What Happens When You Hurt a Cancer Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Cancer Woman?


Cancer women are emotional, intuitive, empathetic, nurturing and kind when in relationships. They love to protect their loved ones, providing them with the utmost comfort and care. When she is in pain, the whole world seems to come crashing on her shoulders. So, how do you know if a Cancer woman is hurt or upset? How does she deal with breakup? Do Cancer women forgive quickly? How to know when a Cancer woman is done with you?

If you are wondering what happens when you hurt a Cancer woman and how she behaves in such case, here is all you need to know.

How does a Cancer woman act when she is hurt?

The Cancer woman being very emotional may suffer silently when she is hurt or upset. Even though she projects a tough exterior, she has the softest core. It is difficult to handle her during a meltdown because any pain becomes intolerable to this delicate native of the zodiac. She will withdraw from everything and re-run all her past deeds, the miseries she underwent and look for answers as to how someone could betray her.

She gets attached to someone who wins over her heart. This holds her back from wishing anything wrong upon that person. She is most likely to cry a river and spend a long time just feeling all the numbness of a broken heart. She has a heart of gold and a forgiving nature which is a rarity. While she may burst out uncontrollably, it is highly unlikely that she will ever get aggressive.

The Cancerian woman has multiple layers, therefore making it difficult to comprehend her pattern of emotions. If she happens to be an optimistic person overall, she may actually use her pain to do something productive. So, channeling of grief towards learning a new skill might also be her way of reacting to the situation. Meanwhile, she does expect others to understand her and shower her with some care as much as she does for others during their times of need.

Do Cancer hold grudges?

It is quite natural for the Cancer female to keep her sorrow buried deep in her heart for a long time. As she strives for a congenial atmosphere around herself, she might give it her best to divert her attention from the hurtful scenarios. She is not someone who could just forget the hardships she has to endure as a result of the back stab. However, she is more than willing to forgive all the wrong done upon her. She does get provoked too quick given her sensitivity.

She is very moody. Just like the moon waxes and wanes, she too goes through the highs and lows of the emotional tides. So, she may just be quick to react or she shields her heart forever to keep away anyone who tries to come close and offer a shoulder. It is a huge setback on her trust as she will generally take a long time to surrender and devote herself. She might give you a cold shoulder or disappear without a trace. What is transparent is that her unhappiness is visible on her face and body language. She will not keep you guessing as to what could have gone wrong.

How do you apologize to a Cancer woman?

Be genuinely apologetic when you break a Cancer woman’s trust. She is delicate, needing more care than someone else. Her presence radiates warmth that comforts everyone she cares about. She understands the value of a family and wants to protect and take care of every friend who becomes her lifeline. To the woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign, loyalty and faithfulness is the cornerstone for genuine partnerships. When the foundation is crushed, she feels tattered.

It is important to realize foremost than considering her niceness as weakness is a mistake. Taking advantage of her unconditional love is a blunder. While winning back her trust may be a long haul, you need to try over and over again to prove your innocence or at least convince her that the same mistake would not be repeated ever. There is no point using force or manipulation because she is highly intuitive to understand the real intentions behind the veil. Pressing her too much to believe in you without any substantial improvements or changes in your behavior is a lost cause already.

Do Cancer move on quickly?

It is highly unlikely that the Cancer woman could move on at the speed of lightning. The depth of her involvement in a relationship is too dear to be treated callously. Just like her firmness in standing by the person she loves till the end of time, her emotions are precious. Her motherly instincts are too strong to forget the person whom she considered the center of her universe. All that she will hopefully do is contemplate over the whole story over and over again unless she realizes that the pain has subsided.

She’ll need to figure out the next course of action which demands her time. Her kindness makes her a true asset. So, once the troubled water settles, she may just be back in her true spirit. Until then, she would require space and peace to overcome the hard times.

How do you know when a Cancer woman is over you and how does she break up?

It is terribly difficult for the Cancer woman to come to terms with a breakup. It seems to catch her off guard for she is so invested in a relationship. The most definite way of knowing whether a Cancer woman is over you is if she goes into a mode of no-contact. The Cancer female may linger for quite sometime until she is clear that she wishes to sever all ties. If she was hopelessly attached, she may desire the friendship to remain despite all odds.

After the breakup too, she won’t hesitate to care and show her adoration for you. In case she has been maintaining some distance, she may be bothered by something grave. She is generally quite hesitant to make her emotions public but if she has been holding serious grudges too long to bear, she may display an emotional outburst. It is never completely done and dusted with the Cancer woman. Her shadow follows for quite some time until someone truly caring comes along and gives her stability in life.


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