What does a Cancer Man Look for in a Woman?

What does a Cancer Man Look for in a Woman?


I have often called the Cancer man, every woman’s “knight in shining armor”. But who is his Cinderella? Or Snow White? Or Aurora? He might not have read any of these fairy tales, but that is not to say that he doesn't dream for a fairytale-like romance. You would think that any woman would be lucky to have the Cancer man for a lover. But that's only half true. Because, while all the rumors you have heard about his romantic escapades are true, a clingy, overprotective boyfriend might not be your idea of "knight in shining armor". So, want to know if the Cancer man is your ideal match?

Here is all you need to know about the best love match for a Cancer man and what he wants in a woman!

What kind of woman does a Cancer man like?

Let’s put the main issue to before we go any further.

He is looking for a woman who is playing for the long haul. Sure, he might not be a guy who is looking to get married. Or even interested in getting married. But when he decides to date, he doesn’t do it casually. If you are looking to just get some fun, you might want to date a Sagittarius instead.

A Cancer male looks for a woman with traditionally feminine qualities. This doesn’t mean that he wants you to give up on your ambitions for the happiness of running a household. But he wants a woman who embraces her feminine side to the fullest.

More importantly, he wants to be with a woman he can trust. Now trust, in this case, signifies everything from keeping his secrets to staying loyal to him. This is the one man who will never be with someone he can’t trust. And the most troubling variable with them is their mother.

The Cancer guy will always look for a woman whose personality matches that of his mother. What can you do? He is the most well-known mama’s boy in the zodiac cycle.

Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman

If I have to consolidate a few key things a Cancer male likes in a woman, they will be as follows.

He likes a financially independent women. Money is a very important matter in his life. And he appreciates a woman who can look after her finances.

He likes a woman who treats him with love and respect. The more love and respect you give him, the more you will get from him. He needs to know that he is with a sincere woman. He cannot deal with drama and lies. You need to be upfront and honest with him.

And the things that the Cancer man dislikes in a woman include someone who is flirty. Flirt with him all you want. But don't flirt with other men when he is around. Don't flirt at all when you are with him.

A woman who pretends to be someone she isn’t will never get the Cancer man’s approval. For example, anyone who does things to impress others will be seen as unauthentic by him.

Emotionally detached and insensitive people will never be in his good graces. He might act all tough and strong. But inside all that is a softy, who is looking for someone who feels the same emotions as him.

What do Cancer men like in bed?

The Cancer man believes strongly in the physical expression of love. So, the question is how to please a Cancer man? let’s start from the fore with the foreplay.

Verbal foreplay is as important as physical. Cancer men love to communicate during sex. So, naturally, he is into the verbal expression of one's desires as much as the physical expression of it.

Eye contact is an important part of sex. Now, I know that sex usually requires one to enjoy things beyond what's visible. But he needs to look into your soul now and then. So, don't shy away from eye contact.

If you’re faking it, he’ll know. His sensitivity allows him to read people’s emotions too. so, he’ll know if you are not into it. Don’t try to fool him. It won’t end well.

What does a Cancer Man like in Women of Different Zodiacs?

Now, of course, the Cancer man perceives different people differently. And each zodiac sign has a different level of compatibility with him. Here we take a look at the Cancer man’s behavior in love with women of all 12 zodiac signs.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

Well, from what we know about these two zodiac signs, theirs is not an easy relationship. Both of them are so equally passionate, emotional, sensitive and romantic, that they just don’t get along easily. There are also the things that they differ on, like their general outlook towards life. However, an Aries woman who is ready to compromise, and a Cancer man who is ready to understand her and let her be herself, can make this relationship a success. If you think that there aren’t enough plus points, let me leave you with this: the sex will be amazing.

Cancer Man Compatibility With Taurus Woman

There is an emotional depth to this relationship which is unbelievably fascinating. These two understand each other in a way that is uncommon to the Cancer man with other zodiac signs. The Taurus female's steadfastness will bring comfort to his life. With her, he will feel safe and at peace.

Cancer Man Compatibility With Gemini Woman

According to the Gemini standards, the Cancer man is too sensitive and emotional. Also, he’s too non-happening for a Gemini woman. This social butterfly needs someone who is always looking for the next adventure. Or is out with her at social gatherings. Not the guy she gets who would much rather sit at home and chill. No wonder Gemini are so compatible with Aries.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

Who can understand the Cancer man better than a woman who is cut from the same cloth? Well, to be honest, I am not friends with any Cancer woman. And now that I think about it, it's probably because I never met a Cancer woman who has the same interests as me (an Aries woman). Not only do the Cancer men and women have similar interests, but they also have similar expectation from life. These bring them in sync and makes them extremely compatible.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

You might think it impossible, but Cancer men and Leo women get along well. while she makes him feel admired, he makes her feel secure. Both of them are comfortable with a public display of affection. He admires her ambitious and graceful personality. But then there are also some differences that these two need to overcome. When you have so many amazing things to work for, why not work a little extra, right?

Cancer Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

This is the most harmonious of all zodiac matches. These two tend to bring out the best in each other. When the Cancer man meets the Virgo woman it feels like he has met his dream woman. They are both loyal. Both love stability and can run a smoothly functioning household. They find the peace and comfort with one another that they had been looking for.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

On the first date, they will feel like the dream couple. It's a good thing people don't decide to settle down after the first date. The Cancer man's moody nature makes it very difficult to maintain the harmony the Libra wants. Also, Libra woman's almost dangerous drive to always be fair will end in many slights against the Cancer man. Ultimately, they too have to work hard to make things work. But everything is worth it for love, right?

Cancer Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

How will the Cancer man be able to get along with the stern and stubborn Scorpio woman? Isn't that what you were thinking? Well, you know that mystery that always surrounded her? The Cancer man can unravel it. Both are highly emotional, intuitive, empathic, very possessive, very loyal, and will make each other feel more valued than any other match imaginable. What else can you want from love?

Cancer Man Compatibility With Sagittarius Woman

The Cancer man needs a partner who can be on the same level as him, emotionally. The Sagittarius woman is anything but that. Then there’s the Sagittarian need to always be on the move. While the Cancer man likes to sit down and enjoy the things around him. This free-spirited Sagittarius will need a very strong rising sign to be able to get along with the Cancer man. Or else, they won’t even be attracted to each other.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

The distant and emotionally withdrawn Capricorn will have trouble understanding the Cancer man's need for affection. The biggest problem is that for the Capricorn woman, success is more important than love life. And it is the complete opposite for the Cancer man. they are just unable to give each other what they want from life. But all hope is not lost for this couple. All they need is to build a common view of life.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Was there ever a couple as oblivious to each other as these two? The biggest point of contention between them is Cancer's clingy needs. The Aquarius hates being pinned down. He needs to be free and able to fly as high as possible. Their interests are different too. his idea of a romantic night is a candlelight dinner. Her is an attending a debate and then having a heated discussion with her partner later. The divide between their expectation is just too great that only true love can conquer it.

Cancer Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is an ideal match for the Cancer man. She’s a partner that will handle his moods, ensure he’s always on the same page and travel in harmony. They intuitively understand each other and can meet each other's emotional needs too. the Pisces woman doesn't care much for material possessions. So, that makes it easier for the Cancer man to mould the financial situation of the household. And overall, harmony prevails.


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