The Cancer Man in Love: 10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics

The Cancer Man in Love: 10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics


Are you strongly in love with him? Wondering whether a Cancer man is compatible with you? How does a Cancer man behave when he loves someone? Astrology is a great way to find out the core personality traits of a sun sign and understand more about their love compatibility score with another Zodiac sign. If you are interested in a Cancer man and wish to keep him hooked to you, here is all you need to know about the Crustacean:

How does a Cancer man show his feelings?

A Cancer male is usually guarded at all times, trying to protect himself from hurt. He fears being vulnerable and hence, he might just take time to open up and share his deepest feelings when he is attracted to someone.

He will always make sure you are comfortable, never struggling with a thing when he is around. He will cook for you, help you with your chores, spend more time with you doing everything that you love. His warmth is difficult to miss when he truly likes someone. Look out for the littlest things that he does for you. This man is truly action oriented when he wants to make someone feel important.

How to know if a Cancer man loves you?

The Cancer man knows exactly how to make his lady love feel protected and comfortable in his grip. He is the one that will shelter her from everyone, making sure everyone knows that you are his alone.

He is a family guy. He will hold you tight and never let you go if he has given away his heart to you. The Cancer man likes to be the giver, the man leading the relationship and being in charge. He will shower his partner will all the love and care that is necessary for the relationship to blossom.

Cancer men are usually attached to their mothers. So, if he makes a plan to have you guys meet then he is surely into you. When he is sure of you involvement with him, he would leave no stone unturned to make you feel the most special person in his life.

Are Cancer men loyal?

The men born under the Cancer Zodiac sign are extremely affectionate towards their lovers. Dedication towards his love is the hallmark of the Cancer male. They care and care so much that it might reach a level of suffocation for someone who likes to be on her own, taking pride in her independence. Once you have found you love in a Cancer man, he is a keeper. If you have dreamt of a knight in shining armor rescuing you from danger, the Cancer man will surely make you go weak in your knees.

To him, his kin and their well being is the focal point of his life. There is nothing beyond their happiness that truly matters. He is a hard worker, diligently doing whatever it takes to win the bread for his family. The nurturer in him knows that he can’t fail his family. So, he would do all things possible to satisfy their wants or needs, even at the cost of pushing his boundaries.

How does a Cancer man act when hurt?

The Cancer man has a hard shell on the exterior and pincers that are self- defensive. He builds walls around himself which is difficult for most to penetrate. The soft core is emotional and extremely sensitive to his surroundings. So, there is always an incessant need to keep himself safe from intruders who are capable of causing harm. Once he senses danger around someone or has been played with, it is difficult to have him open up and repose his faith again. His tolerance to dishonesty is at a negative, and rarely does one have another chance back once the trust breaks with the Cancer man. Backstab him and he will come for you, making sure you are crippled. So, as much as you find him emotional and soft, it is stupid to mistaken his niceness for his weakness.

What a Cancer man wants in a woman?

The Cancer man adores simplicity in a woman. He is attracted to someone who is smart and understands his need to feel desired at all times. To him, a relationship is a long term goal where he has already visualized his family tree which naturally starts with a wife and children. He enjoys being responsible and fulfilling his duties towards his dear ones. Unless a woman can make him feel that there is a sense of dependency in her which wants him to provide and protect, it won’t usually get too far with the Cancer man. Yeah, this might make strong and independent women throw fits in rage but that's exactly how it works with a Cancer man who wants to be at the helm of affairs. He experiences a deep sense of fulfillment in it.

Show the Cancer man how much you love him, let him have a feel of your loyalty. He is extremely possessive of the person he has fallen for. His jealousy stems from the fact that he finds it hard to trust people easily and when he finds someone worthy, he is scared to let go. If you are willing to take a step back and let him take the front seat, he will shower you with undying love that will last a lifetime. Ruled by the moon and the water element, he dreams about an ideal life that may be far from reality.

He wants the woman to take things slow and connect with his emotions first. Hard core action may not be his thing but stealing moments from your schedule for romance is what he will yearn for. He is a gentle lover. His love making style is far from aggressive. He is more a cuddler than a rough sex lover. Engage him in long foreplays at the place where he feels the safest, tell him your deepest desires and immerse yourself in the depth of his love for you.

He needs stability in a woman. Someone who plans and sticks to him without a fault. If you are all over the place, struggling to keep pace in your commitments with him, it might just disappoint him. He needs to spend as much time as possible in the confines of his warm, cozy home where feels the safest. Being outdoorsy isn’t his thing. Indecisiveness will kill his interest and hence, he will keep a distance if you drive him crazy.


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