How to know when a Capricorn man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Capricorn man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Do you feel like your Capricorn man is no longer interested in you? Is your Capricorn man distancing himself from you and you have no idea why? What are the clear and subtle signs in his behavior that a Capricorn man has fallen out of love? If you have these questions in mind, you are at the right place, for we will tell you how to know when a Capricorn man is done with you and wishes to end a relationship.

1. He will cocoon himself

Quite naturally, the Capricorn man is secure in himself. He is quite driven and goal-oriented, spending endless hours in achieving his targets. He has high expectations and can’t disappoint himself at any cost. He appears cold to most people unless they get to know him on a deeper level and start appreciating his thoughts and way of life.

When the Capricorn man is interested, he tries his best to please his partner, to adjust and accommodate because he loves too hard. If you have spent a considerable time with him, he would have made his intentions absolutely clear about having a family. So, if you have a sudden sense of a wide gap in your bond, if he is behaving weirdly out of the blue or as a reaction to something that you know has hurt him, he has actually cut his ties and chooses to stay away from you.

2. He will isolate you

When a Capricorn man commits, he has taken some time to analyze if the person fits his idea of the perfect partner. Only when he sees potential, he makes a move otherwise this is the last person to bother about getting into something that complexes his life. When he truly cares, he will introduce you to his people, invite you at gatherings and claim you like you are only his. If the Capricorn male is constantly fighting to have your back, you have a special place. However, if he has severed ties with you, he will see you less. He won’t push his boundaries to do things for you in order to make you feel special.

3. He doesn’t call or text you

A Capricorn man is far too occupied in chasing his dreams to waste time in silly texts and unnecessary chats. He usually is quite business-like because that’s how a workaholic attitude shapes him to be. He is not the person desperately trying to impress people or immersing himself in drama that sucks away his energy. Far from being a social person, he will only choose to keep a tab or display his care when he is invested in you. If he has suddenly stopped texting or calling to know what you are up to or how your day was, it is clear that he doesn’t wish to involve himself in your life anymore.

4. He uses harsh words

Though the Capricorn man isn’t quite a great communicator when in love, he surely knows how to express his disappointment or disgust when he is hurt. He is a lover of dark humor and those who know him, are well- aware of how hurtful his sarcasm could be when he wishes to unleash his bad side. Their logical outlook towards life and practicality makes them see things in black and white. This means that if one is highly emotional, he could just trigger them easily when he starts calling them out for all the loopholes that they have left behind in their misdeeds.

5. He starts getting busier

When he starts taking an interest in a woman, he is quite attentive to her needs. He would try and meet her even at the cost of rescheduling his plans or cancelling previously made ones. He would meet you after work or before heading out but the efforts would be obvious. Yes, that’s how action-oriented he is when expressing his love for someone perhaps to balance out his weakness of being unable to verbally express his love for someone. However, if your Capricorn man makes excuses for being super busy all of a sudden (when he didn’t before), he may have lost his interest in you.

6. They become critical

Capricorns are super intelligent. They observe too much and it is very hard to make a fool of them. They are capable of reading in between the lines and would just sit back and watch how things unfold while you play games. They are more often than nor in charge of their lives, with their acts together and anything that doesn’t conform to orderliness is sure to set off the wrong buttons. If a Capricorn male has seen hard days and risen from the bottom, he will exercise more care in allowing only selected people to form a part of his circle for he values his time. They could be misunderstood as being full of themselves, too proud and self- centered.

7. He is capable of causing destruction

Usually perceived as the "bad guy" of the zodiac, Capricorn man’s anger could be devastating. He takes a long time to fall for someone and expects things to be perfect when it happens. He wouldn’t falsely accuse someone unless he has his facts right. That’s how conscientious and analytical he is at all times. However, if one gets on a defensive mode with all kinds of concocted stories, it would just make things worse. He usually masks a terrible temper which need immense patience. He will tell you exactly what’s running on his mind without caring about your sentiments if you have caused him irreparable hurt. If you expect your Capricorn man to forgive and forget, it will rarely happen in the case of infidelity.

8. He doesn’t initiate sex

The Capricorn man is an amazing partner in bed when he is committed to satisfying the woman of his life. Quite a loner, for he fears facing criticism about his performance in bed, but sex with a Capricorn can be an all- night affair if you have his heart. He values a monogamous relationship and any attempt at cheating on him will turn him off. He won’t initiate sex with someone who has broken his trust. So, if you try to force a sexual bond with a man born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign, it will drive him further away from you. Sex is like any other task that this man has to accomplish and hence, it is easier to avoid an intimate connection when he is done with you.


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