How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous?

How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous?


Please don’t be so mean and cruel! How could you even think of doing something like this to his soul? The pure and kind soul of the Cancer man that would never hurt a fly. This man would never even think of doing something like this to you! Or did he? Oh, the Cancer man can surely make you green with jealousy. And he responds to your moves to make him jealous with the same heat! Or are you trying to get him back after breakup? Or maybe he has started to flirt around?

No matter what his crime may be, here is what you can do to make the Cancer man jealous!

Are Cancer Men Jealous and Possessive?

If it wasn’t clear already, let me repeat myself again. Yes, Cancer men get crazy jealous and are extremely possessive. But it isn’t entirely his fault. His zodiac sign endows him with traits and characteristics which make him like that.

The most dominant among them is his moon-controlled mood swings. On a full moon, the Cancer might put up with anything. But when the moon is no longer in the sky, he gets mood swings like crazy. He would get angry at anything. And that is when he gets jealous the most.

He is crazy possessive about the woman he loves. Isn't he clingy? Like more-clingy than men usually are. That's just because when he falls in love, he falls hard. And maybe even bangs his head against the floor. So, anything that remotely indicates that their love will be taken away from them hurts.

He expects absolute devotion and trust from you. The Cancer man grew up believing in an idea of love. He is sure that true love looks exactly like that. So, if anything threatens to disturb his utopia, he gets riled up. Even the remote possibility that you might be cheating on him will make him go crazy.

What is his, should never be eyed by anyone else. How dare that man check you out? He is the kind of guy that can get angry at the Facebook comment and Instagram uploads. So, yeah, making a Cancer man jealous, is as easy as pie.

What Can You Do to Make the Cancer Man Jealous?

Making the Cancer male jealous is as easy as snatching candy from a child. The Aries men are supposed to be the babies on the Karmic cycle. However, a Cancer guy in love is just as insecure as a baby. So, how do you make your Cancer boyfriend or ex jealous? Let’s find out.

  1. Act Private. You couldn’t make him more miserable doing anything than when you are hiding something from him. His mind will almost always go to cheating. He will think that whatever you are hiding is because you are ashamed of what you are doing. And what could be worse than cheating on your partner? So, act like you don't want him to know what's going on in your life. Like, hide your phone when you text. Put on a password if you don't already have one. If he asks who you are talking to, just say it's no one.
  2. Stop Sharing. A big part of any relationship with a Cancer male is sharing. Unless he has been raised to keep emotions to himself. So, your partner probably expects you to share everything about your life with him. What happens when you stop doing that? He will be curious. So curious that it might just get him killed. He will start asking questions. The more you stall him the worst it will get. All of this will come to a point where he will outright accuse you of hiding things from him. You can then try to talk to things out.
  3. Let him know that you can have a good time without him. Told you it was easy making him jealous, right? Want to get your Cancer ex- boyfriend's attention? Make him think that your life is so much better without him. His biggest sin is his curiosity. So, he will try to get back in touch. Find out more. See how you have been living without him. All of this would make him want to come back into your life. Or at least start by getting back in touch.
  4. Focus on your physical appearance. This tactic is out of the old rule book. While he is looking at all the ways you are having fun without him, you should also look sexy doing it. If he feels like his absence has done you good, he will be jealous. Where was this bombshell when he was with you? Did he lose out on the opportunity of being seen with a girl so hot by breaking up with you? Was it a mistake? The answers to those questions are sure to lead him back to you.

How the Cancer Man Shows Jealousy?

You don’t need to do more than the four tips I suggested above. So, let’s move on to seeing results. When do you know if it worked? How do Cancer men act when jealous? Looks out for these signs of behaviour.

He will grow increasingly quiet and then burst like a volcano one day. The Cancer male's jealousy starts with a lot of internalising. He internalises his anger and frustration and jealousy. But then even the slightest of triggers is enough for him to burst like a mad man. When that happens, stay quiet. Don't react, and he will eventually calm down and crawl back to you.

He has become increasingly suspicious. Does the question you often? Is he always trying to know what you were up to? And no matter what you say, it seems like he doesn't believe you. This can get a little toxic. So, make sure that matters don't get out of hand.

He will follow all your male friends on social media. Especially your ex-boyfriends. Those are the first men he will be worried about when he’s jealous. If a man comments on your posts, he would want to know his deal. The Cancer man can get extremely paranoid when he’s jealous. So, try to keep this as contained as possible.

And, he’ll make cutting remarks to make you feel bad. The Cancer guy is not above making you feel worse than how he’s feeling. So, he will say the worst things to you just to get back at you. Things can get ugly with this man.

Making a Cancer man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

I should have given this warning in the beginning. But if you are with me so far then let’s do it now. Making a Cancer man jealous can end up being disastrous. He can get really paranoid in jealousy and possessiveness. Which will make things difficult for you too. Use the jealousy tactics only if you are trying to get him back after a breakup. Or else, it can ruin your relationship.

So, yes, making him jealous will make him come back. He will try to get back in touch with you. Like with all other men, play it cool. Don’t make it seem like you are too eager to get back with him.

Make him believe in the new you. If he’s back because you have reinvented yourself then he needs to buy into that idea. He will be back out of curiosity. Making him stay is up to you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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