How to know when a Cancer man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Cancer man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Love is tricky. And it gets worse when you are the only one in it. It makes you start seeing things that aren't there. Overcompensate, just to be able to live in your fantasy world. But woman, that is not how you want to live. I know that ideally love always prevails, but when it is one-sided, you need to know. Because you need to move on. And I know that the Cancer man is just too ideal to let go of. But how will you find your knight in shining armor, if you can't let go of the things holding you back? Want to set yourself free from a relationship that was? To be sure if he has fallen out of love?

Here is what astrology can reveal us about his personality and how to know when a Cancer man is done with you!

1. The romance will be the first thing to leave

One of the things that make the Cancer men an ideal boyfriend is a romance. It is amazing how they know just the right way to make a woman feel special. Remember those surprises? Or the small gifts he would get you? Or just the things he said. But, when a Cancer man is done with you, all of this will stop happening. There just won’t be the same zeal from him as there was before. And I know that with time things change. But there is a difference between romance being less frequent and it not being there at all. So, ask yourself, when was the last time he did something romantic?

2. You feel like he is just being considerate

How do you know when a Cancer man is over you if he is still doing all the right things? You know by telling the difference between him being a good human being, and him being in love. When the man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign is in love, his personality is different. You can tell that from the long texts, those endless conversations. The staged, accidental run-ins. All of this is replaced by, curt, but polite responses. Random conversations that have no point. And formal replies to your texts. Maybe he just doesn't have the heart to tell you it is over. Or maybe, he just doesn't realize it himself, yet.

3. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family

Now, this is something only for women who are still exploring their relationship with the Cancer man. When a Cancer has lost interest, there are a lot of ways and signs to know it. One of them is his attitude towards the relationship between you and his dear ones. Now, this is the kind of man who doesn't shy away from introducing his lady love to everyone in his life. But that happens only when he is truly in love. If he hasn't done that yet, then it means he isn't serious about you. He wants to keep it private just because he wants to get in your pants. Or at least see how far you will let him go. This is a big red flag with this man.

4. He wouldn’t want you to hang out with his group

If you guys already are in a relationship and you have met his friends, the situation changes. He will try to reduce the contact between you and his peer group. He will suddenly start being distant and cold. There will no longer be any plans to hang out together. He is trying to put some distance between you and his friends. So that when a break up happens, it doesn't affect his entire circle. Also, he is doing this to help you get a sign. He cannot spend a lot of time around you anymore. And he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings either. Being dumped by a Cancer man isn’t very clean. Hence, this behavior.

5. He’s not there for you anymore

Sure, if you are in a crisis, he will be there to lend a helping hand. But in a relationship, you need more than that. That is after all why we fall in love right? To have someone by our side who we can rely upon at all times, for all our needs. But you aren’t getting this kind of a commitment from him anymore. He might be available to help you move, but he won’t be there to comfort you. You know you can’t share your day-to-day trouble with him. Because the Cancer male isn’t extending that kind of understanding to you. This is because he doesn’t have that kind of time for you anymore. He is done.

6. You are always on the outside, in everything

Being in love or even liking someone means that you are a part of each other's life. You may not be the first person they talk to, but you know what's going on. Has this changed for you? Does your Cancer guy feel more and more like a stranger to you? That's because he no longer feels it is important to you make you a part of his life. He doesn't feel the desire to tell you things. We do tell things about our life to people who matter to us after all, right? This can be very hard to adjust with. Especially if you have been together for some time. Maybe try talking to him about it and see if it's just a phase or if he is done. Because if the latter is the case, then you better walk out first.

7. He will grow cold and rude

All the Cancerians that I have met have been real gems. However, now and then you might come across an asshole Cancer man too. Or a nice Cancer male who doesn't have the heart to break up with you. But being in a relationship where he isn't fully committed is making him frustrated. This is when they bring out their worst behavior. He will be cold. Won't even try to comfort you out of the niceness of his heart. There will be outbursts and fights. There will be a lot of passive aggression. And all in all, he will be miserable, and that will be contagious.

8. There will no longer be any intimacy

The final nail in the coffin is when the intimacy is lost. No relationship can survive without it. Let alone a relationship with a Cancer male, who breathes romance. There is still some hope if he responds to your advances. And if this is so, then you should try to salvage your relationship. But if he doesn't seem into you anymore, then it is time to walk out. You cannot rekindle a romance with him if he doesn't feel attracted to you anymore. And you don't want to be with a man who doesn't love you the way you deserve to be loved. Your dream man awaits!


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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