Cancer Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality

Cancer Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality


How does your rising sign influence your personality? The rising sign or ascendant is the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon when they were born. As per the date and time of birth, each zodiac is ruled by a celestial body that has a profound way on their thinking, their general progression in life and to a great extent how their physical body appears. If you already know your rising, you might be surprised that you are not just your sun or moon sign but your rising has a profound impact in your life generally.

Are you a Cancer rising sign? Do you have someone in mind who has Cancer rising in their natal chart? In that case, here are the key characteristics and personality traits of the Cancerians that you need to know.

Personality and characteristics of the Cancer

The Crab is a highly emotional zodiac sign in astrology. They feel “too much”. The influence of the Cancer ascendant on the personality is its native is quite profound in its sensitivity and mood swings. It is difficult to arrive at a conclusion about how this native responds situations because you could find the Crab brooding and expressing joy at the same time. Being ruled by the moon, its sensitivity is heightened as it goes through the different phases of waxing and waning every month. They could be happy at one moment and run dry without any prior warnings.

They protect and nurture their loved ones. Another Important thing to note here is that the Cancer zodiac sign belongs to the water element which adds to the intensity of their personality. The Cancer rising is one of the most caring in the lot of the zodiac signs in astrology, a homebody who cares about his loved ones first. The men and women of this sign are territorial and fiercely protective of their people, making sure they are protected and well taken care of. Typical Cancer rising signs are romantic and they wear their heart on their sleeve.

The Cancer native has a sharp intuition. A Cancer sign just know things even before actions have taken shape. They can just tell it all without much difficulty. So, if one has devious plans and sinister designs, they will understand way ahead of time. So, one should tread carefully with the Crab for if he senses something fishy he will make sure he gets all information out, not budging until he has had his answers.

They love hard. They are immensely loyal to those they prioritize and once they have committed, they don’t give up unless they get hurt in the process and lose all trust. Once you have established a strong connection with the Cancer personality, they will overlook the littlest mistakes that you make and forgive you for they understand a bit too much. Their love can be a bit overwhelming and sometime a lot to handle if one is not used to intense emotions and passions. You will notice them being involved in every part of you life and there is no running away.

They are possessive. The Cancer rising makes the native attached to what they claim theirs. This not just applies to the things they collect (or hoard) but also people who they have shared beautiful memories with. They care a lot about those and even if you have severed ties with a Cancer sign, man or woman, you could still go back and notice how much they still remember about you and cherish all that they once had shared with you.

How does the Cancer Rising sign behave when in love?

If one has broken the heart of a Cancer, male or female, they could actually turn bitter, This person will always have trust issues. They are careful about who they allow into their space. They keep their circle small and would die for them if they have to. It is naive to understand their sensitivity and kindness for their weakness. Just like they love too hard, they can also make you an enemy for life if you have left them stranded or toyed with their emotions.

A Cancer rising sign is vengeful, will never forget the tough times you made them endure. They would quickly get in their shell and build walls you cannot break when the Cancerian is done with you. They crave for the same (or more) amount of care that they give. If they don’t receive it, it can be a lot disappointing. The deepest core a Cancer rising sign is quite fragile. It could also reach a point where they victimize themselves to receive the attention of others. Don't be surprised if you come across one who craves for constant attention.

Physical appearance of the Cancer male and female

How you appear in the physical world has a lot to do with the sun sign that you are born with. It is also scientifically accepted that how you look could say a lot about your personality. If one is interested in learning about you, they could uncover so much behind the masks that you wear daily just by reading your facial features or body structure. If you observe carefully, the body gives away enough signals are to who people truly are. Pay attention and you could see that there are some people who look a bit more delicate than others while some have a strong physical frame. The Zodiac signs actually reveals so much that it will definitely amaze you.

The Cancer male and female look the cutest of all signs. They naturally have a short height. Your face has a chubby appearance and you wear a skin that’s super soft and delicate. Something about your aura gives off a homely vibe, more like the feminine energy that is protective and nurturing. They usually have a strong facial bone. The jaw is prominent and gives a beautiful structure to the face. The eyes aren’t closely spaced and usually light colored. The lips are fuller and the skin color is lighter. They are generally not too tall, the body structure is slender, often skinny. The limbs are quite prominently longer and very strong. The upper body is wider than the lower one. The Cancer woman is busty with a fuller look with a broad hip bone. Cancer men have a pointed nose and a bigger skull that stands out.


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