What is the Cancer Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Cancer Man's Ideal Woman?


A water sign, ruled by the moon. Just like the moon waxes and wanes, the Cancer man is highly prone to mood swings. How do his emotions affect his love life? What makes a woman an ideal match for a Cancer male? What does a Cancer man look for in a woman? What does he like and dislikes? How does he express his love and his sexuality?

If you are wondering about your love compatibility score with a Cancer man, here is all you need to know about the Cancer man's ideal woman!

What does a Cancer Man Look for in a Woman?

Cancer men are looking for their mirror reflections. They are careful with their hearts and any form of pain may cause them emotional breakdowns.

Perhaps the top most qualities a Cancer man looks for in a woman are Stability and Decisiveness. He is skeptical of women who fail to stay true to their words or show no strength of character. An ultra-feminine woman might draw him like a magnet. An irresistible magnetism and undeniable charm will attract him like no other.

They are looking for their soulmates. Often Cancer men are looking for someone who resembles their mother in many respects, more so because the moon represents the mother in a birth chart.

Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman

The Cancer man is a romantic personality. Expect him to shower you with the sweetest gestures to take your heart away. They like women who are compassionate, kind and caring. It is also possible for the Cancer man to fall in love with a woman who is polar opposite to him. He would then prefer someone bold, blunt and fierce in her approach to life.

What a Cancer man may truly desires is someone who is committed to her passion, diligent and trustworthy. He wants a loyal woman who can protect his heart and give her a home he would love to come back to. An ambitious woman who is smart and intelligent and at the same time mindful of her family life would make a Cancer man fall in love.

What do Cancer men like in bed?

Cancer men are sensitive and emotional. They have a strong feminine energy as the sign is ruled by the moon. They love to initiate sex at a slow pace. Any form of aggressiveness on the part of the partner or disrespect could come in heavy on the Cancer man.

He needs to feel safe and comfortable in the company of his partner. Cancer males are highly attracted to a woman’s bosom. They love long foreplay and oral sex. They truly love to engage in an intensely passionate act of love making with someone who understands them and cares about their well being. They wear their heart on their sleeves and until they feel emotionally as well as physically drawn, they may never initiate sex.

They like women who are equally involved in the sexual act and mindful of his reactions. Because of their intense attachment to their partners, Cancer men would unleash their fullest creativity to satisfy their partners.

What does a Cancer man like in women of different Zodiac signs?

Are the Cancer man and the Aries woman a good match?

The Aries woman may be just too much to handle for the sensitive Cancer man. However, she reflects strength of character, ambition, optimism and determinism which are likeable qualities to the man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign. Her positivity is awe-inspiring, at least on the face of it till the Cancer man realizes her lack of emotional depth.

Can a Cancer man fall in love with a Taurus woman?

The beauty of a Taurus woman is gentle but certainly admirable to the Cancer man. She is stable and reliable in both personal and professional relationships. She displays a remarkable strength of character and patience in understanding the delicate Cancer male who has a hard time trusting anyone quickly.

What makes the Cancer man attracted to the Gemini woman

The Cancer man certainly is charmed by the wit and sharpness of the Gemini woman. Her intellect makes her a force to reckon with. There is never a dull moment with the Gemini woman who brings forth a wide variety of interests and experiences to the table.

Cancer man and Cancer woman compatibility

There is a seamless connection that develops between the two sexes of the same sign. They relate to each other’s need for nurture and care. The Cancer woman is likely to exercise sensitivity in handling the emotional highs and lows of the Cancer man which draws a natural attachment of the latter.

Are the Cancer man and the Virgo woman compatible in love?

The mercurial Virgo woman is observant, organized and diligently performs her duties. She has a critical bent of mind. Her dedication to commitments instills trust and dependability in the Cancer man which makes her a truly ideal match.

What makes the Cancer man attracted to the Leo woman

The Cancer man would rarely find a woman as generous as the Leo woman. She is warm and her loyalty is worthy of praise. Both the Cancer and Leo signs are people-centric. They love to be of service to others which gives them a common sense of purpose in a potential union.

Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility

The Libra woman as depicted by her symbol strives for balance in all aspects of life. She is a creative writer or often skilled in arts and music, quite a treasure trove of talent. Her skillful diplomacy keeps extreme circumstances at bay, giving the Cancer man his much required peace and harmony in life.

Why is the Cancer man attracted to the Scorpio woman?

The Cancer man like all other Zodiac sign cannot resist the temptation of a Scorpion woman. She is undeniably attractive and aggressive in her pursuits. Her ability to blend and transform adds to the enigmatic personality. They are sensitive, emotional and passionate lovers sharing a compassionate attitude towards each other.

The Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman in relationship

The Sagittarius woman’s quest for truth and what constitutes the ‘Dharma’ or righteous act significantly impacts the Cancer man who is married to the act of service or ‘Karma’ towards those he loves. The Sagittarius woman is detached but honest. Her love for freedom and individuality allows room for sufficient private space in the relationship.

Are the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman a good match?

The workaholic Capricorn woman who believes in taking charge of the family’s well being makes her quite a dependable partner in a relationship. Though conservative, her intelligence and sense of humor is delightful. She makes for a great partner to the man who is on the lookout for someone sensible, sincere and kind.

Love compatibility between a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman

Always up to fight for a greater cause, make the Aquarius woman truly humanitarian. She is full of ideas and makes for a greater partner in any personal and business relationships. She loves her freedom the most and lives life on her own terms.

Are the Cancer man and the Pisces woman compatible in love?

The Pisces woman is the most compassionate the Cancer man could come across. She will take due notice of everything that he centers his life around. She is a dreamer who fills his life with the comfort of her sense of understanding. Their emotional needs are quite relatable given their common element of water.


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