How to know when a Cancer woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Cancer woman is done with you? 10 Signs


Super moody and controlling until they have their way, Cancer woman could unravel complex personality traits when the volcano erupts and she wants an exit from the relationship. Is your Cancer woman going cold and getting distant? What are the signs she has lost interest? How does she behave when she falls out of love? Are Cancer women revengeful or can they forgive easily? Can they become toxic?

Here are 10 top signs that a Cancer woman is done with you, not interested anymore or no longer wishes to pursue the relationship with you.

1. She'll withdraw from you romantically

Cancer women are loving and crave for a strong bond with their partners. When a Cancer woman is in love, she'll be joyous and caring. She'll be protective and ensure the highest levels of comfort from the person special to her. When she has learnt of your insensitivity, the Cancer woman will be hurt. She'll not bother about being emotionally vulnerable around you or share words of kindness and passion. Sexual relationship with her may go for a toss as she is very particular of her space and would never be around a lover who fails to honor his commitment towards her.

2. She may cry uncontrollably

The floodgates of her emotions may open wide if the Cancer woman is unable to control her pain. As she gets attached too quickly when her heart is won over, she needs to vent out her frustration and irritability at a safe place where she can be vulnerable. A tough exterior would make her cocoon herself and she may cry endlessly unless she feels supported and pampered. As highly emotional beings, Cancer women will weep profusely as if her whole life has crashed in front of her and she feels directionless.

3. She may ghost you

Being scared to confront her lover in a helpless state, the Cancer woman may just leave or get lost without a trace. She'll be extremely nervous and feel threatened. She'll demand some space to handle her emotions and find out means to constructively use her pain. Without a warning she'll block you everywhere so that you do not have access to her. She'll deliberately want to make you feel like your existence never mattered to her and she'll be fine without your presence.

4. She'll avoid meeting you

The Cancer woman will avoid making efforts for you. When she feels used or disrespected, the Cancer woman will totally ignore you. She won't seem as clingy as she used to be or craving for your company anymore. She'll be ready with a list of excuses to push you away pretending like her priorities have changed. They are generally shy and when miffed at you, she won't give you closure. Instead she'll leave you out in the cold feeling confused or disengaged about her next course of action as she may still have feelings for you.

5. She may not communicate at all

When a woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign holds resentment against a man, she'll avoid talking to him. She would pretend to have no interest in entertaining an open conversation with you. It could mean that she is perplexed and therefore, a non-verbal communication could be the norm while she is controlling her irritation in trying to punish you. Just to avoid triggering a heated argument, the Cancer woman would take a backseat in your life and act too passive.

6. She'll be discontented

No matter what you do to satisfy the Cancer female in your life, if she holds grudges against you, she'll feel disconnected. She won't be truly present enjoying moments with you. She'll disregard your efforts for she has lost all sense of attachment and hides her vindictiveness as long as she can. It is difficult for the Cancer woman to forgive someone who upset her or left her feeling double-crossed. When you are in the bad books of the Cancer woman, she cannot hide away mood swings.

7. She'll blow out

When the Cancer woman can no longer contain her suffocation in the relationship, she may yell at you or curse you for keeping her in the dark. She'll be heartbroken to have trusted you with her heart. So, when you are disloyal to the Cancer woman, she'll display her displeasure without considering the outcomes of it. A sudden burst forth of fury may be down the pipeline as an overflow of emotions will keep the Cancer woman perpetually nervous and sulking.

8. She'll sound illogical

The huge depth of emotions of the Cancer female could make it uncontrollable for her to keep her cool. All reasonable discussions or logical analysis of the problem could go for a toss when the Cancer woman is fearful of gambling with herself trust. She could also display hostility till her anger subsides and she starts seeing a brighter side to her life. As she gets too close to her partner when she is in love and showers him with unconditional love, her expectations crashing could be a hard job to deal with.

9. She'll mistrust you

The Crab woman is always guarded. She wants to keep her territory protected. She hates being too vulnerable but if she was manipulated to believe in someone and he plays her for a fool, she'll be uptight for a long time, finding it difficult to repose her faith in relationships. She is a natural caregiver and nurturer. But if you fail to recognize all that she does for you, she'll be over you soon.

10. She'll keep secrets from you

The Cancer woman could be very secretive no matter how jovial and friendly they look on the outside. They'll never reveal their true selves unless they are convinced of your worthiness. This rings true especially when she wants to break up with you for good. She'll start holding herself back from sharing information with you especially if they concern her well being. With high level of privacy, the Cancer woman would prefer a full retreat to a safer space than be around someone who threatens her autonomy in the relationship.


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