also a great idea. It also works when your Leo man is hard to shop for, you have no time to run to a store and purchase something on a short notice. Just top up the amount and mail, print-at-home or e-gift it to him! (see the product)

10. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


If your Leo guy is an outdoorsy guy, this present comes in really handy. Portable and Versatile, this Bluetooth Speaker from DOSS will allow your Leo man to amplify the energy of the party with superior sound. Seamless connectivity with all Bluetooth devices, the enhanced bass and extended playtime up to 20 hours is a must-have. The ultra-compact size and smooth touch control features are perfect for outdoor activity. (see the product)


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