The Capricorn Man in Love: 10 Unknown traits & characteristics

The Capricorn Man in Love: 10 Unknown traits & characteristics


Ambitious and passionately dedicated to a cause is what a Capricorn man stands for. The intensity of his involvement in anything that he desires is also visible when he is in love. Are you in love with a Capricorn man? Wondering how he responds to romance and sex? How to turn on a Capricorn man and woo him? What are the characteristic traits of a Capricorn man in love that need to know? If you are looking at being serious in your relationship with a Capricorn man, here are a few things that you need to remember.

How does a Capricorn man show his feelings?

The men born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign find it very hard to express themselves emotionally. This could end up being very frustrating for someone whose love language is all about communication.

He is usually tight-lipped unless he finds value in what he speaks. A very expressive lover might find this quite weird. Emotions can put him in a fix. Hence, dating a Capricorn man could be frustrating that way if one doesn’t have the patience to let him make a decision.

But words are not everything. You will notice it in his gestures and his behavior when the Capricorn man is in love. You can to pay attention at the most subtle signs in the way he acts and behaves with you. Surely, he is not the same with the woman he has a crush on as with other women.

How to know if a Capricorn man loves you?

When a Capricorn man falls in love, it is clear. He doesn’t play games or keep people in a fix. That’s not how a Capricorn male rolls.

He is resolute when he has made a decision. When he commits, it is a sealed deal for life unless he is taken advantage of or disrespected in the relationship. He will keep you protected. He will make sure he fulfills every responsibility that he needs to. This is the kind of man who you can truly bank upon no matter what when he is in love with you. He exercises immense patience in love, never showing an immediate response to things, good or bad.

You will notice how chivalrous the Capricorn man is when you go out on dates with him. He usually chooses places that he loves himself, making sure things are quite perfect when he is spending time with his loved one. Organized, he likes planning special evenings or dinners showering his lady with as much warmth in gestures for he lacks the ability to weave cheesy lines.

He is quite hard on himself. Barely satisfied even when he is declared the best in his job, he is always on a self- critical mode questioning if he has done enough. He will push his limits to give you the best that there is. He loves mystery. So, if one has to woo him, she needs to make sure she keeps a certain air of mystery around her for him to explore each layer slowly.

Are Capricorn men loyal?

A Capricorn man is a stable guy. One can depend on him for he is a man of his words. He is far from being the charmer, all over the place eyeing every woman that walks by him. He is blunt and has the courage to call a spade a spade without feeling the need to bluff or play games. There is no questioning his loyalty when he falls in love.

He is serious about relationships. When the Capricorn man invests his time in a woman, he is truly serious about her regardless of whether he is able to choose the correct words to express his emotions or not. He is usually confused about what to say and hence, keeps his feelings to himself. It is difficult for him to connect with his emotions as much as he connects seamlessly with his rational thinking.

How does a Capricorn man act when hurt?

He is hiding his feelings. It is actually quite hard to tell when a Capricorn man is hurt unless one has invested much time in understanding him well. He is quite stoic, as a matter of fact. Though he wears a hard exterior, he is vulnerable on the inside. Any insult hurled at the Capricorn man is sure to turn him off forever for he is extremely fragile.

He is very sensitive about how the world sees him. The reason is that he is usually at the top of the social ladder. He may not show how hurt he is by an abuse of his trust but the pain will stay for a very long time for he isn’t adept at venting out his emotions. He will shut down and take a long time to be back again to his normal self. It is an outright cold attitude, indifferent unlike other zodiac signs that will be seething with rage.

What a Capricorn man wants in a woman?

For a Capricorn man, time is precious. He doesn’t spare much unless he is genuinely interested in a woman. He thinks long term. To him, the woman he chooses needs to have the perfect qualities of a girlfriend, a wife and a mother. So, before he gets serious, he would observe and calculate what works for him and what doesn’t. He is a planner. He likes routine. He wants a woman who understands his work life, his passion to be at the top of his game and someone who supports him through all of this.

There are very few people in his life who he cares about. Once he shows his interest in a woman, he would definitely expect her to love him and be loved in return. He needs a woman who is mature, rational, honest and intellectually sound. A Capricorn man is very hard working. He spends long hours slogging, not giving up until his goal is reached. To support this, the Capricorn man wants a woman who can be patient and willing to understand his schedules instead of acting like a child.

Everything for the Capricorn man is about logic. It is not just the exterior self alone that can capture his attention. In order for a woman to win his heart, she needs to share the same frequency with him intellectually. If you are all about the face and no substance, he will be disappointed in you. He needs someone who is grounded and has clarity about life and everything that’s important to her.

He has great taste in the finer things of life. He wants a woman who appreciates that and shares the same interest. A methodical man, things have to go his way. He quite rarely accepts the opinions of others, considering his thoughts and opinions to be the best. He wants the woman he loves to be able to keep up with passion and wisdom. He is quite forgiving of those who hurt or have offended him in anyway. But he expects dedication in return and that’s something he will never compromise with.


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