10 Things a Cancer Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Cancer Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


The kind, loving and generous Cancer woman is the water baby of the zodiac. How do you know if a Cancer woman likes you? What are the qualities and personality traits a Cancer woman likes in a man? What makes a Cancer woman dislike someone? How to attract a Cancer woman and make her fall in love with you? What are her expectations in a relationship? What is her ideal partner?

Here are 10 things a Cancer woman loves and hates in a man!

1. Generous nature

The moon ruled Cancer women by their very nature are giving. She likes to take care of her loved ones, much like a mother who is in charge of their contentment. This is a dominant personality trait of the Cancer woman which is all too visible in her relationships as well. The orbed maiden is sensitive. She is a provider putting her needs much behind those whom she loves the most. When she finds a man who reflects the exact same behavior, she feels at home which is forever her safe haven.

2. Emotional reciprocity in love making

Unless there is a deep emotional connection between her lover and her, physical intimacy may not be as satisfying for the woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign. When love makes progress slow and steady, it helps her build trust and surrender to the act. However, control and extreme love making fantasies just may not be her thing, at least not at the onset when the relationship has barely gained enough strength. She is looking for a relationship that is perfect poetry in motion and fulfilling.

3. Protective character

While this may be far from how real life transpires, the water ruled zodiac is guilty of dreaming about her charming prince rushing to rescue her. She has a hard time trusting people. The Cancer woman builds strong walls around herself, guarded from all the harm that she is fearful of. She is scared of being swayed or manipulated into something dangerous. She likes a man who can instill in her the faith that he would protect her heart. She desires a man who can allow her to be vulnerable and still never judge or hurt her.

4. Stability

The Cancer woman always gravitates towards something that grounds her. She is searching for a man who can project stable decision making skills and stay true to his words. She is easily scared of plans and circumstances that don't conform to order. A hardworking man who is dedicated to his goals and his responsibility of supporting his family is a mate she would choose to be paired with. She wants a family in future. Hence, a partner who doesn’t share the same vision of a long term connection will be disliked.

5. Betrayal

The Cancer woman dislikes a man who cannot guarantee her a solid commitment. This means someone who has his eyes everywhere will irritate her right away. She has a desperate need to believe in the man she chooses to spend her time with. If a man has a consistent record of philandering, he will scare her away. She is very careful of the people she surrounds herself with and unless there is absolute guarantee that he won't cheat on her, she wouldn't invest her time.

6. Indecisiveness

It is annoying to the Cancer female when her man fails miserably in making a choice. It confuses her as well and she loses direction. She is too caught up in her emotional upheavals and when confronted with a man who lacks the ability to stand on firmer grounds, she repels. The Cancer woman likes a man who is able to step up and save the day for her. While she is perfectly independent in her own right, she would want someone who is equally independent and doesn’t drain her energy in a toxic relationship.

7. Romantic Expressions

There is no “right time” to be romantic with the Cancer woman. She wants to be spoilt, complimented and cherished for who she is and all that she does for her partner. This tender hearted woman likes a man who can make her feel special like she is all that she needs and sees his future with. A partner who can perform romantic gestures with a genuine heart is exactly what her soul searches for. There need not necessarily be a loud show of his love for her but if he can warm her heart with honest feelings, she will appreciate that.

8. Aggressiveness

An aggressive pursuit of passions shakes her up. She needs peace at the end of the day and if that remains a distant dream in a partnership, she will be unhappy. The calmer waters are blissful for the Crab woman. She is tired of the turbulent stream of challenges in life and hence, the Cancer woman tends to naturally like men who are the perfect navigators when times are rough. While she is an understanding female, she does value an equally patient man as opposed to someone with a violent streak.

9. Attention seeking habit

A flamboyant man isn’t too appealing to a Cancer woman. She likes hard working, committed men who believe in diligence and a tested method to achieving success. Men who are all about pride and boastful tendencies make her lose trust. It gives her a sense of insecurity as she is looking for a man who is more of substance and depth. If a person needs constant attention and stroking of his ego, he becomes an energy vampire for the Cancer female. She fails to see any credibility in such men who lack humility in life.

10. Need for frequent change

If you are someone who loves movement, sudden changes don’t affect you and you hate monotony in life, you may not get along with the Cancer woman for long. She loves a guy who can promise to be by her side and not leave when stagnancy creeps into the relationship. That is a situation she wants to stay away from. She is a fighter when it comes to her family and if she doesn’t seem to have the support of her partner, it is something she truly dislikes.


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