What Animal & Symbol is Capricorn and its true Meaning?

What Animal & Symbol is Capricorn and its true Meaning?


The animals or symbols that represent zodiac signs are not just constellations. All have a history associated with their discovery and significance. But why should we read about it? I am sure you didn't come here because you wanted a lesson in Greek mythology or astrology. But if you want to learn more about their personalities and deepest nature, then this is for you. A lot about us can be explained through the associations of our zodiac signs. And what can have a more direct impact than the symbols they are represented by? What is the symbol of the Capricorn and why does the Goat represent the Capricorn zodiac sign? What is the connection between this creature of the animal planet and our life?

Here is all you need to know about the Capricorn symbol and animal and what its true meaning is!

What animal is Capricorn?

All zodiac signs are essentially associated with constellations. And the shape of the constellation is the derivative of the symbol of the zodiac sign. However, the Capricornus constellation is far from the Goat-Fish that it is said to look like.

The association, however, comes from the Babylonians. And since then, the Goat has been the animal that is associated with the Capricorn. A deeper inspection into the zodiac sign reveals that the symbol is a Goat mermaid, an animal which looks like a Goat from the torso up and a lower body that looks like that of a mermaid.

The names of the constellation Capricornus is of Latin origin. It translates to “horned goat”, which is probably why Goat is the animal Capricorn is associated with. And not a Goat Fish.

What is the Capricorn spirit animal?

The spiritual animal of the Capricorn zodiac sign can actually be narrowed down to three. But first, let’s try to understand what gets us here.

The Capricorns are fun to be around and are generally nice people. But this is not what the Capricorn personality is known by. A spirit animal is a reflection of your true personality. The animal with whom your soul most connects with. The Capricorn soul is determined and hard-working. It aims for success in life and does everything to achieve it. They are responsible, dependable and self-motivated. And because of this single-minded determination, they are often found with small friend circles. Surrounded only by people who add to their quest to achieve their goals.

Three animals seem to be perfect ambassadors of this spirit. The goose, that often follows its path, with no regard to where the herd is going. The elephant shrew, known for its tenacity and fierce spirit. Despite its small body, the elephant shrew protects itself and its family from all predators. And the magnificent stallion, whose grace, wit and dependability make it the best animals to own.

The meaning of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

The meaning of all zodiac signs is derived from the mythology surrounding them. And much like all other incidents in mythology, everything has multiple stories attached to it.

In one understanding of the Capricorn zodiac sign, it is supposed to be the representation of the Greek God Pan. Pan is the God of forests and woodlands, and all creatures living there. Essentially, Pan is a Faun who is the god of all animals and other mythological creatures. A faun is half-goat, half-human. Which is another reason why Capricorn is mostly associated with Goat and not Goatfish.

Another version of the Greek mythology associates the Capricorn symbol with the Goat that suckled baby Zeus after his mother had to send him away to protect Zeus from getting murdered by his father. As gratitude to the Goat, Zeus turned it into a constellation. But the rescue mission for Zeus itself has various versions associated with it. And so, the tales keep changing depending on which narrative you are listening to. What remains common throughout is the association with a Goat or a Goat-like creature. In certain stories, the Goat-fish is also referred to. But throughout, the Goat signifies someone or something that is the medium to a greater good.

Whether it is the God Pan, who protects the creatures who can't speak for themselves, or the Goat that nursed baby Zeus, who went on to deliver the world from the evil Titans, the Capricorn Zodiac sign is characterized by a caring nature and personality.

The Capricorn Zodiac Sign Element

Wondering what element sign is Capricorn? Let me give you some hints. They are strong, dependable and steady. They don’t flare up in flashes of passion. Or flow in all directions without a single-minded focus. And it isn’t easy to distract them from the path they have to walk.

If you haven’t guessed it already, the Capricorn is an Earth sign. Much like the earth, they are steady and supportive. They have strong foundations and work hard to bring out the best in them. They might seem a little too strong on the surface. But if you give them just the right kind of care and affection, you can reap the fruits of your labor.

They don’t forget themselves in their small bouts of passion like the fire signs. Or let emotions lead the way like the Water signs. They are not inconsistent like the Air signs. And that’s what always gets them where they want to be. Because they know where they want to go. And see the road that leads them there.


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