What is Capricorn's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?

What is Capricorn's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?


How can a constellation, millions of lightyears away from Earth, affect us? That is what zodiac signs are after all, right? Well, the answer is that it doesn't. Or not as directly as we think it does. Astrology is a very sophisticated study of the cosmic energies between the different celestial bodies in our universe. But you will be fascinated by the role that all these rock giants play in our daily life. One such aspect is that of the ruling planets or the "bosses of the zodiac sign". In this article, we will explore one such mystery relating to the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Here is all you need to know about the Capricorn's ruling planet and its meaning in astrology!

What does your ruling planet mean?

Let's begin our discussion with some basic understanding of the role of ruling planets. The easiest way to explain this is that the ruling planet is the "boss of their zodiac signs". In other words, they set the rules in which the zodiac signs tend to express themselves. The ruling planet, to a very large extent, dictates the influence that these zodiacs have on our lives. And a lot of these influence can be best understood through ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Something that we will use in this article too.

What is Capricorn's ruling planet?

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, the King of the Titans. Saturn who is seen as this evil monster who had to be defeated by his son, Jupiter, is not very favourable in mythology. The beginning of Jupiter's (Zeus in Greek mythology) legendary life is with an attempt to escape from his father, Saturn, who has vowed to kill all his sons who have been prophesied to bring his downfall. He is considered the god of agriculture, however, and the founder of civilisation, social order and conformity. Because before the Gods resided on Mount Olympus, it was the Titans who ruled all life forms. The astrological view of this planet is not as negative as the mythological one.

The next question might be, why is Saturn the ruler of Capricorn? The assignment of ruling planets is believed to have been done based on Northern Hemisphere season. This begins with assigning Leo and Cancer, the Sun and Moon respectively, as during their time the weather was the warmest and days the longest. So, consequentially, the zodiac farthest from Leo and Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius were assigned Saturn. Later, with the discovery of Uranus, Aquarius was assigned a new ruler. And Saturn became the sole ruler of Capricorn.

What does it mean to be ruled by Saturn?

What role does Saturn play in shaping the personality of its zodiac? Despite the negative press that this planet receives in mythology, it is the reason why people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign turn out to be the success that they are.

The planet bestows a sense of duty, destiny, discipline and responsibility upon its zodiac sign. It gives them the strength to face hardships that enable them to attain their objectives. And perhaps it's the ruthless determination that their ruling planet reflects that makes the Capricorn-born so passionate about achieving their dreams. Ever wondered what makes the Capricorns so forward-looking?

Their ruling planet makes them long-term planners and future-looking. This helps them stay focussed and channel their efforts in the direction that ensures maximum success. But maybe it is the ruthlessness associated with Saturn in mythology that explains the emotional detachment in these people.

Capricorns tend to prioritize work over human relationships. Saturn instils in its domicile planet the importance of success as the means to all the greatest achievements. This doesn’t mean that they are heartless. Just that they believe the best way for them to express their love is by working to provide.

None of this is easy though, as Saturn is also the planet of self-control, self-discipline and sacrifice. It dictates its domicile to rise above the distractions of everyday life and do more. To give up on the pleasures of the common man and burn the midnight oil to achieve their dreams.

What energy is Capricorn?

Another facet associated with zodiac signs is their energies. The energy of a zodiac sign is essentially the kind of power they radiate when the sun is in their constellation.

The Capricorn energy is the most powerful roughly from December 22nd to January 19th. This is the time when before global warming, the earth would begin its transition from Winter to Spring.

This signifies the dedication to work towards something better. To work from the hard and cold days to winters too much warmer springtime. A time when flowers begin to bloom and life comes back to Earth.

The Capricorn energy is the energy of strong will and conviction. Any venture that you undertake during this season will have more chances of success. Not because you will get luckier. But because you will put more directed effort to your endeavours.

That makes it the energy of hard work and sacrifices. Nothing can be achieved without hard work and sacrifice of pleasure. Which is why it is so hard to rise from the biting cold and push yourself into making your dreams come true.

This is also the energy of long-term vision. Which inspires people to plan. no wonder this is the energy we see at the time when one year ends and the other begins. This is the ideal time to make resolutions and follow through.

More importantly, all of this energy comes from a will to dominate. Dominate with power and influence over changing the destiny of our lives. And everyone finds a different interpretation of what this means to them.

Why is Capricorn an Earth sign?

The Capricorn element is Earth. The elements bring character to the zodiac signs. These are the basics that form the morals that each zodiac lives by and identifies with.

The Capricorn, being an Earth element, tend to be practical. Only a Capricorn with a strong moon sign will ever be swayed by their emotions.

The earth lends them strength and stability. Strength and stability that is mental and physical. This is extremely important for them to be able to achieve the goals they have set. What good would be there ambitions if they don’t have the strength to follow through?

Their goal-orientation is complemented by the patience that Earth infuses in them. The fire is wild. The water is uncontrollable. The air cannot be contained. The earth is patient. It sees, it waits. And that is why it is the only element from which life is born. And goes back to.

And this patience is not without hard work. Just think of the stress that Earth has to go through to bear its fruits. The scorching heat, the pressure of water, and the interplay of wind. All add to the fruits it ultimately bears. The crops that sustain life.


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