What is the Capricorn Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Capricorn Man's Ideal Woman?


The go-getter Capricorn man is ambitious, hardworking and passionately dedicated to his work. While he does put his emotions on the back-burner, his perfect match would need to match up to his high standards before he can finally commit. So, who is the ideal partner for the Capricorn man? What does a Capricorn man want in a woman? What characteristics and personality traits does he find attractive? Finally, what does he like sexually?

Here is what the Capricorn man's ideal woman look like and what this guy really craves for in a relationship!

What does a Capricorn Man Look for in a Woman?

The man born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign is in for the long haul. He wants a stable, committed relationship that will last an eternity. He is a workaholic and ambitious personality who is guilty of devoting himself to his career at the cost of his personal life. So, there is a greater need in him to find a woman who can understand and support his endeavors.

The Capricorn man looks for stability and reliability in a woman. He would rather spend time with his family than be actively involved in a vibrant social life. He does not need beauty that's skin deep. He wants a partner who is beautiful inside out. A loud woman with a flashy appearance could turn him off immediately no matter how sexually attractive she may seem.

He is the kind of guy who looks for a woman of substance. He wants a partner who can woo him with her intellect and compassionate nature to be of service to people who need help.

Capricorn man likes and dislikes in a woman

The Capricorn man will never be interested in women who lack conservative mannerisms. He would appreciate it if she can value his time and relate to what he believes in because he is game for the most difficult responsibilities but emotions can take a backseat. He would be delighted around someone who has won his heart with her consistency and rationality. He cannot handle a woman who is loud and indecisive.

His belief system is rigid and this is why he needs an equally traditional partner who can handle his strictness. When love happens, it's serious for the Capricorn man or not at all. Nonetheless, he is very responsible and loving once he starts to feel the romantic feelings. So, if a woman is patient and gentle, gracefully conducting herself around him, he will surely fall in love, chase her and settle down with her.

What do Capricorn men like in bed?

The Capricorn male has a spectacular libido. He could work tirelessly between the sheets to make you orgasm a multiple times if he is intensely attracted to you. Trust his performance because despite a cold and reserved public appearance, he is a beast within the confines of his comfort zone. He is usually the one to dominate so if you can surrender and let him take charge, it will make him feel confident and strong.

He doesn't mind the dirty talking and heated verbal exchanges when the heat soars when sex life is damn good. As brutally aggressive as it may get, he is sensitive and gentle enough to relax you and envelop you in his loving arms when he has satisfied you to your heart’s content. Just follow his lead and trigger the emotions with your patience and reciprocity and he’ll absolutely love making love to you.

What does a Capricorn man like in women of different zodiac signs?

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

The Capricorn man will be impressed by the drive and initiative taking capacity of the Aries woman. She is hardworking and aggressive towards her goals and this passion for materialistic achievements is truly inspiring for the Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Taurus Woman

The sense of security that the Taurus woman will provide in the relationship would convince the Capricorn man of the Taurus woman’s loyalty and commitment to the relationship. They are traditional and conservative individuals who’ll be able to share a level of trust and understanding for a long time.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Gemini Woman

The air sign Gemini is communicative and child-like. She is bubbly, fun, motivated and can infuse excitement even in the most boring circumstances. It is this hope and optimism that makes her appealing to the Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

A beautiful match forms between this couple as the Cancer woman is family-oriented and nurturing which are traits the Capricorn man be on the lookout for while searching for his ideal mate. Her kindness and emotional depth helps the Capricorn be in touch with his hidden feelings thus, building greater intimacy in the love life.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

The Leo woman is generous, positive and opinionated. The Capricorn man brings with himself a level of seriousness which the Leo woman is able to pierce through with her kindness, passion and warmth. Trust allows them to combine their strengths to achieve common goals.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman has an air of seriousness around her as she looks for a partner who is ready for a long-term commitment just like the Capricorn man. She is reliable, hardworking and dedicated to her goals and with her patience, she is able to understand and relate to the Capricorns man’s seemingly unemotional nature, a characteristic trait that she is equally devoid of.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

The grace, softness and resolve to maintain balance and harming in relationships helps the Libra woman win the heart of the Capricorn man. She is charming and intellectual and with diplomatic skills, she is able to convince the Capricorn man of the potential of a healthy relationship.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is emotional, passionate and devoted to the Capricorn man when they come together in an intimate bond. The sexual tension is hard to ignore and with a total surrender of hearts, they will end up in a deeply satisfying connection of a lifetime.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman will be able to inspire the Capricorn man with her fiery optimism and untethered spirit. She is a visionary who can motivate the Capricorn man to dream bigger and achieve their goals no matter how unrealistic it may seem to the practical Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

With similar energies and belief systems, this could be an easy bond to form or one that's difficult to sustain as the expectations soar with time. As long as they are able to form an environment of trust and understanding beyond cold rationality, they have a great potential to be with each other.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are friendly and have the ability to stun the Capricorn man with their unconventional thought processes. They will always manage to have an unspoken agreement to respect and trust each other which is liberating for both to maintain their individual identities.

Capricorn Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

A strong intimate bond is the promise of this relationship between the Capricorn man and Pisces woman. She is deep, compassionate, spiritual and aloof. Once the Capricorn man suppresses his rigidity and allows himself to flow in the mystical character of Pisces, it's a blissful bond on the cards.


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