How to Know if a Cancer Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Cancer Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Cancer men are romantic and intensely caring people when they are willing to settle down with someone. However, if they are in for some games and quick fixes, they may display a dark and negative side to their personality. Are Cancer men players? What does it mean when a Cancer man disappears and is acting distant? How to know if a Cancer man is playing you or using you? Is he not interested in a serious relationship with you and just playing mind games? Does your Cancer guy only want to be friends with benefits?

Here are 10 signs you must notice when a Cancer man isn't ready to commit to you and is leading you on:

1. When a Cancer man disappears after intimacy he is playing you

Cancer men are kind and loving when they are attached to someone. They like being emotionally and physically intimate with someone they trust and are romantically attracted to. If a Cancer man seems aloof right after sex, it’s a sign he has stopped caring about you and may not be into you anymore.

2. When a Cancer man only wants to be friends with benefits, he is manipulating you

Expressing the desire to be friends with benefits is usually rare in a Cancer man unless they are emotionally cut off from you. It generally means that he isn't fired up to be committed to you yet.

3. A Cancer man is leading you on when he is lying to you

A Cancer male is open-hearted. Once his affection is won, he will take care of you and stay loyal to you. If your Cancer guy is fooling around and engaged with multiple women in the name of being "friends", he is definitely involved in some sneaky business.

4. When a Cancer man is using you, he'll keep secrets from you

When a Cancer man keeps his life stories under wraps or hides some important details and his whereabouts from you, he could be playing you. He needs you for favors and once he's exploited you, he'll vanish in thin air.

5. Cancer man is playing mind games when he acts unavailable

If your Cancer man pretends to be too busy for you, he will never pursue you. He needs you only to fulfill his intentions and this means that he doesn't feel answerable to you.

6. When a Cancer man is acting selfish, he is casual about you

Cancer men are generous when they call you family. They operate with a deep-seated feminine energy which means they will nurture and protect you till their last breath. So, when a Cancer man acts self-centered, he is using you for some gains.

7. If a Cancer man doesn't express his emotions, it’s a clear sign he is not serious about you

It is unlike a Cancer man to act like he doesn't care. If a Cancer guy shows you a side to himself which is guarded and uninvolved, he probably doesn't have the best intentions for you.

8. A Cancer man nagging all the time is not interested in you

When a Cancer man is constantly complaining and fault-picking, he may not feel too passionate about you. It is not usual for a Cancer guy to act dissatisfied or unhappy with everything that doesn't go their way. So, when that sort of behavior is especially directed at you, he has perhaps fallen out of love with you.

9. When a Cancer man hasn't introduced you to his family, he will not commit to you

To a man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign, his close friends and family mean the most to him. He will operate in extremes: either treat you like a member of his family or not at all. If your Cancer guy is taking a long time to introduce you to his loved ones, it's an alarm that he is playing with you.

10. If a Cancer man doesn't talk about a future with you, it means he is not attracted to you

Cancer men value their home. They want to build a family with someone they love and admire. It's not common for a Cancer man to keep the future talks away when he has found "the one". So, if he refrains from it, it's a surefire sign that he is dishonest about his feelings with you.

Are Cancer men players?

Usually Cancer men like to be on their own, minding their own business and more often than not, lost in their fantasies. Depending on their past relationship history, they may either be too warm or uncaring towards you. However, with frequent mood swings and a sensitive nature that takes everything personally, they are often prone to attracting a good amount of hurt and pain in their lives.

So, it is possible that they may prefer to keep it casual unless they fall for you. That said, because they take their feelings seriously and also that of others, they may choose to express their intentions right away without complicating things for later.

How to know if a Cancer man is lying?

When a Cancer man is lying, he could have difficulty looking you in the eye. They'll avoid confronting and expressing what they feel. And if you push them too much, they'll cut you off or ghost you.

Being creative individuals, Cancer men can cook up smart lies and manipulate you with their tears if the need arises. You may also notice them acting unusually irritated around you as Cancer men also guilt trip when they conceal the truth or act unfairly.

Do Cancer guys hide their feelings?

Cancer men usually struggle to keep their emotions hidden for a long time. Whether they like you or not, it's all written on their face and body language. If they love you, they'll be physically close to you and if not, they'll look for ways to escape your presence.

What are the signs that a Cancer man is testing you?

Cancer men have values and when they find someone, they'll want to ensure that their thoughts and aspirations align with yours. When a Cancer man is testing you, they'll put you in situations to check if you can relate to them beyond hardcore facts and reasons.

They'll want to test your loyalty which is why they may share information and check if you can keep it buried in your heart. They'll observe you around other people of the opposite sex to see if your eyes wander. In addition to this, your Cancer guy would also want to know if you value and respect their family as much as they do.


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