10 Cancer Woman Personality Traits you didn't know!

10 Cancer Woman Personality Traits you didn't know!


Like the crab, Cancers natives appear to be hard from the looks but soft inside. If you have a Cancer woman as a friend, you are the lucky one. She will never judge you, will listen to you and always try to understand your concerns. She is a very good life partner and will be there with you throughout the relation. A Cancer female is emotional, empathetic, sensitive, active, intuitive, imaginative, and loyal. All these characteristics are no secret. But here, we are sharing the hidden, unknown Cancer woman personality traits you certainly were not aware of!

1. The Cancer woman is resilient

She is not interested in being told what to do and can be challenging, but she will do what she loves. She an inspiring lover and friend. Her resilience is how she obtain passion and excitement. When something or someone stands in her way of what she wants, it will further motivate her. In a relationship she will be more willing to work through problems instead of giving up. She holds on strongly whether it’s ideas, people, objects, or habits.

2. Great dispute resolver

She has a great skill of remaining impartial which makes her a great peacekeeper. She doesn't like when people fight, and she will always look for the good qualities in everyone. This makes her capable of handling any situation. In a relationship, she can admit when she is wrong, which helps her to solve problems and move forward. She tries to avoid all kind of drama.

3. Free-spirit characterizes the women born under the Cancer Zodiac sign

Like we all know, she does not like to be told what she should do. She will always go for what she has decided for her. She is shy and doesn’t like to be the centre of attraction. She doesn’t need to show you her personality, but she will never hide as well.

4. She is moody

A Cancer woman is the moodiest ever to exist in the world. Her mood swings often bring the best out of her, but she is always able to get out of her mood as fast as she gets into it. If she is not in the mood, she won't do anything then let it may be some urgent work or may a task at hand. She can suddenly go into a happy phase and in a minute, you will see her upset.

5. Team player and hard worker

If you have a Cancer woman on the team, you don't have to worry about anything. She is a team player and if you contribute your part, she makes sure to make things succeed. Excuse is not a term she will ever use. She not only support people in work, but also provides the necessary emotional support. She invests herself fully in any task she takes up. While doing this, she expects people to acknowledge her efforts thought. She hates it when people steal credit for the work she has done.

6. Empathy is a key personality trait

Her empathy makes her a great friend, lover, and an unbiased listener. She is the one with whom you share some private matter or ask for advice and support. She is able to understand another's outlook, and she can give you some advice that won’t be less than a great gift of wisdom. She is honest and caring and will make you feel more comfortable opening to her.

7. She is protective

The Cancer female is extremely guarded and reserved, enormously similar to her symbol, the crab. She is a sensitive creature who gets easily hurt. She will not let people enter her life every day. You can mess with her, but never mess with her friends or family, else she will turn full protective and will attack. She will never give her heart’s key to just anyone, but those prosperous adequate to receive it see beyond their relaxed exterior to their passionate interior.

8. She dislikes confrontation

A Cancer woman is sensitive. She fears losing a loved one. She needs total stability and security, so confrontation is not needed. When confrontations become necessary, she simply chooses to shut herself off completely, going back into her shell and blaming herself for opening up. This is also a part of her moody nature.

9. The Cancer female is good at adapting

She can remain strong in situations of change. She is very good at keeping up. She doesn't like to be lonely, but she is very good at being alone. She loves to spend time on their own and being independent. Independence plays an important role in adaptation, as adaptation is the liberty of not having to rely upon others to be comfortable.

10. She may also be stuck in the past

She breathes in the past as she values those moments very much. When something from the past comes back to her, she cannot help herself and has to look back. Not only this, but she also recalls the moment from the past to learn from her mistakes. She revisits people from the past in mind to analyse the things.

A Cancer woman has a range of characteristics and personality traits from being moody to a hard worker. She is the one who will be always there for her people. Being good at problem-solving, she helps people. But if someone tries to steal the credit, she won't forgive that person. She is moody and overthinker, but at the same time, she knows how to learn from things.

That's how the Cancer woman's personality really is.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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