When a Capricorn Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Capricorn Man Wants to Marry You!


Tell me if this is your idea of perfect family life. You live in a nice villa, have two children and a wealthy, hard-working husband. You spend your day working but when the kids are home, it's all about them. Your husband comes home late and leaves early in the morning. You probably don’t get to spend a lot of time with him. But the family is well provided for and his devotion is unquestionable. If this is the life of your dreams, act fast and put a ring on it. Want to know what to do when a Capricorn man wants to marry you? Here’s everything you should know before marrying a Capricorn male.

How do you know if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you?

Getting married is the natural course of a Capricorn guy’s life. He is one of those men who will marry for means if not love. But if you don’t want your means to be a reason for your marriage, here’s how you can tell if a Capricorn man is proposing out of love.

He shares his time with you. Time is the most important resource for the ambitious Capricorn male. Which is why he uses all of it to gain success. But when in love, the Capricorn man takes out the time to spend with his lady love too. And he wants his lover to be an equal partner in his life.

He will open up to you about everything. The Capricorn guy doesn’t engage in conversations that are unnecessary. And letting his lady love know everything about what’s going on in his life is essential to him. He will talk to you about his day, his feelings, his past, everything.

Sex becomes more passionate, exciting and rewarding. The Capricorn man’s sexual desires aren’t very dominating in his life. But the woman he loves has a different effect on his body. He will suddenly want to try new things. His sex drive will increase. And every experience would be more than satisfying.

Jealousy will begin to show in a Capricorn man who is madly in love. He is the least jealous of all zodiac signs. It is near impossible to make a Capricorn man jealous. But when he’s unconditionally and irrevocably in love he can become jealous and possessive. He will show you off to all of his friends.

Capricorn Man in Marriage: Is He a Good Husband?

If there’s one thing I can say for certain about this marriage it is that you will never want for anything. The Capricorn husband is an excellent provider. He is always ready to work extra hard to provide for his family. And if fortune favours this marriage, you will lead a luxurious life.

But the flip side to this is that he’s not always present. The Capricorn zodiac sign, as a rule, is very dedicated to their careers. So much so that they can barely take out the time for anything else. If you wanted a husband who gives his private life as much time as his professional life. The Capricorn male might not be your ideal husband.

He will be the one actually running the household. Sure, you will always be the one getting everything done. But nothing that he doesn't approve of ever gets through. He does so because he wants everything to be to his standard of perfection. And because he has a very controlling nature. This can become a problem for the ladies of the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But if you are tactful enough to be the power behind the scenes, this won’t be a problem.

He will be a strict father and expect you to make the family a priority. The Capricorn father understands that his absence must be compensated for. But he doesn't compensate it with love as the Cancer man will. He does so with strict discipline. And to ensure that the kids are raised right, he will ask you to give up your career to look after the children.

How to Get a Capricorn Man to Marry You?

To 90% of the women, the Capricorn husband’s behaviour won’t seem strange. Most of us have been raised in households where our fathers acted just like this. So, are they all Capricorn? No, they are all traditionalists. Just like the Capricorn guy.

Since he is a traditionalist, you have to let him feel like he has the lead. In his mind, the man in the relationship should be making all the major decisions. So, if you seem like the orchestrator of the marriage, he will back down. You have to let him feel like he has the final say on this matter.

In the meantime, be an enabler and not a hindrance. Success is the most important thing for this man. So, he has to feel like marrying you will help him further his ambitions. Be the support he needs to advance in life.

Start by being dependable and loyal. It is very important for him to know that he can always rely on his partner. He knows that in a Dog eats Cat world, he cannot trust a lot of people. So, he will only marry someone he can have blind faith.

Marriage might not be on his mind, but let him know it is on yours. He appreciates people who can communicate directly with him. It saves time and helps avoid drama. But your way of conveying your wish should be a perfect balance of assertive and casual. It shouldn’t feel like you are demanding on commanding something.

More importantly, you will have to be understanding. Understand that he needs someone who knows better than to complain. He cannot get you all the things you like if he doesn’t work extra hours. He likes to see his hard work pay so he plays a very controlling role in the family.

When Will the Capricorn Man Propose?

To be able to propose, the Capricorn man has to get over his insecurities. He is afraid of commitment. And you will have to address all his fears to make him get there.

You will have to work on his fear of getting his heart broken. He is a man who can take risks to advance in life. But the one risk he will not take is to get his heart broken. So, work to making him believe in your loyalty and your love for him.

Breakthrough his walls. If he has been hurt before he would’ve built walls stronger than the Great Wall. If you have broken through his walls, he will marry you. Another thing to notice is if he is at a time when marriage won’t affect his life?

If getting married falls in his life plan, then he will propose soon. The Capricorn male would never do something that doesn’t help him advance in life. If he is at a point where marriage seems like the right step, he will propose.

He will probably be clear in his intention to get married. Before he proposes he will make sure you know what is about to come. It will still be surprised. But he prefers that you are prepared for what’s to come. On the off chance that you might reject him.


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