10 Positive and Negative Traits of Cancer (Male & Female)

10 Positive and Negative Traits of Cancer (Male & Female)


What are the dominant characteristics and personality traits the Cancer male or female possesses? What are his strengths? What are the weaknesses or negative traits of a Cancer zodiac? What makes a Cancer sign different from other signs in the Zodiac?

A person born between 21st June to 22nd July is a Cancer native. A disclaimer right at the start: The positive and negative traits overlap. What you need to know here is that a negative trait could be seen in a positive light depending on the levels of consciousness one possesses. Any negative response to a situation could be the result of a very positive emotion that triggers one to react.

So, whether you are a Cancer or simply want to dig deeper into the Cancers personality, here is the list of the 10 positive and negative traits of the Cancer.

1. Cancer have trust issues

The Cancer sign suffers from major insecurity issues. They fear trusting people and depending on their past experiences, the intensity of fear could vary from person to person. It takes a long time and consistent efforts to prove one’s loyalty to a Cancer sign. They appear guarded almost all the time. It gets difficult to break her walls and take a peek at what’s going on in their trust unless they rare sure that they can confide in you to see their deepest emotions. In all fairness, their feelings are far from superficial and this makes it difficult for the sensitive Cancer to survive in a world that seeks objectivity and could be harsh to simpletons.

2. Cancer natives experience Mood swings in extremes

Ruled by Luna, the Cancer man or woman is prone to extreme levels of sensitivity depending on the waxing and waning phases of the moon. This sense of heightened emotions is further aggravated by the fact that they are ruled by the water element. You could find them crying and laughing at the same time. This is quite confusing for most with stable emotional responses. The typical Cancer sign would rarely demand, expecting people to read their minds. They might just throw fits at people closest to them when the latter fail to fulfill their needs or give in to their whims and fancies.

3. Self absorbed is a key personality trait of the Cancer

The Cancer sign is most likely to have an introverted character. It is so evident and ingrained in them that people might often mistaken them to be self-centered. They could choose to shut out people in order to protect their heart. While this is a great self- defense mechanism, it is a perfect way to lose out on friends and expand one’s network. Speaks about the selfishness that they might exhibit which doesn’t go well with people who like to be involved with them. It is hard for them to accommodate to sudden changes, preferring a stable life wherever they head to. Unless you are in their good books, you would find it a challenge to get out of their shell and become vulnerable.

4. Cancer males and females are possessive

The men and women born under the Cancer Zodiac sign are devoted lovers. Love reigns supreme in their world and they daydream about an ideal love life quite often. They take time to trust people. Since Cancerians are prone to be critical about people they meet, forming a strong bond is a matter of effort. They claim what’s theirs out loud and proud. It might be difficult to handle the possessiveness of a Cancer if one isn’t used to it. They get hurt quite easily and if you cannot commit to them with all your heart, it is better to stay out of their zone. As much as they are careful about how they conduct themselves, they would like to make sure that they would allow someone in their life who genuinely cares.

5. A Cancer deeply fears failures

The Cancer man or woman is scared of rejections. They would sulk when they don’t achieve what they want. If a partner has been acting a bit too difficult, it might be a situation they would like to opt out of. The Cancer loves to have things planned. Sudden changes make them uncomfortable. You will rarely come across a Cancer who would take chances with their life as they value stability and security.

6. Overly clingy is a key characteristic

An intense side to the Cancer native is their neediness. Just the way they care, they expect to be cared in return. This could actually end up giving them a hard time when people don’t reciprocate on the same level. If one offers to protect them from danger, save them from everything they are scared of, they will be happy. Their empathic nature makes them hold on to the things they love, refusing to give up even when times get hard.

7. They care a lot

Cancers are very sensitive. They care about the people who are very close to them. You could actually say that they are the most sensitive and emotional people you could ever meet. When they get close to someone, they give in their heart and soul and there is no doubt about their loyalty when they commit. They don’t believe in a casual approach to the ones they love and can handle the highest and the lowest points they encounter with the ones who have won their heart. They fight for their loved ones. Their psychic nature enables them to understand people deeply and this is a point of advantage that adds to their generosity in relationships.

8. These people are emotionally supportive

If you have hit a plateau in life and feel depressed, you would always find your Cancer friend reaching out to you. They are the least bit superficial and with the emotions running deep, they will make every effort to make sure you are happy and content. It is basically a very Cancerian thing to fight through the hardest times and extend a helping hand wherever they can. Along with being quite intense, they also have the ability to crack the silliest of jokes to make you burst out in joy. Despite the oddest of odds they will stand for and by you like a rock.

9. Family comes first for this Zodiac sign

The Cancer sign is super territorial. The best traits of a Cancer male or female comes out when they are with people they trust. Often, it grounds them to reality and helps them analyze things in a rational light. Their homes are their comfort zones. The Cancer homes are the coziest setups that exist. No matter how happening life might be outside, they seek solace and revive their energies in a homely setup. The Cancer woman will end up being the most nurturing mother, always up and going to take care of the needs and wants of their offspring and those they call their family.

10. Cancer men and women are very romantic

They know really well how to make people feel special. With their lovers, one could rarely doubt the passions involved. They don’t like the mind games that some people may involve themselves in to confuse their love interests. They believe in respecting the person they love and expect the same in return. If one is indecisive about their stand with a Cancer, man or woman, and keeps them guessing all the time, they would close themselves forever and burn down all bridges. They love hard and are prone to giving in too easily. They would make the effort to plan out special dinners and foreplays could go longer than usual with this sign that craves for an emotional compatibility before they let loose and indulge in a beautiful moment of intimacy.


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Maria Alifa


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