When a Cancer Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Cancer Man Wants to Marry You!


Marrying a Cancer man is every girl's dream. He's charming, kind, romantic, emotional, strong... everything what a man should be. But does the perfect boyfriend also become the ideal husband? What we often ignore is that things change after marriage. So, what do you do when a Cancer man wants to marry you? Do you say yes? Or do you say no? And how can you make him propose when you are ready to walk down the aisle?

There's so much to learn and so little time. But Astrology will always be there to help those who believe in it. And thus, here is all you need to know when a Cancer man wants to marry you!

Signs a Cancer Man is Falling in Love with You

It’s easy to get confused about whether the Cancer man is in love or just likes you. He’s so loving and caring to all his friends that you can be fooled. So, what is the cancer man’s behaviour when in love? Here are a few signs to help you figure it out.

For starters, he will tell you that he loves you. The Cancer male doesn’t believe in holding back his feelings. If he loves his partner, he will tell her. He might hold back if he doesn’t know how you feel. So, make sure you let him know directly or indirectly.

He will introduce you to his mother. I am yet to meet a Cancer man who doesn’t worship his mother. So, the woman he loves has to be approved by his mother too. If he loves you, he will introduce you to his family. Make sure you get along.

He makes future plans with the woman he loves. The Cancer guy isn’t above planning for the future. If he’s in love with you he has already planned for marriage. Whether he proposes or not depends on his own readiness. And of course, your interest.

He will connect with you on a spiritual level. The Cancer male believes that love has a higher purpose. He would never be satisfied by simply connecting with his lady love on a physical level alone. This will show in your sex life too.

And he will be fiercely loyal to you. When a Cancer man is in love, he doesn't even look at another woman. They are one of the most loyal zodiac signs on the whole list. You only have to compare his behaviour to the other men around you to know.

Cancer Man in Marriage: Is He a Good Husband?

Like I said before, it is easy to change after marriage. So, does your ideal Cancer male turn into the ideal husband? Let’s first get the major issue out of the way.

He will always judge you by his mother’s standards. To the Cancer male, his mother is the perfect woman. Nothing she ever does can go wrong in any way. And he expects his wife to match to those standards too. If he has chosen to marry you then you are already close. So, you have nothing much to fear about. But this love for his mother will work in your favour too.

The Cancer husband helps out with all household chores. Whether it concerns raising the children. Or doing domestic chores. The Cancer man will help out with running the house as much as he can. My father is a Cancer man. in their 24 years of marriage, my mother is yet to buy groceries.

The Cancer male is a doting father. No other zodiac sign can compare to how loving he is to his children. Being a feminine side, the love of a Cancer father is almost like that of a mother. His kids will always feel more loved by him than their mother.

But he’s a stickler for being pennywise. The men born under this zodiac sign know very well how to save financial resources. So, he will always have a good enough bank statement. But he will never be satisfied with what he's got. So, he will make you control your expenses to save more. If you are a carefree spender, this will be a problem.

The Cancer husband also loves to fuss around. He loves his family, but can still always find a reason to complain. Because he is so involved with running the household, he will always find something to criticise.

How to Get a Cancer Man to Marry You?

Have you been waiting for long to get him to propose? Are you ready to walk down the aisle? Then you won’t have to wait for long because the Cancer male is a family man. but if you want to speed up the process further, here’s how to convince a cancer man for marriage.

Get his mother’s approval. This one should be a given. If his mother approves of you, then he will be quick to get married. If his mother is one of those who will never approve of any woman his son meets. Then make her see that you are the best alternative out there.

Project your interest and efficiency in running a household. He is looking for a traditional family set up. A household in which his wife runs a perfect household. He will hesitate to marry a woman who doesn't have the qualities to run a house. Organise your life and bring some discipline.

Romanticise the idea of marriage. The Cancer guy is all about the romance. Some of them hesitate at the idea of marriage because to them it means the end of the fairy tale. So, continue the tale for him. Talk to him about how exciting life will be after marriage. You don’t have to get yourself in the picture or else it won’t be subtle.

Engage him in conversations about the future. Get his views on marriage. Make him talk about the future. And tell him about your plans too. Share your expectations with him but make sure you don’t force him into anything.

Propose! Yes, if you want to get this man to marry you, proposing to him is a good idea. Just get a sense of where he stands on this. Some of the Cancer men like to be the one to propose.

When Will the Cancer Man Propose?

You’ve played your cards. Now you need to wait for his move. So, how do you know when he will propose. Playing this right is important. Here are signs that indicate he wants you to be his wife.

He has grown a little shy around you. Every time the Cancer male is about to take a big step forward in his romantic life, he acts this way. Before he wanted to ask you out, he was shy. On your first date, he was shy. And now I see no other reason for him to act this way.

You will find yourself spending more time with his family. Before he tells you, he would have told his family. So, he will try to get you to feel comfortable around them. What better way to do that than meeting them every now and then?

He will make jokes about proposing to you. That’s just his way to gauge your reaction. This is your time to let him know that you would like to marry him. The road to the aisle won’t be far from there.


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