10 personality traits & characteristics of a Cancer woman in love

10 personality traits & characteristics of a Cancer woman in love


Ruled by the moon and cardinal water sign, the Cancer woman is perhaps the most emotional Zodiac sign in astrology. A Fierce lover, commitments are serious affairs for the Cancerians. Are you in love with a Cancer woman and do you want to understand more about the behavior and the psychology of this woman? Does a Cancer woman fall in love easily? What are the signs that a Cancer woman likes you? How does a Cancer woman express her love and her interest?

Here is all you need to know about the characteristics and personality traits of a Cancer woman in love!

How does a Cancer woman show her feelings?

She is compassionate

A Cancer woman is always struggling with a hell lot of emotions. It is difficult to measure the depth of her love when she gives away her heart. She is a gentle, kind woman who cares too much about her loved ones. She will act needy and may be dependent on you. Her sensitivity is all too clear when she speaks about what she feels for you. The Cancer woman is intuitive and finds love even where it’s not meant to be. She will often forget to draw boundaries, treating you, friends and family alike with an abundance of love.

She showers all her emotions

Represented by the Crab, the Cancer woman may have a hard shell, but an extremely soft interior. It is impossible for a Cancer woman to be uptight about what she is feeling. She finds it hard to trust and when she does, you would find her opening up to you like never before. She is a little fearful of negativity in her life which weighs her down. She wants to protect herself from all that doesn’t serve her highest good. Be mindful of the hints she drops to show you where you can take charge. She is quite subtle, not a loudmouth desperately seeking attention. If you have a special place in her heart, she will remember your stories, notice what you overlook and see your flaws as your biggest asset.

How to know if a Cancer woman loves you?

She is a rock-solid support

The Cancer woman is a homebody who protects her family. She is capable of taking the bullets for the ones she loves. The Cancer woman knows how to pick you up when you are down, lending you her shoulder to cry on and constantly pushing you to evolve into your best self. Your needs are important to her and she will be your defender for life. She cannot see you fail. It is so easy to feel a Cancer woman’s love for you in her undeniable support for your growth and evolution.

She is possessive

On the dark side, the Cancer woman is insecure. The fear of separation consumes her when she is in love. She doesn’t want all her effort to go for a toss. When your Cancer woman gets jealous of you flirting with someone else, she is way too territorial about you. She is scared of flighty behaviors. Any inconsistency in your thoughts and actions scare her because her trust in you gets threatened. She wants to hold her partner close and never let go. Separation is painful and to the detriment of a Cancer woman’s self-esteem or confidence.

Sexual expression is emotional

Perfect sex life for a Cancer woman is an incredible blend of emotions and sensuality. She craves an equal fulfillment of her desires. Her passions are satiated with a lover whose touch is comforting. Aggression and animalistic behavior isn’t her style in the bedroom. She wants a partner who is able to display his care for her when he makes love to her. The vibes in a lovemaking space are important to her in order to be convinced of a genuine connection.

Are Cancer women loyal?

Cancer women love too hard. She might be moody but her loyalty is unquestionable. When in love, her world centers around the man she is committed to. If she loves you, you are her family. She is loyal to a fault and any form of betrayal doesn’t end up too well with the Cancer female.

How does a Cancer woman act when hurt?

The Cancer woman is so generous that she makes the effort to communicate with grace even when is in pain. She will want to hear your side of the story. She wouldn’t outrightly seek vengeance. She is blessed with such a tender heart that she might just try to overlook what you have done and defend you despite you having acted so rash with her trust. However, don’t be fooled to mistakes her niceness for her weakness. Look out for signs of withdrawal or passive-aggressiveness. Second chances might just remain a distant dream if you have displayed the audacity to break her faith.

What does a Cancer woman want in a man?

She wants a devoted man

She wants a man who is truly understanding of her deepest and darkest emotions. Anyone who is grounded, consistent and humble will surely win over a Cancer woman with ease. He is committed to sharing all her burdens, both emotions and physical. She wants an environment within and around the relationship that makes her feel safe and contented. A man who also craves stability and order is a great match for a Cancer woman.

She wants honesty in the relationship

She wants to know the bare facts even if it hurts. She needs no concoction of facts and distorted reality. The Cancer woman’s biggest fear is being fooled and toyed with by her partner. In case a man is looking for anything casual, it is hard for him to win over a Cancer woman. She is way too guarded and intuitions too strong to understand deceit.

Someone who has substance

The ideal man of a Cancer woman is a man of action. He is driven in life and has goals to fulfill. He infuses emotions in his physicality and his love so tender that her heart melts at the sight of him. She wants a partner who can stand tall with her, facing the roughest tides and protecting the family. They will share the same values and dreams of raising beautiful children and building a strong empire together.


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